(Writer election issue 11) “Cliff funeral”

Speaking of Chinese funeral custom, historic and unique, and to address the mystery, there is no doubt who was undoubtedly Bo Gong County of Yibin City, Sichuan Province Cliff.  Gong County Su Ma Ma embankments and bay, two hundred wooden coffin lying on the cliffs, wedging the coffin holding stakes branch.Large head end of the coffin small, mostly whole wood, fixing tenons snap button and.Using buried back straight, linen Guoshi body, burial opposite sides of the foot, the amount of uncertainty, there are ceramics, wood and bamboo, a scrim, and iron, wherein up scrim, small amounts of silk.  Bo people how ancient these bulky coffin and funerary objects, brought ranging from 10 meters to 100 meters height cliff it?Zhuge Liang said to have thanked the Three Kingdoms Period.  A long time ago, Ma embankments of the Bo people living together.A home for the elderly after his death, Mr. Feng Shui chose White Rock as Ann buried the old man poised to home city.A home is in accordance with feng shui said, with a large piece of wood to make coffins, went to ask mason, holes in the white rock.That White Rock tall and steep, how to fight it?After much deliberation, only with Zhuge Liang teach them to use in fighting the winch frame under a rock, winch erecting high tower, and let stand on a high platform mason holes.Finally hit on the rock to the hole two sized thick, so to cave into two thick wood, then use a winch to lift up the coffin, laid across two thick wood, this is Bo coffin burial of origin.  Cliff burial history of thousands of years will therefore ancient, compared with the Bo people’s history is dwarfed.Bo ancient people, also known as Pu.King Wu of Zhou led the world eight hundred princes crusade against the tyrant Shang Zhou, Pu ancestors is one of eight hundred princes.However splendid civilization, ancient history, can not resist graver moments.  The Ming Dynasty, as the Bo people of the Arab family in the home, home three siblings Jubing A rebel.Sichuan Jianwu (now Xingwen County) nine silk city, said Wang Jianguo.  At that time the Ming Dynasty Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan provinces to mobilize the army surrounded the Bo people of cottage.So tens of thousands of people either surrender Ming Bo, or fight to the death in the end.According to historical records, at the time of surrender of the Bo people, the number of people massacred almost half of the total number of the tribe, Bo people of almost every family has a relative or friend killed.  Bo people after the siege, no one could go to hang the Cliff.Many years later, those coffin after another fall.It is said, breaking down in the coffin of those, there are gold, silver, jewelry, jade and other precious funerary.At that time, some greedy people to compete for those sacrificial lambs, however, no matter who, as long as a fight for the hand, these treasures will put his eyes thorn pain, eyes become dark, like a blind man as.The strange thing is, as long as the hands of a discarded treasure, eye pain will disappear, eyes still bright one.As a result, no one dared to those treasures, people have been thrown into the deep valleys to go.  In the course of history, we can only see from the Bo people disappearing back.We can only hope for civilization lamps, to illuminate the darkness that Cliff Lane.

(Writer election issue 10) thoughts of love (prose)

Various Artists turn back north, over Melaleuca Ridge, the thousand mountains, my thoughts whether it would be brought to your side?It brings tears breeze, trickling water, snow crystal, and whether it would be my thoughts drifted in front of you?    Around the raindrops window, the breakdown of autumn leaves, yet countless days and nights thinking of you.    When Wake up, tears pillow, it is my dream to your deep thoughts.Miss in the evening, the thoughts in Brightness, missing in the deep off the flower on the path.    Glowing night, I alone according to the window, turned over and over again looking at your photos, mind could not help thinking waves, warm years you and I remember the past, may have long warp.Now, no matter how far I go alone, but you always forget the wind shadow, exhort the rain, whisper in front of flowers, it garrulous, in sunny days enjoy falling under the moon, at sunset drunk in the evening sunset view..    Past wind, like a song.Thoughts such as wine, food for thought.The missing Rose, smell.Miss notes on my heartstrings lonely, long time actively, mildly sweet.After losing you, and eventually understand that only you can make me laugh the most true love is the deepest.    The night was dark, my strong thoughts of love, can you can feel?Refreshing cool breeze, I love this monologue, can you can hear?If the moon heart, I hope to lead me fall asleep every night, come with you!

(Writer election issue 10) that cause our lost youth

Although the youthful quietly burn but we still look forward to the past, although monochrome Xinyu perched in the branches leaves Delicate Brightness has long been filled with Red Flowers past the last ray of subtle fragrance also stay here To our lost youth that often sacrifice between heart right then and outspoken then suddenly shook moment of breathtaking simplicity tenderness can no longer be undone when the moment of sensibility beyond the rational tender sweet with the wind gradually falling in the end what is to save our lost youth that dream a irregular card quietly posted on the message board plain awaits you read howling voice cries out from the door of the rock song chant Looking back a dying era of fanaticism in the mortal world is ignorant and Yaran through the years, passing the beauty of youth that instant like smoke water hazy misty dies in 3000 will regret sometimes tragic life so tangled short and long after this went on, how to remember to cherish

(Three), “with the mind”

(Three), “with the mind” at 22:30 on July 2014 Ri 36 points when their dignity will get more.    Sometimes I think: when their dignity, the others get is more despised; what are the side effects of it on the other side.    People, life, work; still have to learn mildly, flexible; want to be a perfect person is absolutely impossible.    He is no perfect person, the history of a man is according to his credit is greater than the fault evaluated.    When your achievements outweigh you are right.    Real life short remote communication can not always grasp and hold the faults of others, sometimes just because of a little thing on the downtown break off, leaving never in contact with, it is a misconception.    And people understand the feelings of a person, not half past one will be able to set up; requires long running.    Among friends because when a trifle of a dispute, this time should be put down your face.    Need is communication between friends, talked about, so there is no hatred can not be resolved.    No one is perfect, when people have no friends, that is one out of a soul.Youngest

(The little people) Laowei

(The little people) Old Wei [text / seductive woman] Old Wei couple downstairs to open the store breaking six hours at night, leaving home again plucked out of bed the moment the slightest Huoshaohuoliao time, purchase, delivery rest of the time , pull the net in front of the store, doing the squat to prevent fish missed two long upward age, stature year by year, but the decline is not strong stable bone crevices rivet.Shelf-like body quickly scattered, the case of wind looked out a few years ago, Old Wei always said hungry all day long gradient face, eyes convex.Like goldfish blister wife scolded him Sigui bounce doctor Laowei correct birth.Old Wei put hyperthyroidism swallowing all day, to appease the ghost lodged in the body one day in July, his wife being with people showing off his son on two scores suddenly “ouch” loudly, unconscious on the Old Wei spent fifteen million, or buy medicine retained marks, only to reclaim his wife now 24 hours sleeping Laowei fed her, feed her to drink, wash diapers child lost her life allegedly east shouting West Old Wei often used to control rickets back, place round and round like a clay sculpture

