Bloody scholar (b)

Zeng after the death of the third year, and a bloody scholar born in Loudi on this land of youth, he is moved by God Chau Qing Dynasty national hero Chen Tianhua.If you draw a hero profile on the map, people will be surprised to find that, in the Chinese territory, whether it is revolutionary hero during the war, or the moral hero of peace-building period, it is located in the corner of Loudi in Hunan, in history the river has left an indelible mark.Chen Tianhua, Luo Shengjiao, Eddie Wong, Tan Jingyu so a series of famous names, so that the spirit world is startled, they bring glory Loudi, Hunan small enough to make this city the greatest of respect.Chen Tianhua greatest historical significance is that he represents the Chinese nation five thousand to unyielding noble quality, the combination of traditional Chinese literati bloody ancient, enhance the connotation of national spirit, he prove to the world: slavery, bullying, oppression, and not let a national real yield, imperialist global expansion is just wishful thinking, one day submerged in the era of big waves.Chen Tianhua’s death, the real interpretation of the dignity of a nation.    In all fairness, many philosophers, ancient and modern life are often the starting point is very low, but after years of experience with the life of sharpening, they eventually immortal thoughts and unique value of life at the history of the highest standing.Beginning and end of life, sigh control has become a very.Walking street wear Lane, basket selling, Chen Tianhua has become one of the epitome of early life.Precocious, harbor ambitions, “national anxiety, I do not marry,” compared with Zeng, Chen Tianhua mind and the pursuit of clearly much more simply, he does not know the so-called golden mean, do not understand things out so-called hole, get rid of foreign enemies rejuvenating the Chinese nation is the ultimate pursuit of its life.Foreign invasion, times of hardship, the nation is a child out of the country from Loudi, can escape the connotation was so thorough understanding of the motherland, to see the world situation is so clear and bright, the future of the motherland so distraught, the fate of the people of so deep concern for those living in the capital of corrupt nobles bear, this is a culmination of ironic analogy.History has chosen the lonely lonely soul, he is destined to ditch in rough times, against the background of bright red blood in a nation in waves.    And Zeng, like Chen Tianhua is associated with a particular historical events together, and contrast is that the world of Chen Tianhua bloody and heroism without any dispute.The early twentieth century, Russia’s effort to seize the three northeastern provinces, Russia refused to initiate movement, the country is at sovereignty and the horrendous situation, Chen Tianhua bite your finger in blood Send show Hunan each school.Hunan Provincial Governor Zhao Xun also moved, visit each school to read, and published in the official newspaper, also ordered each government, state, county set up military preparations institute, Hunan province refused to make Russia a more high morale movement.A man ignited the anger of a nation.    His life is glorious, “a word of warning bell”, “fierce back” demonstrates his bloody, at the same time, he is also one of the most prominent sponsors of the League.”One for the books with a word of warning, the other the opportunity to be the event of the death of the death of the” death to serve the country, Chen Tianhua is a lifelong aspiration, it sounds a bit foolish, but compared with many of that era who talk to serve the country, Chen Tianhua dead like Tarzan.When Japan’s “Asahi Shimbun” attack Chinese people lack of unity force, said Chinese students are “despicable indulgence” group, when to protest Chen Tianhua.December 7, 1905 morning, a grief figure leap in Japan Tokyo Grand Sennheiser Bay, in history at this moment freeze, Pentium and shock jump waves emit the most solemn of glory, full of bloody literati, with their lives made a final memorial to the sea the other side of the country.    Change treaty, the complex regime, completely independent; national humiliation, flooding alien, I re-sang crown.When thousands of years, people listen to these deafening cries echo in history, those who will think this cowardly nation fight off?