Means too high]

  [Okay not washing powder?Really rude front]
  [Blue butterfly is not dedicated to the female officer who on television make-up of the national team makeup artist yet????]
  [I go I go I go!!!!!!]
  [You say this, really ah!!!!!!]
  【My goodness!!!!!]
  [Stylist is so small fairy goddess Queen stylist????]
  [This fact is really shocking to me!!!!]
  [Palace of Eternal Youth in the end what is backing ah?]
  [Really no one would dare to talk about it?Insider simmering it so, it is interesting?]

Chapter 215 Beauty
  Particularly interesting it ~~~~~ []
  [Front like Miu Miu trumpet.]
  [Blue butterfly in colorful Chardonnay?The amount of information a big ah.]
  ”So Lan teacher popularity so high, ah, I said why she has not let me live it she gave me makeup.It was only me that good looking and high degree of difficulty, in order to please the dynamic Lan teacher ah? ~ ~ ~ “Lu seventy-one be little blue butterfly child face, honest,” having said that, this sublease, in fact, I thought, but because this is entirely personal behavior, I have no way to prevent it , but the good news is that when cattle account owner, not two hands.Sublet money to help the owner of the account is good.”
  Lu seventy-one Speaking of which, naughty pick pick brow, “Do you think I had any brains would be so?Oh Oh, God punished the horse, not my kind of