Yan’er fly

From school to school to work, from the countryside to the city, along the way, I met with many people in the name of “Yan” word.But I never put him (her) who is associated with the natural world swallows flying south, heading north of.Yesterday a 5 years did not meet, called “Chunyan” female colleagues suddenly gave me the phone: “Brother, my family Xiaoyan Offer, and the commentary on the national level actors!”Xiaoyan was her only daughter, she had a gift for singing since childhood.She is daughter to create the best conditions for art, or the best voice teacher tutoring, learning to famous art college, was hired after graduation successfully City Song and Dance Ensemble.However, hope that their daughter to become a mainstay of the regiment have been slow to realize the aspirations.For this reason she moved to her city of residence.  She waited for five years, finally got his wish, phone her joy was palpable.I could not help but heart is warm gush of emotion.I suddenly realized that our nation for generations to why the children like to use named “Yan” word.In fact, one of many virtues, can be found in small swallows him.  As a child, I learned first children’s songs is “Yan’er fly”.”Little Swallow really smart, pointed tails like scissors, flying mud to build nests, whisper whisper singing a new tune.”How many years have passed, but this song always linger in my heart.  Swallow life in the fly, fly, is it life is the most backbreaking work.In the tireless flight, swallow thrive achieved great mission.  Spring Swallows year to the second great migration, the Northeast home of the swallows fly the farthest distance, harder.Winter to Guangxi, Yunnan, Taiwan, Hainan and other provinces in the tropics, and even Southeast Asia, Oceania winter, spring and then return to the northeast, thousands of miles distant, all the way thousands of miles, risky.It is different from the large-bodied, long wings, migratory birds fly high, fly during the day, rest at night.Its small size, fly low, in order to avoid predators, but to rest during the day foraging, migratory flight night.Although there is no sun to navigate at night, can not see the ground reference identify the direction, swallows still accurately return home, find the time to leave their “old home”.  Swallows flying north, all the way around to bring the breath of spring, it passes through Liu Di, bare swaying willow, will soon be out of light yellow buds, making Tsui Liu Ruyan; it swept wilderness, wilderness will wheat roll, boundless expanse of blue; it flew over the river, it will thaw the frozen river, gurgling streams sang a cheerful song; it flew back to the farm, one of the allotment will drive away the winter chill, imbued with spring the bright.A more vigorous Hiei, he heard the sound of singing whisper, bringing bursts of laughter, sent a warm Unit.A vibrant, beautiful picture of spring, but it was beautiful swallow one go.”How beautiful the spring was as promised, only swallow clever tailoring”.  Swallow is a hard-working, intelligent architect.It was built nest material is mud with disabilities, after selected nest site, the couple began a pair of swallows build their small homes.With the mouth title to the mud with disabilities, with spittle and good, bit by bit to Dali base.Po Chu in his “Spring Lake Qiantang line” in this way to praise swallow: “Orioles fight back warm tree, Yan someone new pecking Chun Ni.”How many a mouth mud nest need, how much the couple swallows fly trip, we can not know, that spirit alone is enough to make people move.  Swallows are loving parents.After completion love nest, they began having children complete given the nature of the sacred mission.After Yan female egg, wings flip on time every day with, and used his body to warm eggs.Xiong Yan availed stood sentry beside it, for it sent confidence and encouragement.When the female Yan hungry or too tired, the male Yan will not hesitate to jump into the love nest, hatch duty on its behalf.Yan then hand it over to glimpse female sentimental, look at the activities aching body, then shook the wings to go into the fields to feed.After careful hatch dozens of days and nights, finally swallow pecking broken eggshell born.Swallow born just two bare red and tender body, open mouth, twitter barking.Children cry vexation parents happy, they busy in the fields all day shuttle camel pond, capture mosquitoes feed children.Under the meticulous care of their parents, little Swallow grew up, who is also covered with beautiful feathers.At this time, parents with children who will fly out of the nest, to teach them how to feed, how to leap mountains, snow how to fight, ready to take them to the southern wintering.Swallow Aiko heart, how inferior human parents!  Wear light swallows flying posture, which makes clear implication in another life, all its praise, that is, with love and joyous, as between heaven and earth to stay peaceful picture depicting reproduction of the original life of this world and really pure rhythm!  Chunyan received a phone of the moment, actually reminds me of the significance of the flight of birds.In fact, human beings, so, too?Those figures come and gone, those who throw home unemployed parents to read with their children around, those exhausting, into the city for the children of married parents to buy property., Not that migratory swallow, juggling, paving the way for the well-being of their children, for the pursuit of new hope, no regrets, in fighting wind and rain, will you brave front!