4-2 double eagle on the Fab Five small assassin cut 25 + 10 green army out

] While the Hawks led by as 28 points, but still tenacious counterattack was Celtic, although clearance to double-digit advantage, but they are not easy to play。
Starting double tigers, Paul – Millsap Hawks 17 points, 8 rebounds and four blocks, Al – Horford and Kent – Basedow Moore each had 15 points, Kyle – Korver 14 points and nine rebounds, Jeff – Teague 11 points and five assists。 Dennis came off the bench – 12 points Shilao De。   Isiah – Thomas 25 points and 10 assists for the Celtics highest, Jai – Claude 15 points and six rebounds, Yunus – Jieleibuke 13 points。 Marcus off the bench – 13 points and seven rebounds SMART。   Eagle is the first regular-season record last year in eastern teams, but mediocre this season, with only the Celtics with 48 wins and 34 losses。
With grips advantage, the Eagles have only came in fourth, fifth Celtic。
  Hawks crucial home advantage, they win the first two home, two away but then all lose。
After the home win again, the Eagles captured the "King of the mountain" to 3-2 lead。 Today, away from home, the Eagles do not get to win the seventh game of life and death battle。   Although the strength of an eagle with minor advantage, but in support of the fans, but it is the Celtics prevail。 After all, the Celtics are a traditionally strong teams, a long history。
Especially in today's home game, when before it began playing Celtic history on the screen, the fans all stood up, and finally the national anthem loudly singing along。   Legend – Bill Russell also attend the game, but fans are more concerned about is the ability to play an injured Thomas。
Fortunately, he issued the first war, and full of fighting spirit, after the opening to the hoop again and again, for the fans cheer loudly for him。   Celtic 9-5 start, this section played half, the Eagles only hit two goals。 But their defense play a role, such as the performance of Millsap star Dikembe Mutombo, like, eight minutes before the 3 blocked shots。 In his excellent defense, the Celtics scoreless in four minutes, the Hawks shot a wave of 8-0 to 13-9 exceeded。 After the Celtics have rebounded, Thomas thirds vote before the end of this section, they only 17-20 behind。
Jieleibuke for the Celtics scored eight points, the last time to the Shilao De a big hat, so the scene once again overwhelmed。 This section Celtics 7 of 24 shots, hitting only 29%。
  Celtics Section status is still not good, after playing half of this section, only 9 of their 37 vote, in which 14 from 3-pointers。
Hawks inside and outside the bloom, played after 14-4 to 34-21 winning margin。
After the Celtics have been enhanced status at the end of the first half, chasing the score 33-41。
Celtics hit rate decreased to% 17 from 3-pointers。 Thomas scored 9 points, but only 3 of 11 shots。
Hawks hit rate%。
  Horford and Kyle Korver hit third in succession in the third quarter, and strengthen the external line after the defense the Celtics, Hawks and attacking the basket, the wave of attacks hit 22-10, when more than half of this section, Horford alley-oop layup Hawks to 63-43 obtain 20 points of advantage。
Celtic were beaten senseless wave of attack, then failed to find a way to deal with the two sides gap continues to widen。
This section last seconds, the Hawks scored five points, first Scott-thirds vote, then, after the Celtics offensive foul, Horford hit a buzzer, ending their first three quarters to 80-59。   Eagles do not want dark and dreary, beginning of the fourth quarter, after they shot a wave of 9-2 to 89-61 lead a full 28 points。
Claude finally also to third, the Celtics also to the 10-2, chasing the score 71-91。   For the Celtics, this is life and death, can not give up more backward。
Competition also 3 minutes 16 seconds, after Thomas was fouled, readily throw a ball, even hit, even with a fine cast scored 3 points, the Celtics 83-95 behind only to see the comeback hopes。
  The gap between the two sides was only 11 points, but the Celtics best of its ability, after they had worked hard, failed to complete the reversal, this season's journey is over。

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