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  Edition have written / Beijing News reporter Peng Bin February 28, Report Research Institute released "2018 Hurun Global Rich List", from a total of 68 countries, 2157 companies billions of dollars in the 2694 rich list, up to history highest。
The total wealth of the rich list increased by 31% over last year, to reach 66 trillion yuan, equivalent% of global GDP。   Rich list, Amazon's founder, Jeff Bezos, 54, to 775 billion yuan of wealth, beat Warren Buffett and Bill Gates the richest man in the world for the first time aspirations。 64-year-old Wang Jianlin and his family wealth of 170 billion yuan this year to bid farewell to the top spot for two consecutive years, ranking eighth in the Greater China region, the world ranked 36, down 17 spots from last year。 Ma to 295 billion yuan and officially became the world's richest Chinese, the world's No. 15。 Followed by Xu India and Lee Shau Kee, Li Ka-shing dropped to sixth place in Greater China, the world's first 32。
  Gates the richest man in the world for four consecutive years, this year to make way Bezos list shows, the global total of 2694 billion dollars rich list, reaching a record high。
Greater China billions of dollars the number of billionaires increased to 210 people, reached 819 people, more than 40% of the United States, ranked first in all countries。
The world's top ten billionaires, seven people from the United States。
  List shows, thanks to Amazon's shares rose% last year, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, 54, to 775 billion yuan of wealth, for the first time aspirations to the world's richest man。 Buffett to keep second place, wealth increased by 31%, becoming the second man crossed the $ 100 billion mark。   Bill Gates ranked third。 Donated to the Foundation in 2017 worth 4.6 billion US dollars in Microsoft stock, this is Bill Gates since 2000, the biggest donation。 Currently, Bill Gates at Microsoft's stake from 24% in 1996 down to%。
  Beijing News reporter back to the search list Hoogewerf had found, in 2014, 2015, 2016 and mid-2017 Hurun Global Rich List, are the world's richest man Bill Gates。
This means that in five years, Bill Gates is not the first time the world's richest man。
  Facebook founder Zuckerberg moved up one rank higher than last year, ranked fourth, their wealth grew 36 percent, reaching 500 billion yuan, mainly due to price increases on Facebook。   The other three from the United States the world's top ten billionaires, respectively, from Oracle's Larry Ellison, Google's Larry Page and Bloomberg's Michael Bloomberg, three each to 340 billion yuan, 315 billion yuan and 310 billion yuan worth, ranked eighth in the world, nine, ten richest。   The other three on the list of the world's top ten billionaires are from France's Bernard Arnault, from Spain's Amancio Ortega and Carlos Slim Helu family from Mexico, respectively, 490 billion yuan, 460 billion yuan and 425 billion yuan of wealth, ranked the world's fifth, six, seven Regal。
  Capital markets turned a profit, Ma summit's richest Chinese in the rich list, the highest-ranked Ma Regal Greater China, which is 295 billion yuan of wealth became the world's richest Chinese, it is the 13th since the creation of the Hurun China the richest man。
15 in the world ranking up 23 places from last year。
  Ma's wealth grew, mainly due to last year's Tencent shares rose。
According to statistics, Tencent shares rose% in mid-2017, the market value exceeded $ 500 billion。 Tencent Department also actively layout of the new retail。
It has strategic investments, super species, Carrefour and Wanda, even men's brands also confirmed in January this year to sell a 5 percent stake to Tencent。
  Previously, companies Tencent and Ma investments already Sogou, Zhong An online reading Man Group, Xin Yi Group, CIMA ophthalmology four successful IPO in Hong Kong。
Among them, the concept of Ma wore the halo listed CIMA ophthalmology listed on the first day to close at HK $ in January 15 this year, rose 76%。   After two years, Wang Jianlin replace Li Ka-shing family give up the throne 60-year-old Xu India at the second, 20th in the world ranking in Greater China 260 billion yuan of wealth, increase over last year 78。
Xu Jiayin is also the first time into the top ten in Greater China。 Lee Shau Kee to 215 billion yuan of wealth ranked third in Greater China, the world's first 25, up nine from last year。   54-year-old Ma and his family wealth of 200 billion yuan of Greater China ranked fourth, tied for the world's first 26, down six from last year。
Country Garden's Yang Yan wealth of 200 billion yuan ranked fourth, tied for 26th in the world, up 126 from last year。 Li Ka-shing to 190 billion yuan ranked sixth in Greater China, the world's first 32-bit。
  Since 2013, Li Ka-shing opened a "sell sell sell" model。 Information in November 2017, Li Ka-shing's Cheung Kong Group announced, at a price of HK $ 40.2 billion of the transfer of Hong Kong to the center of the ring owned by Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan Overseas Chinese peaceful development in Asia Properties Limited, February 26 evening, the announcement revealed display, Yuetai planned to acquire part of the original project's Li Ka-shing reached 3800 acres – Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province sea Silver Lake, also it means that Li Ka-shing once again successfully sold its real estate projects located in Mainland。   Wang Jianlin and his family this year to 170 billion yuan of wealth ranked eighth in the Greater China region, the world's No. 36, Wang Jianlin and his family is the richest man in Greater China Hoogewerf 2017。