(Reprint) together moment after an absence of half a century

(Source: elegant curl original January 28, 2016 ○ Yi Er Sinian Bayue Ershi Wuri Xiawu Si Dian.    In Qiqihar City Hall navy camp in Sanshui Hills, held a special meeting.Front, on a red ribbon, writing a “normal school bud Keshan three classes 168th class reunion ceremony” Seventeen yellow characters hanging banners, banners below, a gray-haired old man, he loudly He said: “Keshan Teachers 168th ceremony of the opening of the three classes reunions!”His voice faded, the following burst into deafening applause, a closer look, lined up three round table, have a circle of people sitting around, these people are Nianyuhuajia hale and hearty men and women, all of them his face filled with a happy smile.    Announced the opening of the ceremony is He Dianyong students, then, is the old squad leader, party promoters Zhang Shicheng today’s speech: “Way past, handsome, old woman today became the old man, between forty-six years passed and today we party, but a unprecedented event, a gathering of half a century, meaning extraordinary, we would like to talk about classmate friendship, with breathtaking scenery Qiqihar, we have to talk about happy, happy playing!”Squad finished, the following three round table around old people again applauded all smile, excited!    Next, is the freedom of speech, ginger and students to speak first, he prepared a speech three sheets of paper, his speech, recalled the past three and a half Keshan Teachers classmate life, and talked about the party today he said: “time is like water, pronto, we are after 46 years today all Nianyuhuajia have been changed, but always changing them, retained the appearance of the year. “Ginger and finished, we all look at each other, is a forty-six years which do not, nearly half a century, life’s long road, rain several times, several times the Spring and Autumn, old young, today the deepening twilight: monitor, with eye projections, extra baggage fair; and ginger, black woo complexion, filled with energy; He Dianyong, dark pink, and still look good; Fu Guofan, thinning hair color white, man of few words; Yuan Ping, the former nose and eyes, chiseled; ZHOU Zhen first, petite, with funny face; Cartridge Igniter lean Gao, dignified rigorous; Zhang Yuyan, reddish face, white hair; high Lianfu, tall, thin cool and bright; Zhaoya Jing, neither fat nor thin, still beautiful; Wanggui Juan, eye candy, fashionably dressed; ban Shuxian, facial features still, energetic; Zhao Ruihua, diminutive, gray-haired; LI Li-mei, look like yesterday, elegant costumes; Wen-zhen, refined and elegant, gray-haired; Wang Shuzhen, little skinny, Facebook as before; Dai Guoying, dance style, mandibular scarce; Li Guihua, the appearance of the year, Mongolia flavor; the king will be colored, slightly thin, white like yesterday; Xu Xiuli, mature and stable, cents No love; that aromatic content, as before stable, free and easy style; Hsiao Movies, slightly fat, robust fullness; Pangyan Li, larger changes, strong spirit.    It finished reading each other, really monarch farewell unmarried, the children suddenly trip.Passage of time, old age rapidly to.Today, a Times, feeling a lot.No matter which one, this class classmates, all of them are the elite of the country, they are as great motherland and contribute their full energy.    Yung Fang was suffering from colorectal cancer, mental state is very open-minded, she invested issued a booklet with former classmate finder, and their several students gathered in Beijing, according to the above, there is also the year of graduation photo.Ceremony at the party, and that the aromatic content read her article on the front page of the brochure at their own expense, “classmate three and a half, the situation of life margin,” the article wrote affectionate, sincere and moving, end of the text writes: ” gate memory, once opened, the marshes, the passage of time, blew out, they are full of memories.Wiped away the students love, forget the friends of friendship.Yesterday, more and more, less and less tomorrow, hope you cherish partner today, enjoy life!”Middle ceremony in Beijing to seriously ill Hou Shuhua students went to the phone, she was very excited, said a lot of words sent to the heart, the center means that I wish every success reunions, asked Hello everyone, sorry can not own illness attend meetings.Hou Shuhua also funded a copy of the year all the students in the group photo of farm labor, a person.    Then, they speak up and speak the truth, inspirational, lively atmosphere, warm scene.That evening, freedom of movement, the vast majority of students have gone Sanshui Hills dance halls, meet after a long, passionate talk, really Reviewing the past, in their prime, pointing country, Jiyangwenzi, eventful years thick; see today, white gray hair, classmate friendship, day Heights regression, scenery is magnificent!    Before breakfast the next day, the squad leader Professor exercises were ten style: two head rejuvenation, Yumian rejuvenation, the passage of time, an epoch-making, yin and yang with mercy, Samsung moon, five gas Chaoyang, Liu Yong Jin, in all directions, the sky.Monitor while explaining edge demonstration, we follow the practice, very seriously.This monitor also has written a detailed explanation of the exercises, issued to a person.In the practice squad and health aspects, has studied, he thought the students physical and mental health problems, is indeed a leader.    After breakfast, we collectively take the bus to visit the city of Qiqihar Lonza Botanical Garden.Car traveling about forty minutes before the Lonza to the Botanical Garden.    Arrived Botanical Garden, that will be with you farewell Yung Fang, her relatives to take her back to Beijing, her physical condition can not always adhere to, do this, do not know when to meet again.    Lonza Botanical Garden, this tourist attraction, mainly to watch a variety of animals.We saw baboons, golden monkeys, foxes, tigers, wolves, dogs, lions, also saw the red-crowned crane, there is a bird, like himself red-crowned crane, overhead there like a peacock-like Clara, I do not know its name.    These animals, people looked, cool heart pleasing to the eye, animals and humans has always been a friend, peaceful coexistence, dotted with Earth this wonderful home together.    Then to the Botanical Garden, where the scenery is good to see, where everyone taking pictures, twenty three collective group photo, as well as photo and a small range of personal photographs, a total of three cameras, camera and camera Hedian Yong, Zhao Ruihua PC camera, Pangyan Li genuine camera.We enjoy taking pictures, leaving this beautiful moment, as an eternal remembrance.    At eleven o’clock to see the dolphin show.Dolphin body is very interesting, the whole body into the dark, naked, clapping their performances, jumping and swimming, it is wonderful, but to always give them meat, otherwise, they are not playing live, which is the difference between animals and humans place, but none of them can not afford early nature of human souls, or some similar to it?    