Demystifying-Lies in Motion

Demystifying-Lies in Motion

Demystifying: Lies in Motion

Lie 1.

The truth of “sex is the best exercise”: A passionate “bed exercise” consumes a large amount of roughly a short walk, because the posture you take is either lying or sitting, and almost no muscles will be moved.
If you want to maximize the “fitness effect”, the best way is to use a standing position and use your leg and buttocks muscles to support your body. However, this is not a special fitness time, is it a bit upside down?

  Lie 2.

The truth of “reducing weight first and reducing breasts”: Because of this sentence, many people are worried that when the other parts of the body have not changed, some of them will become smaller first.

Say good news to your heart: Don’t worry about the size of your chest. The first thing that changes in fat loss is your belly!

  Abdominal stool is most sensitive to changes in hormones and enzymes. During exercise, the body automatically uses the abdominal stool as a source of energy.

Why does the lower body always see the effect last?

That’s because the aunts hoarded in the chest and thighs exist to provide emergency use when the human body lacks energy, and its function is like the hump on a camel’s body, so physiologically speaking, the lower body aunt is the most difficult to remove.Be patient!

  Lie 3.

The truth: Let the numbers convince you: Less than 10% of overweight people have metabolic disorders.

What’s even more pleasing is that with the same intensity and exercise time, “overweight people” will burn more calories instead.

Gain weight?

Don’t blame your metabolic system, check to see if you have been lamenting or lazy lately!

  Lie 4.

“Exercise in winter will burn more calories.” Truth: Indeed, in the first few minutes you will become colder and your body will consume more points. Through exercise, the body will gradually disappear after a few minutes.Adapt to the temperature and become warmer, then you will not enjoy the “welfare” brought by the low temperature.

  Lie 5.

“Truth: Unless you reduce your exercise intensity or change your exercise time, everything you consume today is as much as yesterday, last month, and last year,” he said. “After the body is used to a certain exercise, it will not be consumed again.So many calories “, after you made the new movements for five or six rounds, the movements are indeed smooth, and there are a lot of movements without complications, but the changes consumed by these movements will probably account for 2%.about.

  Lie 6.

“Truthware: Don’t trust it that much.

Some people have tested the latest transitional devices, and 70% are not allowed.

The new series counter has not been tested continuously. Scientific and technical personnel need to continuously improve its quality. On the contrary, older conversion calculators, such as bicycles and steppers, are now more mature, especially if you consider age and weight.After factoring in.

  Lie 7.

“When you stop exercising, your muscles will become aunty!

“Truth: This is definitely a mistake!

Aunt and muscle are two completely different physiological structures, and no one will “become” who.

It ‘s just that when you stop strength exercises, the originally tight and strong muscles will become loose and atrophy, and the entire body will lose the exercise beats placed. At this time, if you do not control your diet, you will easily gain weight.Your muscles “become” aunt.

  Lie 8.

“If you want to lose your aunt, you must keep your heart rate at 60 beats per second during exercise” Truth: If you want to consume 100 calories of transfer today, the heart beats 60 times per second during exercise (the so-called unfortunate burning zone) or 85relationship?

As long as 100 cards are consumed today, it is victory.

If the heart rate is 85 or recovery, or your exercise is low intensity, then it is not your aunt who is consuming your body, but your aunt who is obese and blood circulation.

Focus on how to burn calories, not worry about where those calories come from.