Flower fall

The feeling of emptiness.   I used to like wandering, thinking it was a free life, thinking that I could start a new world in a strange place and how good I am.. Later, after so many times of tossing and turning, I discovered that I was so helpless.   After getting tired, I want to have a shoulder to lean on. Tired, can have a warm embrace; A group of friends were happy. If a person is wandering and wants to know so many people, it’s not bad to have too many friends, but it won’t be long before he wants to be separated. How can he really treat his friends who are not talkative??   Season after season. How many feelings are no longer so obvious. Very not easy to fall in love with a person who is good to oneself, so don’t want to let go. Very not easy to let oneself get used to different treatment, so love dearly. Very not easy, walk so long. How many more years will stand the burden of the heart, but it is better to get used to it?   Being a light person is so difficult. The complicated procedure of bearing, walking and stopping, stopping and walking, when can we truly be safe? The experience without turning point will not be understood. I don’t say anything about your life. I don’t say anything about my life. Everyone cried and everyone understood it.. There is no qualification to talk about who and who. Also have no qualification to complain, only blame yourself for not being well.   How I hope my parents will be healthy and safe, how I hope to have a loved one to accompany me for the rest of my life, how I hope to have a good friend to embrace me, and how I hope everyone can be safe and happy..   I love only one person all my life. I can always have a person to accompany me. No matter how far away, I won’t be lonely..   Flowers fall, water accompany wandering more safely; Flowers fall, so wither how quiet; Flowers fall, season after season, and so on until death. Not greedy, not extravagant, she regrets not having that heart, but I think she is so beautiful as that.   At this age, in addition to parents, no one has been accommodating to who, no one has been accompanying who. I don’t think that’s realistic. But have you ever thought that if you can accompany a person, feel young, old and true with him, share joys and sorrows like family members, have joys and sorrows, and have ups and downs, it is unusual and wonderful!   But . ah, the fallen petal is intentional and the flowing water is merciless.


Before the National Day holiday arrived, a friend asked me what arrangements I had for the holiday, and I replied with a smile that I would not go anywhere in keeping with my own land.. In fact, the days and I are just idle and busy. There is no holiday, and I don’t want to catch up with the holiday, go with the crowd, suffer from the crawl of cars like snails, jostle with each other, drive my head, and watch the anxiety of crowds of people.. Many people did not enjoy the scenery, but they were exhausted. Every day, I still wash, wash, brush, boil, cook, spend my spare time online, read books, listen to music and enjoy the peace at home. Occasionally, I also wrote three or two sentences, without carving or whitewashing, not to please others, but because my mind is tender. Some people, some things, some stories are as beautiful as flowers and pure as delicate and graceful. Those once moved and true feelings are not forgotten with the passage of time and the increase of age, but they have been renewed for years and added some flavor to the situation.. Perhaps the marks of the annual rings are heavy, but the marks of psychology are weak. The barriers that once thought could not be passed are gradually blurred.. Heart is so big, empty some, put down some, enter new blood, can hear steady heartbeat. Such sadness, walking in music, walking on the page, is that a piece of understanding? The four seasons change, without waiting for a look back, and the next promise will be cool. Your well – being, always in the in the mind and into thoughts. At present, Gui Xiang, like yesterday, overflowed the bookshop and looked up at the sky with blue sky and white clouds. I pulled open all the curtains to let the light shine through the cabin.. Let the heart wander back in a cup of tea. Time is wandering, time is in a hurry, the autumn of the season coincides with the autumn of life, but there is a clear mirror in my heart, which has been disturbed one after another. cool thin is only a cloud hidden in the folds of the annual rings and will eventually be forgotten in the wind..