At noon, the car came to the Red Star fishing village collective lunch.This lunch, most are delicious, Hu cooked sweet potatoes, potatoes, squash, eggplant, pure local color, everyone love to eat.There are other delicacies: fish stew noodles, chicken stew noodles, cold noodle dishes, etc., are all Northeast flavor, fresh and moist.    Afternoon, travel to the moon Island.Island to the moon, but also take the cable car to the depths of the island sightseeing.Came a white-washed walls and black tiles cover the premises, called Manor House.The sign that hung on the wall that read from during the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, there are Shoushan, etc. seventy-one generals once lived here, we did not go into the house to watch, as the inside of the structure and the furnishings are impossible to know, appearance point of view, it is normal, there is no specific place, simply because Seventy one of the generals and famous lived.Seventy-one general in smoke in the fire, through fire and water, for country and people, willing to shed blood spectrum of age, their heroic Biao handle Chiaki.    Then, we take the cable car traveling in the vast prairie, the wind blowing, whole body relaxed.Unknowingly, he came in front of an antique pavilion, the “Peony Pavilion” pavilion above the words.Pavilion eaves below the portrait of a tiger, it is said, whether you’re standing in any position around the pavilion to see the tiger, the tiger is a tiger face to face.A test, so, I do not know how such a clever artist who designed the.    Three in the afternoon, take a small boat to cross the river.Gurgling river, vast waves.In the cabin, we sit on both sides, full, Zhao Ruihua for everyone to take pictures, leaving this quiet serene moment.To the other side, we are free to take pictures, some on board, and some in the bushes on the shore, the arbitrary, their own entertainment.    Four points more minutes, returned to the station Sanshui Villa.    The Sanshui Hills, is the meaning of the resort.It is located in a rural area, the red tiles cover, white plaster, which used to brick.Front yard there is a meter high red brick wall, west wall of the upper end, long celery, eight inches tall, glistening green, exuberant flourish.The upper end of the east wall, are Thomas cauliflower, flowers have litter, are covered with pockets of seeds.    Middle of the yard, hanging like a horn melon-like plant, but not the angle melon.In this behind the plant, it is the son vine.Green, covered with exquisitely carved grapes.Front of the house, there are flower beds, there are a variety of flowers, tuberose best bloom, yellow flowers, fresh and bright, fragrant overflowing.    The east side of the house is the kitchen and dining room, dining room to the west, is the quarters, the east side of the door, a total of four cottages, thirteen points female students live there, the westernmost house is a big house, there is a big shop kang, eight boys slept in this shop kang.    Villa look ordinary, but good service attitude.It is He Dianyong friends Villa.    The first day of the dinner, feast Tau, dinner the next day that dog meat feast, there are four female students do not eat, Villa on two fried vegetables.Villa’s cooking is not excellent, but good service.    After dinner, the king will leave color and LI Li-mei ride home, they both have something of something, sick sick, stay for the inconvenience, do this, do not know what day meet again the.    After dinner, free activities, and had, I wanted to dance halls relax, but bad audio equipment, did not go, there are five female students playing poker, others casual chat Man.    On the third day, which is August 27, in the morning, a collective ride to visit Zhalong.To a nearby protected areas, they are waiting in the pavilion, and Dai Guoying I chat with He Dianyong.He Dianyong after retirement, there is a group of men, there are live on dry, he continues to pursue their careers, he said, one for pleasure, and second, also has income.    The endless prairie, there is a narrow board laying land route, lined with water, the water covered with reeds, how much one person, swaying, exuberant flourish.    Get off, walk in the boardwalk, I rushed to the red-crowned crane settlements, to watch dicey Flying beauty.    Crane fly to the place, there is a cement road, concrete road in front, and that is the post, the fields are green grass and vitality.This is dicey flying locations.The front edge of the concrete road has been full of many visitors, we are waiting for the eleven o’clock dicey flying.All of them are eagerly looking forward, anxious to watch that wonderful scene.    Finally, to the eleven o’clock solemn!After the hills, a man dressed in camouflage fatigues, his hands waving a red flag, he waved three times, a group of red-crowned crane flew from the grass, flying is not high, red-crowned cranes are each wings, legs straight , hovering in the air, only about twenty bar, covered with snow white, against the background of blue sky in the background, seem strangely white and vigorous.    Red-crowned cranes in the air, then fly in a circle, there thirty-five floor, no longer fly.Red-crowned crane landing, they leisurely stroll in plants where, further, their heads are straight forward every step, little by little, as if in welcome to watch their visitors.    And this was a dicey flying, chic spectacular, fantastic, but a bit too short, the whole morning of the time, ran tens of miles away, to see just an instant the moment, there is very full of regret but this wonderful wonderful moment, is enough to make people food for thought.    Noon, lunch at the farm private kitchens, meat and vegetables and white, colorful delicacies, or much more wonderful than Sanshui Hills.    This time, Li Xiuwen in the company of her husband, came to the farm private kitchens and we meet, she was moved to tears.Most recently, she was suffering from cerebral infarction, mobility, but she still stumble came, and after an absence of forty-six years to meet classmates side, this sense say that this is a major.Her face is already the market, the former small-cap long gone.    Afternoon, still travel to visit Crane Hot Springs.This place, it is said, a lot of people come in summer, and now, not so many people, the season has been to the Mid-Autumn Festival.We all go to hot springs, Yang Jun and I did not go on the bubble, we both sat on the couch to chat.    Yang Jun is very thin, she is three years older than me, she had insomnia, but also good mental state, her husband had cerebral infarction, only half self-care, or need care, she went to homecoming, let someone to replace her husband’s care.    Grapes and peaches on our side, and talk, and talk of a warm and friendly.After half an hour, ginger and came out, we greeted him, and he come and sit on the left side of the sofa, and we chatted up.    I said to Ginger and: “One year, I was in the newspaper, see your pictures and the story, where you are when leadership?”Jiang and a slight smile and said:” That was in 1984, when I was in Lindian County, is a model of party work report.”So, it tells the story of Jiang and his officer course, this is an unusual experience, around there is life, talent is completed.    