(1) Red Fairy

Secretary-General, good morning.    The past few days, I miss you, this morning to see, already very happy.    I was the day before yesterday, we know you have a reputation of red fairy, you are in your own poetry, said: “I do not envy the red fairy, farming men and women weave human Mu.More hi Flying leaves butterfly, beat of my heart forever hand in hand.”You do not admire, more pleasant ah, good sense and is in line with your image and character.    As a result, I think, “Everlasting Regret”, the “wind sleeve of a robe fluttering fairy move,” “pear a spring rain,” “smile hundred pro-life,” Yang Yuhuan, and what your style talent?I do not know that poetry magic old old age, how fancy the height of five meters, and partial fat Young woman, put a good word gave her, the old emperor Li Sanlang obsessed with Yang Yuhuan, results, Empress and the Warriors do lose, and he plummeted, alone and die.    This Po Chu, is our ancestors, if our big brother like myself, if he saw you this modern beauty, a certain regret not cope, in vain the word that a lot of the United States gave Quotes disastrous, and Joseph was tinkling Wang Song of the life of the fat ring.Yes, there is the poet Li Bai, also joined in the fun, drunk as, and also wrote “Qingpingdiao chapters” and what “Lu Hongyan, a fragrant,” “two-phase flowers dumping country Huan “, he dumped the body in Yang’s words of praise, not at less than Po Chu.    Red fairy, but I like you this call, I think that this reputation in your body, is more appropriate than.    Last year, we old school after an absence of 46 years in Qiqihar party, I got off the train, the first thing you see is what you and the old squad leader Zhang Shicheng, Xiaohua Wang Guijuan to pick me up.You wearing a red shirt, I suddenly think of your four-six years ago, and I’m in front of you, comparable to the results, I think you still so curl Nana, force is not changed, the style is still.    You like the name of it, the name, gives a young, beautiful, pure, lovely feeling.Since the party, you gave me the feeling that this red fairy charm, shadows dancing, Ping Ping Ting Ting.That Yang, said she was four ancient beauties of shame to spend, Li old man also had the fans have to die to live, I see her beauty as you.    She in front of you, is very inferior: you, tall, an inch high, will be high; an inch shorter, on shorter.You slim and a little more, you fat; curbing, they lost, so, you’re not high not short, neither fat nor thin, just right.Your face, adorable: like white non-white, non-powder-like powder.Eyes, sort of a small, non-rotten everyone to sing the eyelid, but as Magnificence of light tracing prime painted, unique, graceful.Intraocular, spring water such as lakes, to give pure transparent, filled with quiet, virtuous and tenderness.Yang with you than too sexy Nong Li Huang spent the human eye, she and “Dream of Red Mansions” in Wang Xifeng, like, covered filled with jewels, vulgar.    People, not the most beautiful appearance, but the mind.is not it?That “Notre Dame de Paris” in the Quasimodo, though ugly, but he was very gentle, very kind, and finally, he is not and the beautiful Esmeralda one lying in the dust, which is the beauty of the soul and that appearance the integration of the United States, and you, just so it.    Yang, her narrow-minded, Jixianduneng, voluptuous, had come to “Jun Yi pet Jiaotai, Jun pity no right and wrong,” “Spring Spring Night from special night”, “in a much-beloved”, and that nickname Ah Li Sanlang hiding, but nostalgic whim, went to Mei Fei palace, she sang a good show, “the Drunken Beauty”, has been sung today Yugang.And How about you, good-natured, approachable, and often is – always has been, to this day after 46 years, you have to Mona Lisa’s smile, the face of each individual, but also on who is humble, generous , plain, warm.    So, you are the eyes of our old classmates fairy, emissary, with your appearance, everything is so beautiful, days, blue;, it is also green, harmony everywhere, everywhere joyous.    Red fairy, you not only beautiful, you’re still an outstanding organizer, it will be a quite competent, a pioneer enamored of unity and harmony.    Before last year’s party, a focal point of your capacity, to find old classmates contact details of each call, all using your own cell phone.And you actively involved in the planning and execution of party affairs in the party program, never tired, tired do not know, music is not he.And, very organized place, our “after an absence of half a century, the moment together,” the students, and it was not very successful?Although all the genes that success, you can not say that a person is, of course, there are a dozen, but you played a significant role.    But Yang does, she does not do a little something for anyone, not only that, even her own things, are done by someone else, to “invite people Fu powder, not from the Troy,” “brothers and sisters are column soil, poor luster Health portal ‘,’ hot trend exquisite ‘point.    Red fairy, angel still love you, with your presence, the world will become a better human.I still clearly remember last year during the party, I do not have a bathing suit, I really do not want the next bubble spa, you mobilize me into the water several times, you also quietly called her daughter sent.Every day, the end of the event, everyone is at rest, but you have kept so many apples, pears, grapes and fragrant orange, washed clean one by one, into the hands of every student.You willing to benefit others instead of themselves wide range of things, really too much.    So, you’re everyone who cares, you are a gentleman of the cardinal principles of the overall situation, in my feeling, let’s old school gang, are very like your.This is your behavior to old classmates the impression that the premise.    This year, those of us old school Keshan Teachers, most of them on the micro-channel group, very good.You also an active advocate, liaison and organizer.You apart from a lot of force, every day, you can see the net, beating the drums, cheer stations, but also personally transcribed the students of poetry, spread to the Internet.Therefore, the Secretary-General’s classmates called you, I heard the title, it is very approval and support, so every time I see you, so I call you, I jokingly said: “His Excellency the Secretary-General, is also down, giving you the greeting.”But you replied:” kill off also Laoshen.”Ha ha ha, how funny Son.    Every day in the morning, open the old school as long as a group of micro letter, at first glance, I saw: you’re wearing red shirt, with open arms, softly he said: “Students, Good morning..”You’re still so quiet, loving, happy, like a stream Cong, nourishing the students thirst, but also like a ray of spring, blowing warm the chilly students, you really fairy fluttering down, our old school group holy Land, the atmosphere on a warm, refreshing, our group, more prosperity, and almost everyone happy music.    And that fat ring it, she do not do good things, serious things, but she did her best, Hu Mei Yan whine, not only seduce the old emperor dig rake, chaotic London, still unexamined, indulge in wine and women, ignoring affairs of state, from Mingzhe a wise monarch became a commonplace headed, no way, resulting in a large Tang Dingsheng brilliant governance of Kaiyuan, drew “Yuyang Pigu move to come”, “reverberates Crescent horse before death”, flapping in the wind pour House , the country home destroyed death, in Yang’s body, but confirms the woman is the source of trouble this irrefutable truth.Yo, so to speak, inaccurate, against too broad, and those of my fellow women, not my big mouth tore yet?Oh, damn, Zhangzui!Say, a handful of fox, is the troubles.    Red fairy Yeah, you’re the fresh air, cool and sweet, nourishing people’s hearts.You are the bright moon, shed light Ling Ling, lit up the dark night.That you still blooming plum, fragrant with the gentle fragrance, to bring spring, summer brought, you are you, a red fairies, and since Yao Chi Sendai came to earth, gently graceful, Durian, sprinkle under the gentle, he threw joy, well-being sown.Heaven and Earth, is cool and bright and warm, harmonious; the world, is a paradise of love, happiness of heaven!    You, red fairy – Wen-zhen, you more than just a beautiful soul and instrument integration beauty boutique, and that you are today hundreds of thousands of beautiful women microcosm of our country, that the ancient Yang, and even spread through the ages beautiful women, and what can be?Or his old Chairman Mao’s brilliant phrase wisdom says: “few heroes, but also see today.”!