(Writer election issue 10) that cause our lost youth

Although the youthful quietly burn but we still look forward to the past, although monochrome Xinyu perched in the branches leaves Delicate Brightness has long been filled with Red Flowers past the last ray of subtle fragrance also stay here To our lost youth that often sacrifice between heart right then and outspoken then suddenly shook moment of breathtaking simplicity tenderness can no longer be undone when the moment of sensibility beyond the rational tender sweet with the wind gradually falling in the end what is to save our lost youth that dream a irregular card quietly posted on the message board plain awaits you read howling voice cries out from the door of the rock song chant Looking back a dying era of fanaticism in the mortal world is ignorant and Yaran through the years, passing the beauty of youth that instant like smoke water hazy misty dies in 3000 will regret sometimes tragic life so tangled short and long after this went on, how to remember to cherish