Later, I asked: “You do not have to write a book?”Jiang and another smile, said:” I wrote some of them, and are “Northern Literature” published on a good result, I was sick, there is no published.”From his tone, it is possible to dialysis the heart of regret.    Ginger and added that he had lung cancer and skin cancer, it has been six or seven years, his chin in the middle there is a narrow ditch, there is an obvious surgical marks on the back, he is using the most advanced treatments treatment, the effect is good, but I do not remember the full name of this therapy, just remember “plant” word.    His treatment, a period of time, it is not long, you need to spend $ 30,000 but they are one hundred percent reimbursement.His pension more than seven thousand a month, the family has three buildings house, life is full of good.    Ginger and added that his classical poems will be published by the Hong Kong Press.    Half past three, the hot springs of the students are out, they all look very comfortable way, it can be concluded that: hot springs, but also a better enjoyment.    Sanshui returned to Villa after they held a party in the dorm where the meeting summary.Before the meeting, everyone signatures banners at the ceremony, unfortunately, this banner left lying in Sanshui Hill, left, forgetting to bring back, I do not know when, who will take it up again to save.    Summary will still presided over by He Dianyong, the squad leader to sum up: “We are the party, very successful, we talk about the happy, happy playing, friendship classmate, greatly deepened step, we wish everyone good health and longevity!”Squad leader’s voice down, immediately burst into waves of thunderous applause, emotions were intense, prolonged laughter!    After dinner, the dance hall Hills, held a variety show.    Party presided over by Wang Guijuan, she is literary committee of the year, the first squad is singing a song, his voice loud and generous, won warm applause.Next, is the high Lianfu, Wang Guijuan, and ginger, Xu Xiuli, Ban Shuxian, Zhaoya Jing, Zhang Yuyan, who’s singing, they sing some songs, some sing and dance duet, singing some opera excerpts, they all develop their voice, sounding sincere, applause everywhere, prolonged.    After the solo, chorus is a few people, these people are not so good at singing, Yuan Ping, Pang Yanli, Xiao Ying, Dai Guoying, Wang Shuzhen, Fu Guofan, etc., but they are singing mood, expression of feelings is.    During the concert everyone, Zhaoya Jing and Dai Guoying jump pas de deux, their whirling dance willowy, add luster to the whole party.    Subsequently, the performance is free, and some continue soloists, chorus and some few people, and some people sing along with, in short, casual, fun.    When U0 this free concert Ying Lian ostrich about dad glycosides cunning magpie Min’s long resistance rates Ai ge thatch u1CE?Intestinal worm slowly die of hunger?Na First Instance Zhun u1CE?Torr Wren Su Pangbiaotifu?Ne baking Yingtongyanshi?In his ears, the antics, there is really a boy crazy old lady talk, I am amused big brand-chu Hu Fu 3B6 hung from Badger drum used by peddlers Qian Hu wine basis?Whether sing good or bad, but all very invested, all with songs to express their excitement, to show their hearts for decades sentiment.    Ten o’clock, heavy night, art show was successful conclusion.    August 28 at breakfast, by the financial group of people spending announced.The party, start to finish with the participation of twenty-one, thirteen female students, male students eight people, per person $ 900 to participate in half of the three people, four hundred fifty yuan fee, that the aromatic content does not her fee income, total receivables are over eighteen thousand, one hundred yuan per person return.    Half past seven, I take the bus to the train station in Qiqihar, went their separate ways after a goodbye.    I’m going to Daqing West, driving time is twelve twenty.And then Wang Shuzhen, high Lianfu, Zhang Yuyan, Daiguo Ying, Li Guihua in Ruanxi waiting room waiting for the bus, half past eleven, Zhaoya Jing and Zhao Ruihua hastily arrived, they rushed out and gathering the photos ü disc over to me and Li Guihua.    More than twelve, and I Zhaoya Jing, high Lianfu, Zhao Ruihua boarded a train to the West of Daqing.    The forty-six years after an absence of class reunion, very formal, organized, leadership, planning, have plans, beginning and an end, rich in content and form, perfect.    March 2 ○ Yi four years living in the vicinity of Qiqihar and nine students, who gathered in Daqing West Zhaoya Jing home, we recommend squad leader to convene the class party, he has been planning for six months.    That year, after graduation, the students went their separate ways, and gradually lost contact early this year, several students near Qiqihar was contacted, they gather several small.After deciding the class party, when Xu Xiuli son by the police to help find the mother in the public security online students scattered around the country, we found a majority, and find ways also found a few, and finally, as well as Yao Jun, Chi Shuzhen, Ming Kai, Fu Liande, Hanshu Xia, Wang Qinglin seven students did not find.    Li Fuyuan has died, Guangyi gold, three students Jiang Jun, there are seriously ill can not be there Jiao Tiejun, Hou Shuhua, Wang Chen, Wang Shuqin four students, something did not come there Zhuxue Wu, Yang literature, Cai Wenhai, Shen fixed, Liu Xiulan, Wang Lijuan , Lixing Lan, Yan-Fen Zhang, Meng Qingzhen nine students.A total of twenty people did not come to the party, to the party a total of twenty-five (including intermediate come and go).    The party organization is: a leading group leader Zhang Shicheng is the squad leader, team members have a single text Jane, He Dianyong, Zhaoya Jing, high Lianfu, Wanggui Juan, Ban Shuxian, Xu Xiuli, Zhao Ruihua.Contact group leader Wen-zhen, crew Xu Xiuli, Ban Shuxian.Financial group, leader Zhao Ruihua, members Xu Xiuli, Zhaoya Jing.Style group, head Wanggui Juan, members of high Lianfu.Logistics group, leader Hedian Yong, Wang Guijuan members, Wen-zhen.    Schedule: 6:00 to get up, morning exercises 6: 00–7: 00, breakfast 7: 00–7: 30, 8:00 activity bus, sleeping 9:00 (night time).    Also, the release contacts, schedule meetings, work schedule, U disk.    Squad leader said, no longer organize such a large gathering of students, and are to a ripe old age, mobility, and even the squad leader to organize a large-scale gathering of students, and probably not up to twenty-five.    So, this forty-six years of reunions, that was the first and last time, is really unprecedented in the.Anyway classmate weight friendship, not afraid of the distance involved, go to town to spend money, everyone gathered in Sanshui Villa from all directions to see it one last time, and maybe that is the eternal side!    This after an absence of half a century, a moment of gathering together, misfortune, Yoshiya!