Drink water

During recess, I sat at the classroom platform and looked at the students leisurely.. In fact, looking at them is like looking at the scenery. If the wind blows over the treetops, the leaves will vibrate and sing. If you look at the sun shining on the water, your eyes will be covered with a glimmer of thought and sparkling light in your heart..   Suddenly, I noticed that several students were drinking water at the drinking fountain. It may be that only one student in a group brought a cup today, so only one person can pick up a cup and then others can pick it up..   What I saw in particular was that there were men and women in this group, and each of them drank water in a’ chic’ way, lifting the cup as high as possible to the right place, lifting up the face, pursed up the mouth, and letting the cup mouth pour water at least three inches away from the lip.. Occasionally, water may overflow from the corners of the mouth or drip from the chin to the skirts of the clothes and onto the ground due to poor swallowing..   As if, this is not drinking water, but doing a kind of performance. However, I carefully look at these children, they are so natural, so completely casual and for. I am convinced that they are only drinking water in good faith and are not acting affectation at all..   This group of students is as beautiful as flowers and pure as the cleanest scenery. They are very good. I like them. Each of them has a sense of collectivity and fraternity. Even, I often see boys and girls holding each other’s hands and scribbling on the back of their hands and wrists during recess, which is so natural, so pure and so clear.. Think of our junior high school primary school drawing online on the desk, boys and girls at the same table will definitely not intentionally overstep it. ‘ Helpless flowers fall”,’ The deceased is like a husband.” Also.   There was no water dispenser in the classroom in that time. Some students who have ” enchanting” points have to drink water and go back to the classroom from home.. Most likely, he carried the bottle of water, most of which was always drunk by his classmates. Moreover, it must have been the appliance that took the water, that is, it was natural and natural to drink it by mouth.. Perhaps the lip prints are still in the mouth of the cup, but they do not prevent people from continuing to drink them..   Times are shaping people. Perhaps, to calculate, it is not difficult to know when we started to change the way we drink water..   It is said that Mr. Gu Hongming once refuted the criticism of polygamy. His example is that a man is like a teapot, a woman is like a teacup, and a teapot is often equipped with several teacups.. Mr koo is very interesting. if he lived to this day, he would be even more justified. Today, a teapot is usually not only equipped with a few cups, but often with a lot of disposable cups.. I don’t know what amazing language his old man’s house will utter, using these disposable cups words for example..   Suddenly, did I miss the time when I used cups instead of disposable cups to drink water?. When the guests arrive, the first one used the cup. Perhaps, the host only needs to rinse the cup symbolically at most and pour the cup onto the back end to the later ones.. Even, the cup is very big, the person in front is far from finished, and the person in the back may take it and drink it.. At that time, people often said that all tastes are the same. Now, people are paying attention to hygiene in their hearts.   I am a lazy person and never bother to spend any more time drinking water and drinking tea. If you are not thirsty, you will not drink; if you are thirsty, you will drink.. Because there is no habit of drinking tea, your breath is also brilliant. It has been almost 20 years since class began, and you never thought of bringing tea into the classroom.. However, occasionally, watching the students drink water, I really want to drink a jar of it, but for many years, I have been embarrassed to ask the students to drink water from their cups.. Because, I will be contradictory, do I just drink at the mouth or may I leave the lip marks on the mouth of the cup or just pout at the mouth to drink it? No matter what, it’s very troublesome. forget it, don’t drink it.   Most of the time, I was sitting in the office when a colleague came in: ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.   Well, yes.   There’s no cup.   Oh, no, there were a few left yesterday, all finished.   Colleagues had to look elsewhere for cups with a grudge.. In fact, my cup is at hand. I would like to say: Drink my cup. However, I can’t say. Because, perhaps, even if you have a medical certificate to show people, they still have feelings of sadness..   People, that may be the case. The more favorable the conditions, the more expensive they will be unconsciously. Isn’t it true that one day, when people are exposed to each other, they no longer express the support of adversity or the most reliable support, but when they think about it, they feel too unhygienic and want to vomit and vomit?.  Heard that, there are more exquisite families, the table has been used’ male chopsticks’.   Ha ha, just drink water, pull this off. With the development of human science and technology, the ego’s ability to resist viruses is definitely increasing. I don’t know if anyone has investigated it. I estimate that it should be weakening.. Because, judging from drinking water, people have more and more sealed themselves up.


