A vegetable

Name a vegetable cabbage (BrassicaoleraceaL as cabbage, scientific name.VAR.capitataL.), Cruciferous (Brassicaceae), Brassica.Brassica (BrassicaoleraceaL.) Variants.Shanghai people are generally referred to as cabbage, cabbage called Zhejiang.Also known as cabbage (north), cabbage (south), white lotus (Shanxi and Shaanxi), gray, and white Xianggu.Originated in the Mediterranean coast, the 16th century began to spread to China.Cabbage with a cold, disease resistance, adaptability, easy storage resistance movement, high yield, good quality and so on, now widely cultivated all over the country, northeast, northwest, north, south and other parts of spring, summer and fall of major vegetables One.    Cabbage has both nutritional value, but also the effect of physical fitness, and have a significant role in treatment efficacy: For 1.Enhance the immune function 2.Spleen and stomach, pain 3.Anti-cancer 4.Promote blood circulation and child development 5.Detoxification 6.Beauty cream, etc. have a good effect.    World Health Organization recommended best food, the most important vegetables as sweet potatoes (sweet potato), potato rich in vitamins, but also anti-cancer experts, followed by the asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, eggplant, carrots, cabbage ranked third.There are three basic ecotype cabbage, into pointed, round, flat head type three.Tip type of cabbage such as large snail slippery as sharp, vivid; round type of cabbage such as thick brawny, Zhuangzhuang Hanshi; flat type of cabbage such as hot-water bottle is flat, like pops, adorable.God the human appetite for vegetable crops have created a bright color, four-color plainer yellow and red flashes in the meantime, is again lively, but the show.    The so-called cabbage, according to popular understanding, this dish is the layers of leaves rolled up, wrapped in cabbage, Shanghai people call it cabbage is quite vivid, Zhejiang also aptly call it cabbage of.    A child from the mother’s mouth always hear things like, “You Dad (Shanghai people call it the grandfather dad) is very difficult to serve Chike, he likes to eat seafood, vegetables pumpkin, eggplant, sweet potato, radish , cabbage, he is definitely not Dongkuai head with a hobby born rich.Although it is authentic petty class, but from being spoiled environment in a three-bedroom-one son, to develop the clothing to hand out food to mouth full of young master style, habits.What food do not eat, someone is sure to say his heart, or his great master habits is inevitable outbreak.So grandfather not and will not eat these types of vegetables is in my childhood mind very impressed with memory.Grandfather with these vegetables is not affectionate origin; but I was with these vegetables, cabbage representative for the significance of the bond has a good laugh.    I grew up pampered by their parents, it has also become unruly wayward personality, although my personality a bit like a grandfather, but I do not partial eclipse, grandfather never eat several vegetables, I was completely and every time you diet devour with relish.    Grandfather, great grandmother Anthurium young man does not love his wife, and two grandmother love each other dearly.Parents Meishuozhiyan in his grandfather’s generation is absolutely fair and square, and mistress cohabitation, Soong also have the ability to man’s freedom.Grandfather then confidently told us, “At the time of our marriage law marriage is old, we have to resist, you can not learn like.”For the marriage of children and grandchildren, he is feudal too serious, especially for her daughter, granddaughter of marriage, he is the man to make contact with the feudal Debu his daughter and granddaughter, once the limit has been exceeded, not seriously, he is born the man, his death is a ghost, must exiled married, regardless of love and not love.Girls can not have happened deviant behavior, there are not allowed to get married after the divorce phenomenon became visible in this home.    As a symbol of love stems and leaves of this cabbage wrapped in layers of cabbage root thick stems, steaming bag tightly, snuggle, warm, spoiled, become a very beautiful image of ecology.However, the modern political movements have been tied stems and leaves of love, hands and feet, tossing and suffering to death in the tomb of marriage.    In the countryside’s, farm vegetable varieties are stereotyped eggplant, spinach, cabbage, eggplant and cabbage to eat but I was never tire of eating the gall to get that taste.Labor end, holding a rice bowl, rice co refreshing color cabbage into the mouth, it is our educated youth age only “loss of enjoyment,” was only cabbage chewing in the mouth, pharynx in the throat, through the intestine, taste children fresh fresh, throat feeling soft, smooth feel bowel Chang.That was helpless happiness, a sense of loss after the madness of youth labor force can not wait to give birth to devour the goodwill of the United States.That era has passed, or memorable, dislike of water spinach is then formed, he met with spinach nausea.However, this eggplant and cabbage, but did not scare me as a conditioned reflex, until now, I actually love to eat vegetables, eggplant and cabbage both, simply incredible.    Vaguely remember that time in my cabbage feel delicious taste, the soft Shu; now the cabbage was unpalatable kind of feeling stiff in my consciousness.Maybe I’m a big their age, and now I feel that cooking cabbage leaves and stems are difficult to swallow the hard.So delicious oil, salt, hard dry completely removed, and features cooking method, like placing two kinds of sweet and sour condiments, well-built, made dishes such as hot and sour dishes like yellow-white; or a few potatoes cooked tomato floating on shoes Bang colored leaves of cabbage borscht, may well be a characteristic flavor of soup nutrition.This is live in the present mood of self-regulation, self rack their brains to provoke a relief from happy taste “new life”.