(Prose) style Hainan

In an early spring afternoon, we have several people a feeling of urgent mood, landed in Sanya, Hainan.    As a child, had seen a picture card, Hainan blue sky, white clouds and the sea, the beach is trees towering coconut trees, it is deeply remember the beautiful Hainan.But, really set foot on land in Hainan, or was that charming scenery shocked, almost in a dream.    Just Jinan, still chilly wind, all the flowers and trees, is still waiting for spring bath to hope germination of deep, repressed green buds of a winter, eyes as if there is a roadside green cornfield Jinan Airport sparse snow, and here, and everywhere is green, is abundant in the spring, is a school of tropical scenery.Impossible not to like Hainan, Hainan, is the blue sea, is the blue sky, white clouds that, from beaches and waves, is elegant clever fishing village, clear water, a piece of fairy-tale tall slender coconut and areca.    Boao knew, knew Boao Forum for Asia.Small Boao, located in the eastern coast of the South China Sea, Hainan was once a little-known town, because Forum for Asia, has become a star town.Today’s Boao, with one of the downtown scene, fresh and delicate, abnormal development of tourism, bustling crowd, almost all flags held tours.Since being designated as the permanent site of the Boao Forum for Asia, which is famous for.Boao of rivers and lakes, rocks Beach, Coconut Grove and there was a dashing lush rural scenery, the elegant Boao, a world-class convention center and tourist resort with a distinctive tropical scenery.    Wanquan River estuary in Boao.Because that well-known dance, as well as the beautiful melodies and songs, River has long been known throughout the country.Estuary is a quiet haven, with clear water, fishing boats, ferries and yachts docked at the shore scattered pier.Outside the estuary, is the world-famous Jade Belt Beach.This is the nature of good fortune, while the Wanquan River, nine river and Long Rolling River Sanjiangkou convergence, while the expanse of the South China Sea roaring waves hit the shot, and narrow Yudai Tan, quietly lying in between.A narrow, long, yellow ocher sands for thousands of years despite the impact of surging river and sea storms, away from the coast, but safely lying there, there is little change.This special geographical location, the power flow in different directions, as well as the South China Sea lapping waves estuary, the result of the combined effects of, and therefore confirms the Jade Belt Beach prowess.    We took the ferry to and from the beach, ten minutes of flight.Jade Belt is like a huge Wolong, meandering abruptly lie in the sea, though not wide, but narrow, boundless side.Wanquan River and the inside is calm inland lake, green color, almost placid, outside territorial waters is thousands of miles, the sea breeze and the trend of South China Sea Yanbohaomiao, sparking white spray, waves rushed to the beach.Full of tourists, some swimming, some sitting, some photography, and some overlooking the endless sea gulls and bits and pieces of the ship shadow.Walk on the beach, the shoes are not as loose sand, it will leak into the shoe.People have to take off the shoes, barefoot, walking on the beach.This is indeed a special magical beaches, sand is not particularly fine, sandy and probably has a relationship to walk on, there is a feeling creak, special Ge feet.Beach is like a natural massage therapist, an hour down, feet Shengtengshengteng even dare to walk.But the car back to the hotel after the whole body and feet but particularly comfortable.    I particularly like the taste of the sea, and the sea beach, Rizhao golden beaches on special rods, delicate and soft.Hainan, sand is the best samut Bay, valuables such as sand powder, such as silver white color.Lung Tsai Bay, Hainan Pearl, the water is so clear, almost completely transparent, the sky is so blue, like freshly washed crystal without a trace of dust with just a few feather-like clouds, gently float in the sky.In this pure place, I knew what it meant to the blue sea, to experience the true picture of the sky and sea depicted.Samut exposure to the beautiful bay, complicated soul can be temporarily relaxed, or even washing, it melts into the pleasant nature in.In front of the sea, like a giant sparkling gems in the spring sun irradiation, issued a gentle, transparent blue, with a slight breeze, softly watch, who all seemed to be tired with all the away.On the beach, the rocks, sparsely dotted with small palm trees and coconut trees, blue sky and white clouds leisurely stretch.Looking view, the boundless expanse of the South China Sea, gradually disappeared in the horizon of sea and sky intersect.Color of the sea has a different color, green, light blue and blue, you can faintly see the sea in the distance, with passenger ships and fishing boats figure, the bits and pieces, but not over the reef and the vast sea in the distance, a few gulls fly in elegant, white very light and agile figure, just like a white wizard.    In the corner stands a black rock, can not wait companions, started early swim, do not want to go ashore, have been playing the part of an hour in the sea.The sea a bit chilly, spent some time in the water later, I was sitting alone on a quiet beach side of white stone, with four of the browser landscape, looking up at the clear sky, patrol people play.Not far from the three northeastern speaking words of female tourists, tempted the sea, but also down to the water.Probably did not know water is not to deep water, but playing together, playing water fights.Lady wore a red coral necklace, I see a man alone on the shore, the sea suddenly attacked me, I hesitated a little, they are also infected with the cheerful mood, hurry down to the water, holding they poured the water to go.Over the rocks they giggled, elegant laughter, co-author of the waves, glowing white spray of waves, echoed across the water and rocky.    Tour of Hainan, size of the Cave Scenic Area is a must-see place.Size of the Cave Scenic Area, located in the west of Sanya city, there are more than forty kilometers distance away, the beautiful sea, mountain and rock formations, its characteristics, known as the first Qiongya Scenic Spots.Enter the gate area, the eye, the trees are tall, slender coconut trees, stand there, as if to welcome guests from afar.Scenic area attractions, dizzying, “Little Cave”, “stool”, “seamounts wonders,” and “fairy feet” and so many LITHOGLYPHS.Here, Cliff Island Bay, Bibo million dumping, boundless, coast Cloudland Lin Cui, Yan Shiqi Jun, deep cave, as everywhere can Shengongguifu.According to near the scenic hills of verdant trees, slap Jingtao along the coast, winds extend forward away.Some low palm plants, there is also a high one, two or three tall coconut trees, chic grows between the rocks and the sea shore along the roadsides.Palm plant is the largest, black roots and branches wrapped around each other, spikes, spread away, it may have been growing for decades.    