Topic: 2008 Chinese Spring Festival Golden Week

Swap should choose the lowest selling rate swap bank is one of the necessary procedures for travel abroad。
Now, with the increase in the dollar exchange rate risk, for outbound travel, especially in terms of multi-trippers, many times the swap will bear no small loss of balance。
Therefore, travel agents say, the best in the country ahead of the common currency exchange。
The most cost-effective use of foreign credit card Currently, China UnionPay card holders credit card spending tourists can be in Singapore, the United States, France and other 30 countries and regions。 RMB UnionPay card holders credit card spending abroad or mention Currently, China UnionPay will unify the date of the transaction domestic bank announced the yuan against the local currency of the selling price, the transaction amount converted into RMB, debit cardholder account。 Although essentially the same as with the yuan to purchase foreign exchange assumed exchange rate, but it can avoid the use of multiple exchange rate risk cash currency conversion。
Foreign exchange, after repayment precautions happy Spring Festival travel abroad to return home, if you still have not run out of foreign exchange, most people will choose the RMB exchange settlement, foreign exchange rate in the comparison of "cash purchase price" highest banks will be able to exchange for more RMB settlement。 While people with consumer and credit card repayments in the country should pay attention to the details of repayment, avoid losses suffered unnecessarily for some reason。
Second, the dual-currency credit cards in the US dollar and the renminbi is not simply another repayment。
In addition, the time difference will cause the difference between the repayment。

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