The rice you eat at noon hurts your stomach in the afternoon and is in a bad mood. Abdominal pain, hot flashes, sweating, and inexplicable pressure made me unable to support myself. My head fell down and softly fell on the table. My body trembled slightly and my brain was in chaos.. I think there is depression. Next year’s son’s college entrance exam, the second half of the year’s exam for teachers’ certificate, and the disharmonious family relationship, triggered by abdominal pain, have been committed intermittently with depression.. There is no place to solve, no place to solve, no book to read, no book to read,,,,,, severe stomach pain, this damn rice . ah, college entrance exam . ah, listen to the heart sutra for a while, seems to be some relief. Suddenly thought of a female colleague, aged 61, who had just detected lymphoma in the first half of the year and was now undergoing chemotherapy for the fourth time in the affiliated hospital of Peking University. The colleague has just retired and has been hired back to continue his class. Her character is gentle and kind. She has been a teacher all her life and she has got the disease all over the world. Her students have come from all directions to donate money to her. In just a few days, she has raised more than 40,000 yuan.. The colleague’s fate was bumpy. When the child was young, he divorced. He raised his son by himself and later married. Now the husband has his own child. She suffers from the disease, regardless of her. His son is in his thirties. He works with his mother in the same unit. His son is not in the spirit and has not had a girlfriend yet. Colleagues all say that she only grew up with the disease because of her son’s sorrow.. My ex-husband was in the same unit, but he refused to lend a helping hand. Think about my colleague, who has had a rough life, why not let people sigh? Compared with the bad luck she encountered, what is this depression in front of her? What other reason do I have for depression? What reason is there not to work hard? I met our teacher this morning. I remember she asked me last winter, what are you busy with? I said prepare papers. I met her today and asked me again. I said I would take an examination of the teacher’s certificate. Let’s start our association here and meet our teacher next year. I’ll say, prepare for class. . Ah, over the years, I have set goals for myself every year, and these goals will be achieved by the end of the year.. I really feel my progress and strength. There is still a long way to go, full of ups and downs, ditches and ridges, and tens of millions of times more efforts are needed.. It’s just that my child’s entrance examination will make me depressed enough. But think about my colleague, what is this? To be alive is to suffer and be affected. It is difficult to survive, but it is also difficult to survive.. Writer Yang Mo said that people suffer because they think too much and read too little. It seems that only in the book can I find a way to redeem myself. After writing these words, I seem to have calmed down a lot, and depression has also passed me by..

Complaining can only add to your troubles

We live in this world. Most people will have such experiences. One thing, one person, can make us worry for a long time and make us feel annoyed and sad.. Especially when the person who troubles us is still a person who does not understand others and does not reflect on himself, the situation will be even worse.     There is such an old fable, which may give us some enlightenment. A young farmer rowed a boat to transport his own agricultural products to the residents of another village.. It was a very hot day, and the farmer was sweating like a pig and suffering terribly.. He rowed the boat anxiously, hoping to finish the transportation task quickly so that he could get home before dark. Suddenly the farmer found a boat coming down the river in front of him and seeing that the two boats were about to hit each other. The boat had no intention of avoiding it and seemed to be interested in hitting it by itself..     Although the farmer shouted angrily at the boat almost to the point of anger, the boat did not mean to avoid it, but when the farmer glared at the boat, he found that there was no one over the boat but an empty boat drifting along the river..     In most cases, when you complain and shout, you may only be facing an empty boat. The person who has repeatedly angered you will never change his direction because of your complaints..     Of course, you don’t have to curry favor with that person at all, nor do you need to reach an agreement with him. But you must know that you can’t let his troubles become your troubles, no matter how angry you are, he won’t suffer from insomnia because of you.. If you fall into a ruthlessness because of his fault, you will become a real victim.     As the saying goes, ” Life is not always as good as it should be.”. ‘ Some people often complain when they are unhappy, complaining about the weather and making themselves unhappy and grouchy all day long.. However, some people do not fret, complain, treat calmly and try to change when they are not satisfied, so his heart is often full of hope..     Written on June 18, 2012