Sightseeing along the scenic road, all the way forward, the right is the blue waves of the sea, the waves beat against the rocks and the coast, the left Lin Cuihua red hill, almost one hundred percent vegetation cover.Walk the road in such a small coconut, palm, flowers, landscapes and seaside boulder cover hidden, like a paradise on earth, filled with reverie.Scenic Area has a rugged rock formations and sea steep trail, just off the coast of Qionghai by a huge rock and darkness under a small rock cave cave landscape composition, engraved with the handwritten Song Kui Mao’s “Little Cave” three stone red characters.The shape of the rock resembles a giant Ao, head towards the sea choppy, from afar, like a giant Ao Goes to Sea.Ao, the glans is the legendary dragon fish tail carp, giant tortoises or sea, and legendary size of the Cave, is due to have this magical giant Ao.In the following piece of stone, there is a dark cave, the legend was once a god place to live, into the rock below the cave, fresh and cool, dark and narrow, is that some parts of the low, tall, bending beneath Come.    Chinese people who do not know the ends of the earth?Travel Sanya reaching the ends of the earth scenic southwest direction over twenty kilometers away, might be a little tired physically and mentally, it seems really had a kind of feeling to the end of the world.Scenic wagon must be stopped at the door, and to the main attractions, to be hiking, go to nap along the winding mountain road and a specially built veranda, and must have two or three kilometers away, a little older, almost Some stumble.Blue sky and sea, seagull sails little, coconut trees, stone buildings, is a feature of the ends of the earth scenic.Came to the main area, it is engraved with “End of the World,” “Cape”, “pillar”, “Sea sentenced to south” of rock, Xiongzhi seaside, picturesque whole area in general, can be beautiful.Ends of the earth scenic, saddled Maling Mountain, facing the ocean, which means days of the edge of the end of the sea.The most striking is the bay, hundreds of pieces of different shapes stands on the beach of boulders, large spectacular, with many of the Cliff.The earliest stone, the book by the fifty-three years of Qing Emperor Kangxi imperial envoy Tang Miao Cao, is “sentenced sea south” four characters.”Sea sentenced to south” across the carved stone, there is a column about seven meters high conical rock stalwart, this is the famous “pillar” of the landscape.”Pillar”, describe for the first year Yazhou know the state of the Qing Dynasty Xuantong Fan ladder Inscription.In fact, you already are familiar with the “pillar”, but may not be aware that you pulled out a fourth set of RMB Eryuan tickets to see the back of the pattern, is the profound meaning of the “pillar”.    Although not believers, also traveled to the famous Buddhist temple Nanshan Temple.It was a solemn, quiet location, mountain on the potential, clean elegant, revealing the Buddhist noble and everywhere.Nanshan Temple location, surrounded by mountains around, facing the South China Sea, extremely wide field of vision.There is such a superstition, an officer who is not the ends of the earth, because the ends of the earth’s another layer of meaning is the end of the day, that is a dead end.So, those who want to grow in the career of the most social taboos, and more choice, this is the strong Nanshan Temple incense burn incense and pray, beg to cement it, pray for wealth, peace, love, karma pray.Nanshan Temple is located south of the city of Sanya Nanshan, because there Tuo weather, so the construction of a large-scale Buddhist Cultural Tourism Zone.Nanshan Temple in the history and contemporary Buddhism are the Guangzhou-Shenzhen, a thousand two hundred years ago, Master Jianzhen kai apprentice of 15, fifth went to Japan, typhoon blocked, wandering thousands of miles to come here, suffered suffering, and resides in vibration chow for years, the construction of Buddha, people crossing the argument.Size Cave scenic coast side, there Jianzhen master drifting monument landing at Hainan.Legend, under the blessing of Avalokiteshvara, the sixth monk Jian Zhen went to Japan was able to succeed, Nanshan Buddhist disciples therefore praise for the propitious place.Nanshan Temple of planning and construction, it is the mid-nineties Zhao lay merit, and personally wrote the “Nanshan Temple” three characters, Emotion strong, worthy of calligraphy.    In the solemn temples, the Buddhist guarded atmosphere, although just wide to the vast sea, washing away a bit complicated state of mind, but, here, in the Nanshan Temple, you’ll still have some perception once again.Everything earthly and office, money, wealth, honor gains and losses, joys and sorrows, if that is superficial, not how important that is, a feeling.Buddhist stress edge method, pay attention to practice, pay attention to consciousness, attention to good deeds, pay attention to retribution, is a grand idea, Nanshan Temple also strong incense, the faithful flocked to.    In the solemn hall, dedicated to Lord Buddha in the hall, and I stuck a note to burn incense, but did not pray, did not kowtow.    Last Night in Hainan, lived in a seaside hotel in Sanya Bay.Facing the sea, the beautiful Sanya Bay and broad, flat beach on the road.Late at night, the hall has executed more staff playing a yawn, I was alone, along the coastal road in front of, leisurely stroll.No pedestrians, all is quiet, only dry yellow light, according to the road hardship.East and West sea turtle island shadow distant, vaguely floating in the dark sea, roadside looming towering coconut trees, miles Silver Beach serene silence.On the sea in the distance, sparse with few lights dim light, the shadow is very long, probably fish lantern.Starry sky, a cool and bright, noisy, busy day, Hainan and Sanya City, seems to have been sleepy.    Hainan line, there is another harvest.Hainan know what is “tea”.Tea is the woman busy working in the fields during the day, after men get up in the morning, doing nothing, in twos and threes together, drink tea, sit, chat, eat a snack or breakfast, for several hours, and then in the afternoon still so, this is a man’s lifestyle Hainan.Hainan men and women, and we certainly are the same race.May be a factor in climate, water, soil and genetic, are relatively short stature, and black, true small size.Accompanied by a traveling companion, this year twenties, six less than one meter tall, thin face, is an enthusiastic youth.One to Hainan, Hainan, he bought a shirt, shorts and short-sleeved, white background, chemical fiber material, there are two beautiful, green coconut trees on the shirt, we all affectionately call him “Hainan”.

