wild fruit

Wild fruits, “Adelaide, my crickets!Adelaide, I had the raspberry.”The teacher read the text being lead.Rather abruptly, I came out one: “What is the raspberry?”The teacher although there is resentment surface color, or answered my question:” Mr. Lu Xun wrote raspberry is actually our mountain Toto disk!” ‘Oh -‘ teacher, then just export, the students cheered.    Raspberry say no one understands, Toto disk to be talking about, not the home of the children do not know.This tiny wild fruit, mountains everywhere.Vine long, sharp thorns, round leaves, but better than that red fruit.Sour, sweet, so you could not help but want to eat.Then, after the next school, uphill mowing, chopping wood, playing ragweed.Forget that Toto disk.Toto disk became wild fruit in my eyes no.1.    And Toto disk also similar to wild strawberries.It is much smaller than the strawberries, also red, round, body covered with small spots, ingest, sweet and sour, deeply loved children.There just is not a good name, called Ding chicken eye.Is not really similar to the chicken and ass eye, I do not have the experience.However, when eating chicken Ding total reminiscent of the eye and upsetting.    Red plum is a small shrub, Du plum tree is.Both berries and a small one large, one red and one purple, a sweet and a sour, complement each other.I know there are only three places red plums: seal the hills behind my house, eighteen cliff slope opposite the village quail.It prefers long ramp on the root weir, into the film growth, but less mature fruit.Due to the roadside, it is not easy to stay just one or two sparse.In contrast, Du plums can grow into a tree, the fruit also more.But if there is not supervised, it will not make it uphill the rest of the children.    Begonia is another mountain wild fruit.Of course not flower Begonia.Begonia flowers are famous northern green trees, Nanhai Xi Hua Ting Begonia House West, has become a symbol of Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao character and love.Mountain Begonia fruit is a berry.Begonia fruit is very beautiful.Has a long shank, the round shank small fruit smooth and delicate, or yellow, or white, or purple, or red, rouge like, such as Zinfandel, first gives a visual impact, with crisp taste, sour and sweet, very likable.    Wild grape, local people commonly known as rouge tears.It really grows in the wild mountains and slopes in.And grapes look like climbing vine tendrils, leafy trees, fruits strings, purple near Brown.It can be eaten raw, wine better.Presentation on “Zibo Relics and Legends” There is rouge tears wine.Unfortunately, the number of rare wild, I have not seen tears rouge wine.If so, that is the real wild wine.A few years ago the rage of Jilin wild wine country has long been banned and shoddy products.    Red girl child, like a miniature type of yarn lanterns.Four corners of the mantle, wrapped inside a red circle fruit.It likes to grow corn or sorghum, which belongs to a class of berries.Red girl child only ripe when it turns red, not only delicious but also good-looking, otherwise the taste is astringent.The other is the little red girl child.So not exactly call.Because its fruit is purple, I think more accurately called purple girl.People call it the little red girl child just because they are very similar to fruit.Similar eggplant fruit also called, is long in the corn, purple fruit knot a string, and looking only delicious.    In the wild jujube berries is the most common form of.Shiraz is the spine of mountains and plains jujube tree.Spring small Zaohua landed, they grow into Thriving Autumn numerous jujube fruit.Red and green intermingled, sweet and sour affordable, roadside slope wild, cute.I always think of think of jujube, a small hawthorn.Because of its appearance and taste similar to wild jujube.Dashanzha face spot birds, such as small children hawthorn the smooth surface.The difference is that jujube tastes crisp, sweet face and a small taste of hawthorn.I’ve always seen this small hawthorn berries, although it is not wild.    July August walnut pear, persimmon chaos go to the market in September.Walnuts, pears and persimmons are real fruits, are economically fruit, can not be regarded as wild fruit.But my mind is a landscape: After frost, wandering everywhere, trees persimmon tree stands on the mountain.Sparse in red persimmon trees, standing lonely in winter.Aloof kind of feeling, as every world outside the fairy, compared to wild fruits and closer into the natural, late autumn is simply one of the most beautiful views of the.Because it is not wild fruits, berries worth.