Suffering is the old wine

At the winter solstice, a long-lost snow came unexpectedly, and in a flash, the yellow river mouth where I lived was already covered with silver and jade and became a glittering and translucent world..     As usual, I sat bored in a warm room, sipping a cup of tea and casually browsing the gossip posts and interesting articles in the Jianghu on the Internet.. At this moment, a gust of wind roar outside stirred my stillness like dead water, and I went to the window irritably.. Oh, I was shocked by the sight: under the eaves not far away, a string of ice skates hung neatly, and the transparent body was glowing with cold light, which reminds me of the soldiers who were about to go out in ancient times and the spear and halberd held by the soldiers.. Looking up, the grey sky was filled with snowflakes. The snowflakes, like oil paper umbrellas, danced wildly in the sky. They played and chased each other and cuddled and cuddled each other … Ah, like naughty teenagers playing and kissing each other.! They seem to have forgotten what cold ling is and what fatigue is, just enjoying their own short happy time!     The wine was sold, the wine was sold, pure sorghum wine was strong, delicious and intoxicating! ‘ A burst of shouts of ” no anger, no fire” roused me from my wonderful imagination. I looked inside and saw an old man plodding along the snow-covered path with rickets pushing a tricycle. The tricycle has piled up thick snow so that the outline of the jars can be identified with care.. The old man is already a complete snowman. He is covered from head to foot with thick snow. Only when his knees and elbows are light green can he see that he is wearing a shabby military coat..     ‘ so much age, why not sell wine in this heavy snow day? ‘ The old man opposite me made my heart murmur! I don’t know whether it’s pity or curiosity, but I pushed the door and went out involuntarily. Just a few steps away, my back was swishing and cold, my cheeks were stinging and my eyes were narrowed by the swirling snowflakes.. I was fighting all over. I couldn’t help but wrap up my fur coat and came to the old man like a whirlwind.. The old man told me that his family name is Chen, he is a native and he is 62 years old this year. His family has a wife who has been in bed for a long time, and the only daughter is married out of town.     Seeing that I was a little confused about selling wine on this snowy day, the old man explained that it’s nothing, and that if you don’t sell wine, you’ll lose one day’s income, and if you don’t, you won’t have the money to cure your wife, and you won’t be able to guarantee three meals a day.. While you can still walk, earn one more point is one point! The old man paused for a moment and went on to say that Leng Xue Tianjiu actually sells better. First, there are more people at home than usual. First, the people who drink this wine are more fond of drinking it as the weather gets colder and colder.. I don’t care if I get tired and bitter, as long as I can sell wine! The old man stamped his feet, shook himself and rubbed his hands with hot air. The old man’s words seemed like a stream of heat pouring into my heart, and I felt warm all over. The old man’s words are a sword, poking me in awe. I looked at him carefully: the wrinkled cheeks were purple and blue, the gray eyebrows hung with water drops, and the messy stubble was cracked with a big mouth lacking a front tooth … Ah, the old man begged for my eyes and smiled at me with all his might.. I read his mind, my mind flitted through a trace of sadness and sadness, and there was a rush of warmth in my eyes … ” I bought 10kg of wine and gave me 10kg of wine.. ‘ My voice did not fall, with the shouts of’ Good Come’, the old man has skillfully handed me a plastic bucket of wine.. The old man took the money, pushed up the tricycle and shouted as he walked. I stood there, seeming to forget the wind and snow. I kept chewing on the old man’s words and staring at the old man’s fading back … Ah yes, ” I don’t care if I get tired of it, as long as I can sell wine.! ‘ The old man was right. In fact, suffering is a great wealth. Only those who have experienced suffering will have a better life, and only those who have suffered will know how to cherish it more.! Napoleon didn’t also say,’ People grow up from suffering. Only by striving optimistically can we continue to thrive; otherwise, it will be easy to bury and remain silent for a lifetime.. Thought, I walked into the house and poured a cup of neck in impatience.. Oh, the wine was so strong, so strong and so strong that I was a little dizzy in the blink of an eye.! I’m thinking, in fact, suffering is the old wine. The older it is in the cellar of time and space, the softer and sweeter our memories are and the longer we have a lingering aftertaste. Ah, contact email DSM 5633 @ 163.. Communications company