(Prose) once Qinghe: shrimp

There are vendors selling shrimp on the road facing the street, probably the shrimp people, wearing rain pants, fluffy hair, covered with dust.Piece of plastic sheeting spread on the ground, jump small shrimp piled up, flashing silver, in order to keep it fresh, not from time to time will sprinkle clean water shrimp heap.  Shrimp, grown to the pond and lake has texture with glass, crystal clear, little, three, four centimeters in length.See this, often buy some to take home, picking out doping in the grass shrimp segment and impurities, dig clean, put a fried egg fried, or fried with a fried, nutrient-rich, distinctive flavor.  See hawkers selling shrimp, shallots to remember the teenage years, it was the sixties and seventies of the last century, the food is poor and difficult period of life.  At that time, Jinan Xiaoqing, although there have been some muddy, but not yet completely contaminated.Black Tiger from Baotu Springs Springs overflow and spring, after the collection of large near Lake, number of ditches along the north stream, Ganlie clear, Xuaner name, happily injection Xiaoqinghe.Because of the higher-lying ditch, rushing spring water trickles on the shore bluestone base’s gate, splashes of white foam on the water is rich in oxygen, attracted a large number of fish together, carefree breathing , ran up and down, sparking a piece of corrugated.  Xiaoqing also has shrimp, large shrimp, found only, where the water is relatively clear in the vicinity of the upstream gate five willow.Shrimp a bundle of long, slender as peeing green color, transparent shell, crab claws, stiff, shrimp body can be seen clearly in the lines, in particular solid shrimp, fried later, bright red color, a trace of attractive sheen.Ditches on both sides of rivers and ponds, is a supplementary source Xiaoqing, or springs in Jinan, collection, or water seepage volume of the Yellow River, water quality, weed rich, rich in organic matter and plankton, a large number of fish conservation, river shrimp is everywhere, people often see shrimp.  I am also one of shrimp people, that time was a teenager, teens.  Because shrimp species, large and small, shrimp There are several ways to use the tools also have their own characteristics.  Deceive shrimp, it is the easiest way.  First of all, it is to produce deceive shrimp nets, very simple.At that time, unlike now, to the market to buy a swindle shrimp cage on the line, they are short, have to do it yourself.To find a little rough wire, bent into a circle about one meter, then firmly, to find an eye plastic screens or cloth masks and the like, suture on hoops, this is a swindle shrimp nets.And then find a one-meter long pole, strong kind, with three strings of about one meter, equidistant tied to the network side of the hoop shrimp, and then plug in the ends of the sticks, shrimp deceive net will do the work.  Muddy little river shrimp, because it is difficult to survive.Xiaoqing River North, with many of the Bay pond, the water quality is especially good.Bay pond that is both local farmers Outian, but also fish ponds, also can be used as reservoirs.Not far away now Alexandra Road west, there is a huge pond, there are several acres, deep inside the fish in groups, the leaves dense, people can be seen fishing day.Connected to a creek pond, nestled in the tall reeds and willow trees low child, the wriggling toward Xiaoqing.We affectionately call it Grand Bay, and that is our childhood swim, catch fish and play in the park, leaving us countless Sentimental teenage years.  Grand Bay, you can catch fish, shrimp is the best place to deceive.In early autumn Sunday morning, together with small hair, or a person, expectant mood, wore warm sunshine along the south coast westward to the Xiaoqing.In the last owner of the bridge which is now the Alexandra Bridge north, go to the north shore, west, along the river is Jinan Kitayama stone fortified the dam, there is a mile long enough.Dam along the narrow trail, then west, vision suddenly see the light up everywhere are vast farmlands and wetlands.Maturing rice, the heavy head low, slightly in the autumn, the cheerful heaving, glowing golden waves, a Olga.  Near the small gate, covered with one high reeds along the creek trail to the north, it is the Grand Bay.  Autumn Grand Bay, forest, tall, lush lotus leaf lotus leaf, the Grand Bay was full cover, revealing the deep green.White egrets, carrying a foot tall in the shallows, his eyes stared fish in the water, from time to time attack.Pretty wild ducks, neck and head with a green feather, “quack, quack,” cried, draw a circle on the water water marks.There Ji Ling kingfisher, standing nervously on the edge of the Gulf of dry willow, comb get the feathers, warily patrolled the water.The most attractive is floating in the water water chicken, a small figure, brown and yellow, “Goo, goo” sounds, rapid and high-pitched, across the lake, drifting into deep clear sky.  Grand Bay’s north shore, is the side of the slope, shallow water, the leaves are less, just to deceive shrimp.Find a Jacuzzi the bay side, put a few brought sheep bones in the mesh, and then, to the next willow, branches off a stick-shaped, net for supporting the wood, the lush plants interstices, slowly net into the water, you can deceive shrimp.In order to avoid loess slope dirty clothes, you can readily pinch a lotus leaf, spread under the Ding, it has become cushions.  Grand Bay water is turquoise blue, clear and deep.Swimming fish, also crept shrimp, because smell the fragrance of the bones gradually gathered around the net.Hold your breath, see a few large shrimp into the net, black figure, like an elf only.Slowly lift the net, yeah, just do several gathered in the middle of the net sinking, struggling to jump.Quickly caught shrimp, into the string bag, then carefully string bag and then into the water, the top-line rope tied a stick, inserted in the bay along, reliable.  Re nets into the water, and then was quietly waiting.As long as patience, every time do not mention net fall, and occasionally there will be twelve small fish into the net, but too small.Must be a lot of concentration, his eyes staring at the water, as long as the network with a few shrimp, it is necessary to lift immediately, otherwise the shrimp children who will be cruising to the external network.Repeat this operation, put net, catching shrimp, lift net, catching shrimp, hearts filled with joy and happiness harvest, because the harvest represents the improvement lunch or dinner, no longer just a pickle.  Good luck, you can catch a morning two, thirty.It is mature shrimp season, there are only twenty pound, can be filled with a dozen.Back home, some of the shrimp still alive, turning the body, struggling, into a wash basin enamel, immediately happily swim.That’s, in oil and salt, no seasoning, but how do all delicious.The shrimp wash, under the pot, put a little salt and cook, on the line.It was really delicious, mouthful of freshwater fishes, eat once, never forget.  Catch shrimp is a deliberate operation, is incidental harvest.Normally, mainly fishing with lift net fishing and the sea, or the harpoon, the most commonly used is the net, the only way people are able to eat the whole family.Generally along the Xiaoqing River towards the west, there is sparsely populated, and has a large number of the flow of this river of living water.Xiaoqing River where the fish too much, variety, grass carp, carp, crucian carp, silver carp fat head, as well as ferocious snakehead, covered with mucus yellow and black catfish, and sometimes hairy, especially a large one enough to have half a catty.  Also shrimp fishing, that is when there is no swindle of shrimp nets.Shrimp fishing quite simple, with respect to fishing, and even much more easier, there is a small earthworm on the line.First, is the production of hooks, with a pin, bent into the shape of hooks, smaller, to find a thin bamboo pole, then take the piece of cotton string from home, it.Of course, it is best nylon rope, strong, but then there is no.Shrimp fishing, can only go to Grand Bay, Xiaoqing was not, because the river was too muddy.Or to the north bank of the small clearing, ditch south of the years, there have clear water, as well as bushy plants, Lumphini Park shrimp and plankton life.Sometimes small fish to be caught, and that some shallow-water fish, channeling silver carp and crucian carp like son.  To have a rich harvest, only rake shrimp.However, because the rake is too long and heavy, require strength, children did very difficult.  Shrimp rake, rake is yet to grow into the shrimp, as people living in the weeds, we call grass shrimp.Autumn walked mature footsteps came, in ditches, in rivers and ponds, is also the breeding ground for shrimp when the river burst.Shrimp rake shape filled with beauty, a long wooden handle, a half-moon front end of the fixed frame of mind, about fifty centimeters, and the timber is fixed by the two half-moon wooden frame wood, and fine mesh net it is tied to the wooden frame of the half-moon front portion.When used, the shrimp rake the shore toward the river, then pulled to the arms, if there are shrimp, they rake in a net rake.There are some who rake shrimp, in order to increase the range and scope of the rake shrimp, but also to a rope, and more so you can throw some distance ahead on the wooden end of the bolt, scope rake shrimp correspondingly increased.  We can not rake in the Xiaoqing River in shrimp, full of mud, no water plants, and water turbidity.Only tributary streams gurgling in the ditch water gracefully, in the lotus pond near the south bank of the North Park, North Shore criss-crossing the Bay.A rake down, slowly pulled up, the network is crowded yard, jump shrimp, and then carefully put the shrimp incorporated into portable bucket.  May be the limitations of the times, or else the concept of the problem, it may not have the time, though poor, although malnutrition, when the people, for the fish in the river is not very interested in.You can see the river group of a group of carp and silver carp sub-channeling, looked up, breathing in hard, dense mass, that is, very few people catch.  Although very hard, but the rake is considerable achievements shrimp.A few hours, you can harvest good kilos, you can eat a few days.Just rake to pick up the shrimp is very troublesome, it is necessary to pick out the roots and plants, as well as some of doping in shrimp wriggling aquatic larvae.In cooking when cooking, put a little salt in the shrimp, then mixed with a bit of flour, an egg or a put, Guo Lifang a little oil, fry, became red shrimp cake, crisp and delicious.Now some of the restaurant, there is still a specialty, “pancakes with shrimp”, with fried, exciting moment, but also accompanied by onion adorned, special delicious.  But eating, be careful, it might, hard, sharp front-end hook nose shrimp, put the tongue, cheeks or tie bleeding, pain.

