Don’t let marriage fail in sex

Don’t let marriage fail in sex

Don’t let marriage fail in sex

There are certainly many factors that can destroy a marriage, but generally speaking, there are mainly three things: one: disagreement; two: economic conflict; three local differences; four: a love disorder.

  Disagreements often occur among intellectuals or between intellectuals and non-intellectuals. Economic conflicts often occur in poor families. Local differences are most easily seen by officials and bosses, and sexual imbalances are most likely to be people of all colors.A common marriage problem.

  I recently read an abstract and read a short essay. The general idea was that a well-known investigative agency had conducted a survey covering a wide range of 13 provinces and cities, and more than 10,000 people were involved in divorce.

The results show that more than 50% of failed marriages are caused by sexual dissonance, and the total number of cases of family rupture due to other factors is not as good as the cause of sexual imbalance.

  Many people may not believe the evidence of such an investigation, but I personally agree with it.

What is the reason?

In a word, “satisfying with lust” is nothing more.

Of course, “sexual desire” here is by no means a derogatory concept. I just mean the normal physiological desires of normal people.

  The well-known sociologist Maslow has created an influential “principle of demand”. He categorizes basic human needs into six levels: 1, physiology 2, safety, 3, social and crowd recognition 4, attention 5, Knowledge 6. Realization of self-worth.

He pointed out that for ordinary people, these needs are arranged in a ladder from low to high. After a certain level of low-level needs are basically met and partially satisfied, naturally a higher level of demand will be generated, but only the needs that can be metIn order to influence and promote human behavior.

  To this theory, combined with the status of marriage, we may say that sex is both a low-level need and a high-level desire. Furthermore, we can even think that sex is the transfer of all the needs of Maslow.One of the most basic and important needs is a sacred need where the spirit and the flesh are one.

It must not be classified as zero demand alone, but it is closely related to Maslow’s juxtaposed demand and must be inseparable.

The reason is simple. Sexual love is both physical and mental.

In life, whether it is a man or a woman, you must solve the problem of sex, and this solution must not only be a physical solution, but also must include the following major aspects: -Sexuality requires the full understanding and complete overcome of the partner, not subject to anyDerogation and slowness.

  -Sex has a motive for desire and a desire to create. Mechanical coping or routine business is definitely the nemesis or even the enemy of sex.

  -Sexuality is one of the highest manifestations of self-worth. Without perfect sex, any glorious life has major flaws.

  From this point of view, simple sex is the most important ES in marriage, so you can’t have the slightest contemplation and idleness.

  However, the problem is that in modern marriages and families, for various reasons, the nature of sex, artistry, and sacredness are often met with satire and degenerate irony, so some men completely view women as tools, and some women simplyReluctant to provide minimal response and cooperation for men. Some men are both ignorant and hard-working about the way of sex, and some women impose sexual blockades and penalties on men . This way, two good peopleAt any time, there may be big disputes and conflicts because of such big and small issues. Over time, eventually, there is only a rift in the middle, and even hatred. Finally, Pan Jinlian is the most famous adulteress in history. SheShe can play thirty-eight sexual styles with Simon, and she also understands communication skills in sex. For example, in the process of being immortal, she can constantly call Simon: “My dear Dada”,”My heart and soul” . Ximing Qing lost three souls so much that among the large and small individual companions, Pan Jinlian always won the favor of Xi Menqing.

  I have no intention of advocating that both women and women be Pan Jinlian, and that men are to be Ximen Qing. I just want to say that with the reduction of the life milestones, millions of men and women must consider andTreat sex well, you know, this is the “great desire of man” in the minds of ancient saints.