Change is eternal

I finally woke up. I shouldn’t believe that pure love is eternal, and change is eternal..   Once the pain, it is a kind of deep – rooted, tore heart crack lung-like pain, stirring and cutting my injured heart.   Once upon a time, I was troubled by the so-called eternal concept of good infatuation, and my infatuation can love a person I shouldn’t love without complaint or regret..   I should have woken up, but I have been immersed in smog, confusion, ignorance and emptiness, unable to extricate myself and deeply trapped.. I am like a wounded deer, I don’t know if I have lost my way. My love is pure and clear. This love is like clear spring and morning dew, like clear river water and mountain stream..   I missed the embrace of true love in my life. I was confused by the concept of true love. However, my heart is full of longing and dreams for love. I felt completely new about true love, and the incomparable creative feeling made me immersed in the drunkenness I brewed. The fake love existing under the system is not the true love of human life, it is a kind of distorted love, stupid love, even a kind of confused love of jungle law.. However, in real society, this kind of love is spread all over plains and hills, plateau valleys, urban villages, factories and mines, streets and alleys, unit organizations and other occasions.. The jungle law of status, money, rank, and interest is like a spider’s web in people’s cerebral cortex.. Their subjective consciousness and thinking are occupied, caught and restrained, and they do not have the slightest free world’s vivid thinking initiative.. They are besieged, troubled, coerced and henpecked by these fly-like autocratic views of love.. They have no freedom, no courage, no confidence or even no anger like a living dead man.   I sat on the clean and smooth subway seat and looked at the red men and green women who came and went in a hurry.. All of them are brought by youth, which seems to be featured as a beautiful scenery line in the carriage. Youth is capital, and people always have their youth. Young people living in this age are like wind, fog and rain.. Whether or not they can struggle out of this twisted vortex of love and get real happy love is hard to jump to conclusions..   People living in the world actually walk in constant vividness as long as they are not distorted. Even if the material life is not rich, it is also happy, as long as two people really love each other.   Yesterday evening, the sky was decorated with colorful sunset glow, and the western sky was radiant with a glow, which was the dedication of the natural universe.. All this shows that tomorrow will be another sunny day. I looked at the Western Heaven as if I had a fascination with nature. The charming splendor hanging on the awning is like a demonstration by a young girl in her spring, which makes her debut and blurs me for a while.. My thoughts rose to time tunnel with the unlimited extension of nature’s beauty.. In the twinkling of an eye, the moon flickered, half covered and half covered, covering shame and shame, and quietly climbed up the treetops. The moonlight, the fluorescence, like shy, like a mirror; Sometimes cloudy, sometimes full moon; Sometimes beautiful, sometimes beautiful; Sometimes tactfully, sometimes quiet; Sometimes like crying, sometimes like smiling; Sometimes it seems to be telling a story, sometimes it seems to be listening to a story. That is the changing moon, moonlight, change is eternal.   People who write like thinking about problems and touching with words, so they will be mistaken for mental illness or mental illness.. I was alone in the big bed of the room, staring at the ceiling with my eyes wide open.. I am still thinking about the vivid changes of eternal words. This sentence should be the true meaning of the world. All plants, animals and creatures in the world live forever, and the changes in life are eternal. It, she and they live from life to life, from life to death, and the changes are eternal. Industry is changing forever, and virtual is also changing forever. Friendship, affection and love are changing forever. The moon has a cloudy moon, stars have jinx falling into space, and the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Change is eternal. I am awake from the fog. I have a new understanding and understanding of the concept of eternity. I am no longer carried away by eternal feelings like vows of eternal love. My mind has self-control and quick changes..   I walked in the Yuan Ye with red flowers and green grass, white flowers and green leaves, pink flowers and red leaves. It was a world of flowers and a sea of colors. I was intoxicated with spring colors, immersed in ripples and obsessed with splendor..   The prairie is flat and broad, with Ma Benteng, majestic and capricious. Big snow mountain silver flashing, white and innocent, the four seasons change, the mountains become beautiful; The big forest is dark and silent, the sun penetrates, the rare animals spread their wings and leap. The ocean is deep, blue, boundless, broad – minded, and forever changing.   Once the love went away forever, I saw my own eternity, eternal upward, tireless upward from disappointment, that is the best eternity. I have self – esteem, self – love, self-reliance and self – improvement. I don’t rely on any man. I have an eternity of excellent changes. I am proud of it.. I hate women who are ignorant, chicken – bellied, selfish and narrow – minded. They will always suppress men’s wives.   I walked out of the void, I was freed from illusion, I stood up from absurdity, I woke up from change, I reflected from the boundless, I rose up from eternity. Before the eternal let me know again, change is eternal. The new understanding that this system has brought to me has made me more aware of the substantive things. There is no eternity in this society, and change is eternal, including all people and things.. But a kind person will not change a kind heart, even if the change is eternal. I still wish those who are far away a happy and happy life. That is the changing eternity. I am happy and happy in the changing eternity. This is the only thing I can do for the person I think about..   I also said: My love is always beautiful, and this beautiful change is eternal.

