28 eggs, 18 pounds of weight loss weight-loss meal one week

Before the eggs lose weight small series also introduced the method introduced today a little bit special, ready to 28 eggs in January will be able to lose weight 18 pounds。 And the egg is not only nutritious, MM are not to worry about their health problems。
Egg yolk contains an emulsifier, can emulsify fat cholesterol into tiny particles, excluded from the blood vessel by the body。
Practice has shown, egg diet is effective oh。 Here I will introduce egg weight-loss diet, as long as you eat an egg a day, a month down you can lean 18 pounds Oh it。
The following is one week of eggs, as long as you stick to four weeks, you can gain weight-loss success fun oh。
Monday: a soft-boiled eggs, 2 pieces of toast, cherry tomatoes 4,: 1, 1 part of boiled vegetables, a bowl of white rice 1: 1 bowl of mixed rice, vegetables, salad, pickles eggs Tuesday Breakfast: water 1 egg, 2 white toast, fruit salad lunch: 1 part of boiled vegetables, a bowl of vegetarian surface, an apple dinner: steak, vegetables cool to the main dish salad。

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