(Orchids Qing Yun series of three) Spiritual longing elegant fresh fragrance

Quiet night, on children lovingly, he struck me long build emotions.This water, moon countenance, with a dream-like thin mist, once again into the blue, a different kind of taste of her beauty, whisper I love her eternity.Heart hazy, soft and poetic, exudes a soul looking for a follow, a blessing, a detached, and the penetration of the body Xinchan.Lan, one of China’s top ten flowers, which open in the Valley, aloof from the world, no reward but still only release their fragrance, is a flower gentleman.Lan to the highest mountains, with its noble character Yat course, people love.Lanna fragrance with the sultry and mysterious, clean and quiet, I would often obsessed with, let me reveries.That fragrance, from time to time, and disappeared the next, strong light, the time far past.Floating in the valley, free in this world, I feel fresh and pleasant.Sensory world of a soft, a beauty, a warm, a feeling, light, smell visual sensation, into the illusion of feeling.    Painting Lai Ying refers to the sky, a goodly dignified picturesque Cong.  Amidst the busy watching the Red thing, too narcissistic calm.    Lanting night hazy fog Man, Hong Yang Liu Suifeng brush off.  Glen floral listening to soft words, Penglai dream into poetry.    ”Knot over blue lapel.May shallow depth of lights, where can I find a dream clouds return?”I’m pleased to feel the beauty of the whole body.Unconsciously, my impetuous lightly filtered, so that the endless fragrance round my soul, wash my soul.I seem to have become a leaf lightweight boat, ferry, filled with the fruit of peace and harmony, swimming in poetic romantic drift of blue ocean, I’m happy weaving poems.    I do not like the hustle and bustle of the bustling city, people do not like the feeling of romance, I do not like the so-called world of swords.I only like you, end Zhuang Suya, endure loneliness, vivid products you high!You ethereal, elegant, Wyse, a sight to behold, it is a realm of unparalleled, a kind of beauty, eternal, only the United States.You make my heart eternal love to find you in the seasonal cycle, with tenderness.I think turned into a leaf, wrapped around you, habitat, quiet, detached, forget everything in life the pain and hard work, heavy work and Worry, to maintain a pure and true, casual and freedom of heart, dedication a love no regrets.This life, your mouth, my life, my love, my love, knowing each other in a dream.    Liujiang left a dream not dim, diffuse honestly ask deliberately playing piano.  Dark rhyme flow with the water to go, quiet secluded mountain valley and railing.    Wai Man wind blowing fragrance, is led by Susan Yee Lan.  Buju ravine earthly far, welcome home favorite flick ink.    Kicked off history, you, as if a young woman, light dance spearmint, gentle, graceful, long way, with ancient poems, lure and confuse my heart, you enjoy the elegant grace, charm and refined.Su Shi’s “Chunlan, such as beauty, not taken from silent shame.The most fragrant wind exposed when the wind is not deep Ai Peng.Dan and true color, to be mounted from Sao pass.As for the Lingjun, Yan did not dare to wear the crown.”Qu Yuan” Hu and Jiang from the provision of Chih Xi, Ren Qiu-lan that wear; warm warm when it will strike Come, knot orchids and delay queue; households with surplus clothes to Ai Xi, that orchids can not wear it; Lanzhi Fang Xi does not change, but as of Tsuen Wai Mao; “Kangxi” graceful flower posture Maple leaf long, hard hidden valley fragrant wind.”.I am drunk, drunk gentle, quiet drunk, drunk in your Shenpan, drunk in your poems in praise.Long for waves, heart relieved unique and wonderful feelings overflow to a brilliant smile, magnanimous face of life, quiet Zhiyuan.See the world with new eyes, the interpretation of your beauty, relying on life and rediscover long-lost cozy.Lan, you are my most beautiful encounter Sansei III.Smile transport breeze fragrance, Doujiu one hundred dance drunk Lan.  Law Yayun earth rang clear, mountain stream as Seoul shells.    Aria hazy hazy Italy, who lead Morrowind drunk Orchids.  Forest green charge people a song, poem fragrant long overflow Seitan.    Flying thoughts, through time and space, Chewu my confusion.Quan, listen to my simple and beautiful love, loneliness reread your vivid and Qing Fang, Shu Zhan my heart.Because of you, my sky is not lonely, because you, my heart beautiful picturesque garden.    Close your eyes, listen to “and orchids together,” admire your fresh fragrance and elegant, love your quiet atmosphere, and the heart of Hong stealing, ink meter to fill the gap as it notes, bubbling flow.