awesome!Compass Three new starting point to achieve the grand blueprint for the successful launch

At 19:45 on November 5, at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center Long March 3B to "kill Double Star" approach successfully launched two Beidou navigation satellites。 The two satellites belong to orbit satellites circle the Earth, is the first Compass III, two satellite network。 Successfully entered orbit, marking the start of a global network of Beidou satellite navigation system。
After the application of new breakthroughs to enhance the positioning accuracy of 1-2 times, it will provide about 10 meters accuracy location services for civil users FREE The two Beidou 3 satellite was successfully launched into orbit and has been tested and validated network, can provide services outside。
As the start of the global network, the Beidou system will also really close to the role of global navigation satellite systems, accelerate the global Beidou system services。 Three Beidou system construction is the third step "three-step" development strategy of China's Beidou system。
Compared Compass II system, the Beidou satellite network III system is not only from the region to the world, while the technology is more advanced, larger construction scale, more systematic。
Three Beidou satellite will increase performance, better interoperability signal, on the basis of the ability to further improve the basic navigation services on offer enhanced services and satellite-based search and rescue services in accordance with international standards。
Compass III using onboard atomic hydrogen, which is borne accuracy than rubidium atomic clock Compass II an order of magnitude。 Three global positioning accuracy of the Beidou navigation system will increase 1-2 times, reaching 5 meters level, after the completion of the Beidou global navigation system will provide about 10 meters accuracy location services for civil users for free, m / s speed service and paying customers will provide more accurate level of service。 At the same time, the satellite design life of more than 10 years。
With the Compass ground-based augmentation system to provide initial services, providing meter level, sub-meter, decimeter or even centimeter-level service。
By then, the accuracy of China's Beidou will be comparable with the US GPS。
According to the chief architect, chief deputy chief designer of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group of the five branches of Compass III project, satellite Xie Jun introduction, on the basis of performance on the Compass II, III Beidou navigation system designed from the beginning, took aim at yet the design specifications launch of third-generation GPS satellite navigation and the European Galileo navigation system。 Chinese Beidou has its own unique。 Xie Jun said that in order to solve the foreign satellite data transmission channel, Compass III development staff tackled the link between the satellite constellation technology, although the "invisible" Beidou satellite on the other side of the globe, but with the Beidou satellite link between the same You can get in touch with them, which is a major feature of the Beidou global navigation system construction。 In addition, Compass Compass II III while preserving the short message functions related to performance improvement。 Now in orbit Beidou navigation satellites distributed in a circular orbit, geostationary orbit and synchronous orbit inclined Earth。 In circular orbit satellites can travel the world is a universal orbiting GPS and other satellite navigation systems used。
Geostationary orbit communications satellites are typically used to run the Beidou satellite orbits can play a communication function, the Compass has a short message and other features。
To combine text and navigation, it is a major feature of China's Beidou satellite navigation system。
From this mission, China will usher in a new round of high-density Beidou satellite network launch。
According to plan, by the end of 2018, it will launch 18 Beidou satellite network III, covering "along the way" along the country; about 2020, more than 30 stars to complete the network satellite launch, global service capabilities。
With new ways to launch "Space shuttle bus", no longer need to own orbit satellites can track direct work according to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, a dean of the top three rockets deputy chief Yecheng Min introduction, the launch rocket task using long three series of rocket Long march III B rocket。 The series of rockets known as the "gold rocket", especially after the mid-2006 launch into the high-density, setting a record of the shortest cycle rocket launch 17 Tianyi issued。
At present, the main high-orbit satellite launched by Long March III A series of rockets。
Since the Xichang Satellite Launch Center located in low latitudes, cost-effective emission ratio, the Long March III A series of rocket launch has been in this embodiment, therefore Xichang Satellite Launch Center has so far assumed all of the Beidou satellite launch mission, known as the "Big Dipper Harbor"。
It is worth noting that the launch is the use of upper stage way satellite into orbit。 Compass One expedition 3 satellite carried by the upper stage, followed by Long March 3B emission, about three and a half hours, the upper stage expedition One satellite into the target track。 The main use of this means of transmission upper stage "a stone's throw Double Star" direct orbit launch will be the future of Compass 3 satellite project。 A vehicle upper stage, in the original three stage rocket above, an increase in the relative independent, form a "four rocket"。 It may have put a different orbit satellites directly to work, it is also known as the "Space Shuttle bus"。 In the absence of the "space shuttle bus" carrier rocket put a satellite into "transfer orbit" satellite to reach orbit work through its own orbit。 This process consumes several tons of fuel, flight days。 The "space shuttle bus" can take a satellite in space, "relay" rocket flight, in just a few hours to put a satellite into orbit work。 This would reduce the satellite fuel consumption and extend the life of satellites, launch vehicles and greatly enhance the adaptability of the task。 Future integration of new development is expected to achieve "Compass foundation reinforcement mesh + High Precision + broadband mobile Internet service network" Experts believe that with the global network to accelerate the construction of Compass III, as well as the finalization of a global network, there will be more countries , more users use the Beidou system, will further boost the promotion of Compass applications and industrialization process, led the Big Dipper out of the country, to the world。
According to reports, the Beidou navigation type chip module sales have exceeded 30 million, high-precision antenna and card sales volume has accounted for 30% and 90% market share of the domestic market and export to more than 70 countries and regions, including "area all the way "along the more than 30 countries and regions, used in smart phones and other consumer products made chips or IP number of nuclear nearly 22 million。 Beidou system is also working with the Internet, big data, cloud computing technology integration and development, and "Beidou foundation reinforcement mesh + High Precision + broadband mobile Internet service network" interoperability, "Beidou system + + high-precision remote sensing digital map navigation grid cloud computing platform code + "convergence, and 'Compass + + + communications WLAN satellite communication' other integrated chip R。 Compass precision services at the national ground-based augmentation system based on the Beidou, for the general public, at your fingertips, public service demand and are constantly being developed and used to provide。 By Beidou precision, positioning accuracy can be achieved mobile location 1 meter, particularly a satellite signal observed in a poor environment, a short time completely block case, the mobile terminal location service to solve the enhanced program by high-precision positioning, the mobile phone solves in the case of users under the elevated, tunnels, garages and other issues can not be located。 Cycling in the shared application, Beidou positioning precision positioning can be achieved share Bike 1 meter accuracy, greatly reducing the positioning error, finding the car user。
In addition, Compass can provide high-precision electronic fence, using centimeter-accurate positioning measurement delineated support cycling back to shared if the high-precision positioning to a predetermined parking zone is determined to make, easy parking guidance specifications, reduce management costs。
"People's Daily" (edition November 6, 2017 12) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。