[Can babies eat ketchup?

[Can babies eat ketchup?

】 _Baby and Toddler_Can you eat

[Can babies eat ketchup?
】 _Baby and Toddler_Can you eat

Many people are particularly keen on ketchup. They usually add a little ketchup to everything they eat. There are many ways to eat ketchup. Some can be sandwiched when eating bread. In addition, cooking, cooking, etc. can be added to ketchup, Ketchup can make food colors look brighter, and it tastes good and has a good appetizing effect, so can babies eat ketchup?

Can babies eat ketchup?
Many people love tomatoes, especially children. Tomatoes are delicious, sweet and sour, and they are eaten raw and cooked. They can be regarded as the fruit of vegetables.

Can the baby eat ketchup?

The provitamin A contained in tomato sauce will be converted into vitamin A in the human body, which has a positive effect on the bone growth of adolescents and children, prevention of rickets, xerophthalmia, night blindness and certain skin diseases; apples in tomatoesOrganic acids such as acids and citric acid can increase gastric acidity, help digestion, and regulate digestive function; it also contains a large amount of vitamin C to enhance children’s immunity and prevent colds.

Tomatoes are not only rich in nutrients, but also relieve and affect children with fever, diarrhea, dry mouth, and poor appetite. Therefore, eating more tomatoes can not only add water, but also supplement the nutritional components that are lacking after illness.
If your child likes to eat tomatoes, it’s okay to eat more, especially when eating raw, you must pay attention to hygiene and keep your diet clean.

Making tomatoes into ketchup can also add different flavors to children’s favorite bread, steamed buns, rice balls, etc., and can also be mixed in salads to increase the taste, and the baby will definitely fall in love with this sourness.

There is no doubt that tomatoes are popular with consumers because of the natural pigment, lycopene.

Lycopene is a carotenoid and is currently the substance with the strongest antioxidant capacity. Tomato is the highest among various fruits and vegetables.

Studies have found that people with neutral lycopene have a significantly lower risk of cervical, prostate, retinal, pancreatic, colon, liver, bladder, and digestive tract cancers.

In addition, it can effectively prevent coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis and some chronic diseases, and has the effects of delaying aging and improving human immunity.

Not only children eat well, but adults can also eat it often.