Psychological changes they understand the gender life more enjoyable

Psychological changes gender life is kind of how gender life is a very important part of our lives, gender and harmonious family life to make peace。 Then you know that psychological change gender in life is how to do the following small series to tell us something about the psychological changes bisexual life, to understand them so that you will enjoy!Psychological changes Daquan gender intercourse intercourse of the sexes is the best way to meet the most direct libido。 Gender occurred during intercourse is difficult to describe the psychological experience of this experience very subtle, magical, had the first experience, we look forward to the second, which led to gender intercourse always has an irresistible charm, to make sex life last long, and often do often new。 This experience gives the coitus brings satisfaction, happy, well-being, promote the further development of sex。 In the whole process of coitus, with the physiological changes, there will be a corresponding psychological changes。 Each physiological changes of sexual partners is different, so there may be different degrees of psychological experience, some bland, some enervating, ecstatic Drunken Master, this sexuality, sexual experience and sexual feelings of a great relationship。
Intercourse at different stages of psychological experience。 1, the excitement of having the two sides after a variety of stimuli can not stop the desire to reach the point where burning desires, full of tension, involuntary movement, both sides have a strong genital contact sexual intercourse psychological preparation of desire, two intersecting Huan, a matter of course。 2, psychological changes plateau gender life friction with the penis in the vagina, with the flesh brings psychological euphoria, the two sides very close and dependent on, wished he could blend。
With the psychological experience physiological changes and continue to strengthen。
To enhance and extend this psychological experience, a lot of sexual experience will use a variety of techniques to achieve this purpose。 With the enhancement of psychological experience, the movement becomes involuntary sexual intercourse, indicating imminent orgasm。 The two sides will act in harmony through a variety of different ways to show the climax coming to other infections, common to achieve orgasm, share life's most wonderful moments and feel。