Over the past week Overview: Ali Wanda shareholders to participate Gou digital currency investment bank

This week overseas investment and financing information: BroadLink complete d round 3.4.3 billion yuan financing; dark blue technology "to complete the billion dollar level A round of financing; Wanda movie won Alibaba, Wen Investment Holdings 7.8 billion yuan investment strategy; Mount bike or completed thanks to a new round of financing from the United States Mission……Overseas Market News: Wal-Mart's acquisition of VR start-up companies Spatialand; NASDAQ Pass and US group to invest $ 100 million to the Indian takeaway startups Swiggy; cancer diagnostic technology developer Paige.AI to complete the $ 25 million A round of financing; Toyota taxi to the Japanese application JapanTaxi invest $ 69 million……Get hot news weekly global investment and financing, insight into the latest trend of Internet entrepreneurs are welcome into the fixed point Science and Technology "Global Investment and Financing Event Highlights Weekly"。
Domestic investment and financing event BroadLink complete d round 3.4.3 billion yuan financing, CITIC Industrial Fund lead investor February 5, BroadLink announced the completion of Round 3 d.4.3 billion yuan financing, investment round of financing led by CITIC Industrial Fund, Baidu, Li Bai Group with the cast, Renaissance acted as exclusive financial advisor。 It is reported that after the investment strategy of the new round of financing will be used in three ways: to increase the existing "AI + of IoT" layout on investment, enhance the inherent competitive advantages; for system integrators and upstream and downstream enterprises to invest in high-quality mergers and acquisitions, to expand the business scale; boosting BroadLinkDNA interoperability partners to achieve win-win。
Currently, the service has covered the field BroadLink intelligent single product sales, the traditional home appliances / electrical smart, intelligent overall solution three plates。 Data show that in 2017 BroadLink independent research and development of intelligent annual sales of a single product to 1.8 million, half of which are sold in more than 100 countries overseas; the company develops intelligent modules in shipments amounted to 15 million customers covering All the mainstream market of home appliances / electrical brands。
March 2016, BroadLink completed 70 million yuan?Round of financing, led by China Merchants investment, innovation workshops with the cast。
Eye-tracking technology developers seven Xin Yi-dimensional complete a new round of financing February 5 news, focusing on seven Xin Yi-dimensional eye-controlled technology a new round of financing, invested by Sheng Road, the Ministry of Finance SME Development Fund co-lead investor, Zhongguancun development Group, Hangzhou Road liters with the vote。 The current round of financing will be used eye-tracking technology in the VR head considerably smaller and smaller devices, chip aspect, and secondly as a variety of formats to deepen market integration operations。
Seven Xin Yi-dimensional focus on the field of machine vision and artificial intelligence, which has independent intellectual property rights of eye tracking and eye control technology, mainly used in the terminal equipment of human-computer interaction。
It is understood that the company's eye-tracking has been used in the field of communication aids and advertising analysis, and can help people getting cold by typing the eyes, restore communication skills。
On specific products, seven Xin Yi-dimensional control equipment ASEE's eye eye control device, control instrument and intelligent head with eye-tracking glasses aGlass the upcoming etc.。
In other words, seven Xin Yi-dimensional eye-tracking technology can be integrated into many other hardware products or terminal。 In addition, it also provides software customization services combined with eye tracking。
No retail business, "Deep Blue technology" to complete the billion dollar level A round of financing, CPT Capital lead investor February 5, dark blue Technology announced the completion of billion dollar level A round of financing, led by the CPT capital investment, with the German business capital cast。 Round of financing will be used to further accelerate the deep blue technology product development and market expansion in the field of retail upgrade, intelligent robots, and accelerate the expansion of the team, to promote new eco-system based on artificial intelligence technology building。
This is the third round of financing dark blue technology within a year to get it in the last year to get millions of levels angel round of financing and pre–A round of financing, the latter from the cloud front fund。 Deep Blue Technology is a retail offer no solutions to corporate and institutional clients the company, its hardware and software system integration, providing customers shop "brain" and "eyes" to record consumer shopping data, to identify the user into the store and passes the information to the system, so that consumers realize "brush hand shopping"。 Wanda movie won Alibaba, Wen Investment Holdings 7.8 billion yuan investment strategy, Ali became the second largest shareholder of February 5, Alibaba Group, Wen Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. signed a strategic investment agreement with Wanda, Ali Baba, Wen Investment Holdings will per 51.96 yuan held by Wanda Wanda Group to acquire 12 movie.77% of the shares。
Ali Baba, Wen Investment Holdings were invested 46.800 million yuan and 31.200 million yuan, becoming the second Wanda movie, the third-largest shareholder, controlling shareholder is still Wanda Group Wanda movie。
In addition, Alibaba will also use big data and content networking platform, to support the development of Wanda movie。
In theaters join, cinema reflected in the front, video, and other business investment, Wen Investment Group will use its own resources and Wanda movie cooperate with Wanda Group to cooperate in cultural tourism。
The three companies promise held by Wanda movie stock locked at least two years。 Mount worship bicycle or completed a new round of financing from the US group, the official is still no comment February 6, the media broke the news that Morgan Stanley has completed a new round of thanks to cycling?Round of financing, but Morgan Stanley declined to comment worship of motorcycles。
Broke the news sources also said that the current round of the US delegation led investment and financing amount may exceed $ 1 billion and the funds have been credited into account。
Mount bike thanks to a sum of recent financing completed in July 2017, no financing came within the past six months thereafter。
With bicycle sharing "war" coming to an end, bad-mouthing the sound is also loud and clear shared bicycle。
Earlier, media reports said OFO and Mount worship existed misappropriation of deposit behavior, high operating costs make profit sharing model bicycle unsustainable in urgent need of blood transfusion of capital。

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