The beginning of autumn

Today, beginning of autumn.     How fast ah, hot summer is about to pass in an instant. Even so, it is estimated that it will take some days to heat up. Hometown people often say: After beginning of autumn’s Olympic fever, it will last 1 8. days.. The autumn tiger started to threaten, sometimes very badly. Maybe it will be cooler sooner or later.     After dinner, it was still not completely dark, and a man walked south along the road to the door. On both sides of the road are tall and strong corn, which is spitting. The tassels that are all brushed together have become a different scenery.. People walk over and can smell a faint sweet smell in the air. This feeling of deja vu, perhaps, has not been felt for some time. Remember when I was a child, every time I came to this season, I went down all day and mowed grass to help my family. At that time, everything in the field was common. It can be said that the summer vacation was tiring and happy for the children in the countryside at that time.. Sometimes, when I am tired of working, a few friends will secretly walk to the vegetable field next to me to steal tomatoes to eat.. The act of stealing vegetables is exciting and breathtaking. Compared with stealing vegetables on the Internet now, it is really worse than before.. However, now the rural people are rarely mowing grass. Once the herbicide is finished, they are no longer busy with weeds in the field all day long.. In the distance, cicadas can still be heard, and their enthusiasm remains unchanged, indicating that summer is not far away. Further on, it was a piece of bean land, green, some with scattered small white flowers and some with pods. At the moment, suddenly remembered when I was a child, I followed my mother and caught bean worms in the bean fields. I don’t know whether there is still the big fat green worm now.. Maybe, it’s already gone. In my impression, the bean worms are green in color, some of them are yellow, about four or five inches long, the thickness of the index finger, hidden under the bean leaves, and are masters of disguise.. The caught bean worm took it home and cut it with scissors to feed the chicken. To be honest, the bean worm’s skin is hard and thick, so it’s hard to trample it to death at once. Ah, happy childhood and unforgettable rural life are gone forever.     It was getting dark, so I had to retrace my steps. There seems to be a wind blowing, somewhat coolly, ” July’s fire” is sure to happen.. The village in the distance is becoming more and more vague, just can’t see the long-lost smoke curling up, perhaps the poetic scene can only be traced from yesterday’s memory. Ah, autumn is the harvest season, and it is also the season I expected, as if I had seen the fruitful results.. Walking thinking, unconsciously came to the door.     – I can reach the other side without stopping!     2011.8. 8 in the beginning of autumn

