A jade bowl Sheng Spring

A night keyboard percussion, hand numbness vertigo.At the moment, the computer desk in the lodge scent of narcissus sent mellow, weariness instantly disappeared.Since ancient times, men of letters Narcissus is the desk pets, known as the winter spent in clearing goods.Although I am not really literati, in this matter also like “arty” New Year’s desk will always pick a pot of flowers do for the elegant-year-old Qing dynasty for.”Year of DPRK clear for” is to study the furnishings, and the study of flowers, the emphasis is on a “elegant” word, in four elegant flower is most appropriate: orchids, chrysanthemums, daffodils, irises, flowers and said “Four Ya “.My corner study desk, put on New Year’s Day this year is a narcissus.Whenever reading a long time, product a product of tea and enjoy a tour daffodils, immediately relaxed and happy.This desk lamp daffodils, tall and graceful green foliage dotted with white jade Ying rhyme flowers, deputy crown golden borne on a jade plate, yellow and green against the background harmony, “Full-pot Lecythidaceae”.Narcissus natural beauty, makeup and elegant, mellow Youyuan, elegant chic.It is white yellow heart, the “Calendula silver stand,” said.In the darkness and dreariness Xiaosha lonely winter, bring people a glimmer of hope, a ray of light, a vibrancy.Shallow dish of water in the hope of spring rhyme, lodge Yingying jade bowl is bright Spring.    Narcissus numerous literary poetry singing since the Song and Yuan dynasties, Song Huang Ting allegedly Daffodils poem written in the earliest, most, it’s best.His “Wang Road to send narcissus fifty, is pleased knowing, worked as a Wing,” is one of the masterpieces.”Limbo fairy dust generation socks, water lightweight micro steps Month”.I have not done the research, Narcissus called “Limbo fairy”, whether it is from this poem Huang Ting?Read Cao Zhi, “Goddess” people should remember the “Lingboweibu, Luo socks raw dust” is the description of Cao Zhi Luo floating water line stance.Huang Ting here to set up a plant in the water narcissus, turned into “light” waving Roselle, let narcissus static to dynamic, can be described as taking God volley.This poem praising narcissus elegance of noble character and temperament, giving unlimited reverie.    A friend of Narcissus can be described as preference for me.He once told me: narcissus bulbs although there is a certain toxicity, but the daffodils refreshing fragrance, but also brain function, sniff sniff the aroma of a daffodil of fatigue, conducive to maintaining good right brain function; praise of the ancients three Friends of Winter, Shochiku has leaves no flowers, no leaves plum flowers, daffodils and leaves Cuihua Johnson, color, smell, and taste rhyme.A dish of water, a spring chamber.But I think the words of a friend although some truth, but after all, “The Story of Qiu Chunlan, each seek temporary show”.The pine get on the wind screen Aoshuang Yingxue atmosphere, narcissus is missing; Ying and Narcissus exquisitely carved rhyme quiet, but also for the short Songjukmae.Song Dynasty poet state-owned high-concept praise poem Daffodils cloud, “Huai Qing Qing Lu, and Mei brother drunk Chunlan Friends.”To put that exposure to Narcissus flowers Jia Hui, do not have some charm.Friends especially like to Narcissus Sculptures.These daffodils modeling lifelike, pregnant with meaning.One year’s New Year’s Day, he sent me two pots of daffodils, one said, “gourd watched in delight”: narcissus bulbs a little like a grown up and down a large gourd-shaped stick, a few blooming daffodils wrapped the middle, it shows Auspicious gourd; one said, “rocks Narcissus”: daffodils in the hollow between the rocks through the air too, such as Prunus cliff upside down, surprising.It may be beautiful, to say the truth, I did not particularly like.Seeing this style daffodils, total reminiscent of the Qing Dynasty poet Gong “disease Mei Museum in mind” in these words, “chop it positive, keep it next to the bar, delete its dense, Chih-yao its branches, hoe its straight, stop the anger. “.Gong is by “disease Mei” tell that era harm for talent.I just think carving narcissus, daffodils artificial repression of normal growth, less “Natural beauty carving” natural rhyme.    Narcissus “by flowering water from a strange, water Shen Gu Yu as muscular” (Huang Ting).That silver stand Calendula flowers, emerald jade-like foliage, pure and noble charm, refreshing fragrance, let me indulge them.Guo said it was “just by a spoonful of water, a few stones live.”.Think sharp knife winter, daffodils no luxury, she did not pursue the fruitful fertile soil, not flashy chase imaginary Mu, just a little bit of sunlight and water, plus a few grains of gravel company, to grow, it can not help but awe.It’s no wonder the ancient literati charmed its preference for me.Ming Dynasty poet Chen Chun “Narcissus” poem, “Little Yumian moon, and more fragrant sandalwood heart.Sin graceful bone, the UE wants to Limbo.”The dead of night, holding a cup of tea, quietly facing Yujiebingqing daffodils, smell its fragrance and enjoy its leaves, it hides God, conceived around a plume of fragrance, serenity of mind naturally become detached up.