According to Hurun Global Rich List list, Wang Jianlin family in 2016 became the first Chinese richest man Li Ka-shing ultra。
The Chinese richest man to give up the throne last year, Wang Jianlin family turned to asset-light model。
  He Xiangjian, He Jianfeng and his son wealth, Greater China 185 billion yuan ranked seventh, 34th in the world, up 73 from last year。
US group sales last year, is expected to be the first to break 200 billion yuan, the market value earlier this year and break through 400 billion yuan。
  Wang Wei at the ninth, 46th Greater China ranks the world's 140 billion yuan of wealth than last year, down 21; 47-year-old Ding to 135 billion yuan of wealth ranked tenth in Greater China, the world's first 48, than last year a decline。
  Sun Hongbin financial record for the fastest-growing Greater China Fortune 68-year-old Terry Gou to 60.5 billion yuan of wealth ranked 42nd in Greater China, the world's first 183, up 223 from last year。
  Currently, Terry Gou's Foxconn is seeking A-share listing。 February 23, Beijing News reporter saw at the official website of the Commission, Foxconn prospectus on February 22 has entered a "pre-disclosure update" state, and in February 9th, the SFC to disclose the initial public offering of shares of Foxconn prospectus, the world's largest foundry upcoming A-share impact。   There are investors told the Beijing News reporter, is the first enterprise IPO prospectus pre-disclosure, which marks the official start of business line, we said a year or two is the line up of this process; and then going on before Council, will enterprise prospectus to do a pre-disclosure update, often trial will be held a month later, that is, will enter the stage。
Foxconn is equivalent to skip the queue link。
  360 founder Zhou Hongyi to 75.5 billion yuan of wealth ranked 2018 Hurun Global Rich List No. 126, up 666, wealth jumped 362%。
Late last year, 360 backdoor Jiangnan Jiajie successful return A shares。
Zhou Hongyi, the total direct and indirect holdings of shares of listed companies%。
  February 28, Jiangnan Jiajie Technology Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to the security (securities referred to "three hundred and sixty"), three hundred and sixty gong listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange。 Hong Yi continues to Redcoats debut, led a group of three hundred and sixty Group executives attended the listing ceremony。   Financial record Sun Hongbin ranking has increased dramatically, which is 69.5 billion yuan of wealth ranked 2018 Hurun Global Rich List No. 149, an increase of 1237 over last year, this year's Greater China's fastest growing entrepreneurial wealth, wealth surge 588%。   In addition, the Chinese tycoons, the good future Zhang Bangxin to 36.5 billion yuan of wealth ranked 2018 Hurun Global Rich List No. 360, up 564 from last year。
Who is also easy to drive, thanks to Morocco, to three companies Wei Li Bin, chairman of wealth at 8.8 billion yuan into the Hurun Global Rich List 2018, ranked 1959。
  ■ focus on real estate will still abounds in rich list of world's richest industries, the top four industry is 44% cumulative wealth of science and technology, real estate, manufacturing and investment industry of the total wealth of the list accounting for 41% of the total number of。 In science and technology rich list, the United States and China accounted for 66%。
  The list also shows that the number of the Greater China region to 819 billion dollar billionaires ranked first, 210 more than last year。
The total wealth of the rich list up to 16 trillion yuan, equivalent to global GDP%。
  Greater China real estate is the list of the most wealthy industry, there are 164, followed by manufacturing and technology, media and telecommunications industries, respectively, 159 and 105 list。 Headed to Beijing six Chinese cities to enter the city before 10 super wealth creators of the most densely populated, 10 cities in the top 30。
  China is to create "from scratch" Most of the richest countries in the world, while the "scratch" the number of women accounted for 80% of the world's richest 48-year-old Zhou Qunfei wealth of 63 billion yuan to become the richest woman in the world from scratch。   ■ Close-block chain richest man ChrisLarsen list also showed that reboxetine co-founder ChrisLarsen currency worth 33.5 billion yuan to become the richest man in the block chain。   Hoogewerf said that in mid-2017 is a breakthrough year for encryption monetary asset classes, retail and institutional investors are trying to tap into a potential technical transition。 Ruibo currency co-founder ChrisLarsen wealth suddenly soared, thanks to the increasing popularity of encryption currency。
  Public information, reboxetine currency is the base currency ripple network, it can circulate throughout the ripple network, the total number is 100 billion, and with the increase in trade and gradually reduce, reboxetine currency operating company for the RippleLabs。
  Reboxetine as coins and Bitcoin digital currency is based on mathematics and cryptography, but there is no real purpose and a different Bitcoin, XRP have major bridges currency and guaranteed security functions ripple system, which is to protect the safety function indispensable, which requires participation in this agreement gateway must hold a small amount of XRP。   It is worth mentioning that in 2017 the CCTV released a list of 350 funds MLM organizations, reboxetine currency amidst list。

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