Are you tired?? Just take a break

Life is too tired! ‘ is the cry of many people in hard work today. In this high-speed era, all walks of life must open up’ high – speed roads’ and’ high – speed railways’ for business, or you will soon be left behind and hard to catch up with.. Therefore, ” life is too tired.”! ‘ has become the cry of today’s generation.     God knew all the busyness of today’s generation from the beginning, so he made a day for people to rest called the sabbath day. ‘ heaven and earth all things are made together. On the seventh day, when the work of God’s creation was finished, he rested all his work on the seventh day. God blessed the seventh day and made it a holy day, because on this day God rested from all his creative work. ‘ Seven days a week, six days of hard work, wealth creation and a day of rest. ‘ Six days to work, the seventh day is a holy sabbath; When there is a holy convocation, you cannot do any work. This is the sabbath that you keep to the Lord in all your dwellings. However, those people who are busy all day have no rest time at all, exhausting the whole people’s labor, and they are all suffering from illness and heart disease. They are exhausted and ill. This is why they have to take a break.? In modern society, the pace of work and life is too fast and competition is very fierce. If people do not pay attention to adjusting their mentality, they will easily feel physically and mentally fatigued and even regret for a long time, which is what people often call’ I live very tired’. These are all the reasons for not observing the days and times set by God to rest. Although, today, the state also stipulates that there will be a two-day rest every week, basically no one will have a rest.. Instead of taking a good rest and adjusting your physical and mental health during the one-to-two weekend, you will be busier, more tired and more laborious while taking advantage of the two-day weekend.. alas! . Ah, people live in the world and leave this beautiful world for decades. Why are you so tired?? Why not arrange enough time to enjoy the beauty of the world? Why not have fun and talk to the world? Why not embrace God’s beautiful nature with open arms?? How useful is it to live so tired, to live so hard, to work so busy? You have earned all over the world in the past few decades, but in the end you have left empty – handed?     There was an entrepreneur who was suddenly physically and mentally very tired and even gradually declined, so he was in a hurry to see a doctor.. The doctor saw that the cause of his illness was caused by overwork.. Therefore, he was advised to rest more and recover his health soon.. But the entrepreneur protested with great anger, because his workload is really too much and too much. There is really no way to work during the day and handle a lot of documents at night.! As a result, he refused the suggestion of rest. The doctor had to give him a prescription so that he could follow it. When he got the prescription, he went home to read it: ” Walk for two hours every day and take half a day to the cemetery every week.”. Why should I go to the cemetery? He went to the doctor to explain, and he realized that all those who had already lived in the graveyard were as busy, tired and sick as they were when they were still living in the world.. I don’t know which day I will soon join them, so why should I be so tired today? The Bible says, ” What good is a man’s labor, that is, his labor under the sun?”? The preacher said, ” I have devoted myself to searching for all the things that the world has done with wisdom, but I know that God has taught the world a great deal of labor.”. I saw that everything I did under the sun was vanity and catching wind. ‘ You are too tired to rest. Don’t block your way forward for the so-called secular, give yourself some time and space to rest! Go out for a walk to relax your bones and muscles, breathe fresh air to nourish your spleen and lungs, see flowers and plants full of eyes and happiness, listen to birds chirping and open your heart, smell flowers and taste delicious food, sing and dance, and enjoy the greatness of the Creator. The preacher said, ” Don’t wait until the sun, the light, the moon and the stars turn dark and the whole person bends down forcefully before thinking of going out to bask in the sun. There is no point in that.”. Are you tired? Just take a break! Life is too short. Learning to relax and give yourself a little time to rest after hard work is the only way to enjoy life.. Tired, of course, I want to rest for a while. I hope all the people will learn to treat themselves well, maintain themselves, bless themselves and beautiful themselves, leaving footprints for every rest.!

After the rain

The feeling of light summer rain is really good!   I didn’t have time to experience it carefully before. It happened that I wanted to run this Sunday morning, but there was a lot of water on the ground, so I had to walk and see the scenery with special charm.!     One grass, one flower, one leaf are all fresh colors. What kind of freshness is the same feeling as the clear water at the bottom! With cool, oily light lining the ground color and touching gently, it is a smooth hand.     The night’s rain reduced the scorching heat and brought the expected coolness. This is a joy from the bottom of my heart. The temperature has risen since the summer, and the spring is short, even before I could ponder it, the summer’s hurried pace has arrived. I can’t help but you’re not a little depressed.. Few people will really like the heat of summer, besides, they are really experiencing it, so they don’t want the spring festival to be full of fun.!     The night rain washed away the noisy air, just like Ming Che now, breathing feels much easier, and the joy of refreshing the heart and moistening the lungs cannot help praising the nature’s magic. People who get up in the morning are really lucky. Such enjoyment is rare! I haven’t seen the rain for a long time. I need water everywhere for such a long time. What a timely rain this is! Think about the joy of hearing thunder last night, and now I still feel the corners of the mouth smile is endless.     Looking around, the landscape trees in the square also seemed to have a lot of spirits, with the slight wind blowing, and the leaves flashing like smiling eyes: the branches of the trees on both sides drooped, and the wind passing through them was soft and washed with water.. Green spreads in the eyes. what kind of green is this? enter the eyes, follow one’s inclinations and stir up your spirit somewhere! That’s the color of life, the color of vitality!     Isn’t it, on such an early morning, these aren’t giving you a glow of youth??!