(Prose) Let the good feelings in the world of mind

(Prose) Let the good feelings in the world in mind – yes ah, in the world, how many, after all, many of those marks into a romantic trip in, breathe with me and those good and evil you are looking for, in on a common road, with many battles of honor.Yes, quietly walked into your side, all warm and have become one spring, in that period of twists and turns, the crush.In those long and arduous journey in the journey, convinced that the truth.Yes ah, cloak bath, one lonely youth.How many ups and downs and gains and losses astringent, day and night.You walked into, distinguish right from wrong at the end of a road in the beauty and ugliness, sensing the well-being of life in the big smiling eyes, flying kites in the mind of your song go.Gossip really matter, on the road of love I have determined, no matter ends of the earth, on the road of life I sail taut, pulp lamplight of sound mind vast, flat Zeze my poems to the one that you desire.

(Prose) kilns playful

(Prose) kilns old things – (3) kilns playful 1960s Yixing kilns, it is the economic Great Leap Forward, the state is also to encourage fertility, have more glorious era.Back then kilns of every family, at least have to have four or five children; many fertility nearly ten children.I was the seventh of my house to the.Each family is more than the basic working parents, usually very busy tired, home child on time to eat has been very good, and they have time to manage you learn, play and other things.Children are bigger look after small point, if a girl, twelve or thirteen have to cook and clean up at home Gu.The boy is no place to play, kilns, and kilns surrounding open space, pine heap on the yard has become a paradise for children.A dozen or even dozens of similar age kids goofed, there is little brave girl sometimes added to the mix to play.To the school holidays, on nobody, place and whenever the kilns, is their playground.Moreover filled in the finished blank barn, where the slit blank crawling in and out of the blank; winter as greenware was dried for heating in the drying room kilns, playing a. Then kilns kilns unlike the later tunnel kiln is continuous mechanized production, goods installed in each kiln, burned, after opening the kiln ship, there will be a break kiln time.This is the time kilns potters descendants of these naughty egg’s battlefield.In my memory, the original is precisely the new kiln new ceramics factory, Huang Jia Yao is our lake wooden village east ditch along the main battlefield of the child.West Malaysia and East Malaysia kiln kiln is in the vicinity of the Pan family child pottery village to the main battlefield of the batch station.Like the current international practice, although no one assigned to you or designated places, but it is a natural convention, we can not play with cross-border, cross-border consequences are serious, the child kilns good fight, fights often occur. Long Yao to play in the game are the “catch devil”.Affected by the time the film “Tunnel Warfare”, “mine warfare”, there are a few people play devils, are enclosed within the kilns giving recalcitrant, the Eighth Route Army military construction teams to play junior partner surrounded kilns, cast holes in wood kilns of ( scales eye holes) shot down.Their weapons are homemade slingshot, using waste paper to do a “bullet” hit him although not hurt, but at close range hit the exposed skin of the face, neck, hands, etc., or painful and often will be a hit “purple camel camel block”.Grenade is picked heap of pine cones a.There will also naughty daring wrapped with paper dust of the earth, as the smoke bomb with.The bad guys often do the following choking again and again called to surrender, and later had to be above the Eighth Route Army guerrillas marched out.This game is a traitor to do devils suffered enough in this game to help future generations kiln workers, he grew to know a traitor traitor is not able to do. Another game is “catch spies” or “militia to catch robbers” game venue changed to the edge of the kiln open land, and pile pine, dragon kiln is surrounded by secluded place.The same person is divided into two parts, one half Militia, half spy.In the open ground at both ends has a stronghold, after the departure covert spy activities, within the prescribed period of time, if not the militia found, can be crossed open ground back to base, even if the victory.Militia can stay one to two guard positions, find spy can intercept, but most people have to scout out, arrest, although seen in the process of searching for your hidden spy is good or bad, testing your ability to hunt down the militia, but the most exciting and the most intense is the stronghold of the process of return, although only two of the militia guarding, but you spies from the onset, through open space, running this way is the key, almost running ability, age or a little small, often will be intercepted caught. In addition every ceramics factory stockpile also activities for children paradise.Remember when several small partners to do the debate ceramic materials in the end is from underground mines dug up, or so open-pit mining bet a dozen children first to the Huanglong Mountain, looked at mine, seeing is believing, say a bunch of open-pit mining to say win, another refused to accept help, and took everyone to the fourth Qinglongshan foot well and saw a car a car pull workers out of the mine in the mud, the two sides neck and neck.Refuses to accept each other, they begin to climb Qinglongshan game, when there are two bunkers on two Japanese devils left the Green Dragon, who first bunker to victory.A group of a dozen kids, great dissatisfaction-year-old, so small that only five or six years, from the early out, did not go home to eat lunch, to getting dark, but he did not return home, the adults around the house to hurry around to find I could not find, he alerted the police station, and later the workers and fourth wells said to have a bunch of kids came in the afternoon, as if on Qinglongshan, until almost ten o’clock at night, the police only in Qinglongshan bunker, find the children had fallen asleep.It turned out that several children climbed up the hill, tired and thirsty, go back, can not find down the road, and had to hide in bunkers, one will fall asleep. In the winter, because the cold weather, these children often converge in the drying room heating in the kilns.In the drying room where the rules on more: a great people can not affect the work, and second, can not run around, run around the ground will bring up the choking dust, unruly adults have to be coaxed out of the drying room.At that time, most of the kids are basically a light jacket, and some buttons insufficiency, or for heating, belts out a bunch, and some is a straw rope.It feels like cold days than it is now, over naughty, adults were driven out of the drying room to the cold, cold water nose began to pour in itself, so we have to be honest in a little warm place to stay, play fly ” foreign films, “playing marbles, without these toys because children would be drawn, is the mud kilns children are always toys in their hands can be made beloved pistol can be made into a variety of small animals, in on the ground made house, bunkers, shape into a villain, etc., or go to the other one kind of child beaten to death on the floor of checkers board uniform, of course, but also with pieces of mud readily pinched.Descendants of potters, playing with mud self-taught, which is probably the source of endless potters bar.