Ai Ye blisters have this advantage, dampness cures a fever

Ai Ye blisters have this advantage, dampness cures a fever

Ai Ye blisters have this advantage, dampness cures a fever

Ai Ye blisters go to the cold and damp, go to the virtual fire 8-10 roots of the leaves of Ai Ye into a row of smoked back, belly, calves, arms, can quickly lick cold and wet, with the leaves of Ai Ye can effectively smash the fire, cold fire, can treat oral ulcers, sore throat, periodontitis, gingivitis, otitis media and other head and face recurrence of these diseases related to virtual fire, cold fire.

As long as the above-mentioned diseases occur, you take a small amount of water from the leaves of Ai Ye, or take a quarter of the cleansing strips placed with pure Ai leaves, shred and put them into the foot bath, using the water to roll off.Brew for a while, wait for the leaves of Ai Ye to soak in some warm water, soak the body to sweat slightly, do not sweat, and drink some warm water.

Generally, even 2-3 times, that is, 2-3 days later, you should drink warm water at the same time, do not eat cold food, pay attention to rest, these head and face caused by virtual fire, cold fire, the discomfort of the throat will obviously improve.Or disappeared.

The benefits of Ai Ye soaking feet When you have a cold, a cold nose, a sore throat, a sore body, or a fever, you can use the leaves of Ai Ye, so you need to soak your body to sweat, but you must drink ginger brown sugar at the same time.Add onion white, add a few cloves of garlic when coughing, you must drink for a while, drink the body fever, no longer suffer from soreness, clear water, nose, and then drink plenty of boiled water, the virus and cold fire in time, and pay attention to rest,Your cold will heal quickly.

Correct use of Ai Ye can effectively alleviate and cure the symptoms of our body. Excessive use of Ai Ye results in loss of the body, headache, dizziness, tinnitus, dry eyes, weak people, and low mood.There will be cough and asthma.

Therefore, everything is good, as long as it is used just right, can promote the health of our body.

The taboos of Ai Ye soaking some people see that there are so many benefits to using Ai Ye soaking feet, they often use Ai Ye to soak their feet, and some people almost soak every day, this is over.

Because the use of Ai Ye soaking feet can lead to a virtual fire, the cold fire will lead to the loss of blood and blood on the head and face, insufficient blood supply, but will cause dizziness, headache, and emotional changes.

For patients with heavy body and wetness, it is okay to use Aiye water to soak the feet once a week. However, you must stop eating all the cold foods while using Aiye water to soak your feet. You can also drink a cup of ginger and red dates while using Aiye water to soak your feet.Water, so that goes cold and does not vent.

Some people’s bodies are very weak, and they don’t make up for it. If you eat some food that will help your body, you will have toothache, mouth ulcers, etc. When you get angry, use the leaves of Ai Ye to soak your feet. If you don’t have fire, you will continue to make up, and stick to warm water every day.Feet, if you get angry again, still use the blisters, but at the same time you must stop all the cold food, do not incur cold and wet intrusion, slowly you will find that the food that is to be replenished is not easy to get angry.And the physique is slowly increasing.

It will be the same in the future. As long as there is no obvious fire, use only warm water to soak your feet every day. Do not use the leaves of Ai Ye.