A tangled heart language

Past events, such as animal and plant specimens, although dried in the air, will last forever. Once touched, the past will rush toward us, so real and so familiar. Past events, such as landscape paintings, those once beautiful, embedded in the depths of memory, cannot be waved away, wiped out, life is endless, time goes by, but they have been renewed for a long time and enjoy an endless aftertaste.. The past, such as a cup of plain boiled water, accompanied us by birth and growth until we get old, may have passed without looking back, but it is, after all, the course of our life. Or, the lost years no longer exist, but, after all, we once had. The past is also like a cup of strong liquor. In the past years, we have pursued vigorously and had our ideal of prosperity.. The past, because of you, we have become strong, firm, past, because of you, we have laughter and tears in our journey of life, success and failure, pride and frustration … Ah, I often hear people say: I am living a life of living and envy how natural and unrestrained it is.. Talking with friends, I also said I was a gangster, but he praised me, and it was not easy to get along with me. I knew literally: Jianghu is dangerous and there are still two swords under the word ” day”. Then understand, mix also have mixed difficulties! Mix also want to have mixed’ capital’! Perhaps more is to have mixed skills. Otherwise, why is there a’ natural selection of things and survival of the fittest’.     Busy? Mang?? Blind??? Yes, every day, from morning till night, we repeat the 2: 1 pattern, home, company, work and work. Busy?? At a loss! Or is it blind?! Seemingly busy, it is busy doing nothing, with a slim future, or with a confused status quo.? Is it unwilling to follow blindly, or blind to do it alone? Amazing at the dream scene: under the boundless sky, busy people live blindly, in the boundless sea of people, busy you, I blindly look for …….     If life is like chess, I am willing to be a pawn and go forward step by step! Straight ahead. Why? Is to protect the call ” handsome”, but my ” handsome” who is it? Parents, brothers, lovers and children are still bosses, friends, classmates and colleagues? I’m just a pawn, face object, horse, car, what do I take to protect you – my’ handsome’? In addition to life, what else do I have? So think about it, life is really fragile, vulnerable, even just a decoration.     Sometimes, I really feel that my soul and body are out of place. I am looking for and wandering around to miss a good relationship, hesitating and foolishly missing a good opportunity, drifting off and disorienting my conscience. Is it true that I have lost myself?? Sometimes, I don’t know whether I am fragile like a hedgehog or aloof like a rose, and I always hurt myself unconsciously.! Sometimes, knowing that people should not only endure loneliness, but also endure monotony and mediocrity, they must have a heart that is unwilling to be lonely and ordinary, exhausted, when they are black and blue all over, or when they return, they will become ordinary. Or forget, such as moths.     Life is a line segment or a circle? If it is a line segment, why does winter go to spring and flowers bloom and fall, we can’t find out where it comes from and where it goes? If it is a circle, year after year, year after year, then what is its center and radius? I don’t know, I don’t understand: At the beginning, I came to the world in a muddle, and when I left the world clean. Past lives, who am I, this life, who am I? Past lives, who promised who? In this world, who failed to live up to who? The afterlife, who repaid who? unknown. The ancients made herringbone so simple, who made the heart so complicated? A person came to the world alone, experiencing all his joys and sorrows, success and failure, even if birth, death and illness seemed doomed, and finally he left the world alone.. In this way, a person’s life is just a passer-by with nothing to bring or take away from the world.. Many people say that they will understand many things when they die, such as worry, pain, money, righteousness, affection and friendship. I think it is just a guess for the living, just as we can’t understand what kind of thoughts they will have when they were born. If they must say yes, I think it should be fear of the known and the unknown..     In the world, people and people, people and animals, people and nature are all connected with each other. What love is? How much grief and resentment, how much delusion and anger, how much love and hatred, accompany our life. Love is like a net, we are all prey it catches, accidentally falling into it, entangling, unable to dial.Love is like a double-edged sword, once touched, it will eventually be wounded. In the world of mortals, we who eat human fireworks go there to borrow a pair of eye – catching, to make love and hate clear and clear.?     Those who like the net name ” smoke” may be due to their deep understanding of smoke: smoke, when in a good mood, it is fireworks, like poetry and paintings, and Ana is colorful; When the mood is bad, it is smoke and mist, illusory, like a demon. Whether far or near, thick or light, it always comes and goes without a trace. He took it up, thought he had grasped it, spread out his hands, and there was nothing left.. Things are generally so, everything is like passing clouds, everything is gone, everything is gone.     A colleague resigned, and I wrote a parting blessing for him in space: I hope you will go there with ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, and ease! Longitudinal is a laundry list of nonsense, how can I express my heart’s endless love for children and helplessness, and the banquet will be held all over the world. Acquaintance is an edge, but separation is also an edge. The edge gathers and disperses, the origin, the edge falls, the edge lives and the edge dies. Who can grasp it, who can see through it, and who can put it down?