Sex is the best tonic to overturn the traditional Chinese concept

Sex is the best tonic, to overturn the traditional Chinese concept。
China Traditionally, frequent sex life will affect their health, resulting in loss of Yin and Yang。
But modern medicine is this new view。 Experts of the American Association for the Study after years of follow-up survey found that of the human body not only does not hurt, there are many benefits。
First, regular sex life can make people live longer。 British scientists had 1000 men with a 10-year follow-up survey found that sex twice or more a week men, their risk of premature death than only once a month or less of the people living 50% lower。
Especially those who have a high frequency of sex, the odds of their coronary arteries, such as stroke, cerebral thrombosis, and half of those who lack sex life。 Second, sex can reduce the incidence。 The body of oxytocin and DHEA full release in orgasm and high excitement, play a protective role of breast。
Especially for women who have never pregnant, high-quality sex and the law, can never make up for its lack of fertility。
Sex is the best tonic third, a good sex life can reduce the incidence of prostate cancer。 Studies have shown that men ejaculate 21 times a month, it can significantly reduce the incidence of prostate cancer。 An average of three times a week ejaculation, the incidence of prostate cancer will be reduced by 15 percent。 Fourth, sex life can resist cold。 Research shows that sex can reinforce people's immunity。
Twice weekly sex life can make anti-virus attacks the body's ability autogenous increased by 30%。
Finally, and most importantly, sex life can make people look younger。
Conducted a study of 3,500 people found that twice a week sex life to reach people who look younger than their actual age 7 years or more。
And there are people three times a week sex, looks 12 years younger than their actual age, you can be called a super young。

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