Do you have to go to bed to love someone? Zodiac Man Tells You the Truth

Have you ever met a boyfriend who asked to have sex with you before long? If you refuse, you will worry about the boyfriend’s unhappiness. Why do boys always want to go to bed?? Do you have to go to bed to love someone? Then let Zodiac Man tell you the truth!   Point of view 1: to! This is proof and sublimation of feelings.!   Sex enables lovers to find The Cormorant TV. This is why they must go to bed. It is inevitable that when love is strong, they will like someone and want to have her. Why do they want to suppress their own impulses? Since they are lovers, why can’t they do something shameful together?? Once in love, every physical contact is beautiful. How can these acquisitiveness and sexual desire’s strong constellation men suppress themselves??   Support the following contents of the constellation: Scorpio, Aries, Sagittarius Point of View II: No, you can express your love in other ways, why do you want to go to bed.   These constellation men can’t say that they don’t have sexual desire, but they know better how to control their Desire and respect the woman’s concerns. Moreover, the more traditional constellation men will support the statement that there is no relationship before marriage. After all, it seems irresponsible for them to enjoy the treatment after marriage before marriage. Besides, love can be expressed by taking their sister to play and buying her sister buy buy. Why must they go to bed so early??   Support the following contents of constellation: Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo Point of View III: Marriage With A Liar, More Insurance.   Since these constellation men have fallen in love with each other, they will definitely consider living together in the future. The relationship is stable. However, they do not know whether the degree of mutual agreement is high or not in the aspect of sex. In case of incompatibility in that aspect, which will affect the future sexual life, it is better to try to be safer first. These constellation men believe that on the basis of stable feelings, premarital sex is not impossible..   Support the following elements of the constellation: Leo, Cancer, Libra Point of View IV The following elements: Let nature take its course and follow its course.   These constellation men’s views are more neutral, and they are not sure to have relationships or refuse to have relationships.. Everything is left to each other’s feelings, let nature take its course, and when the time is ripe, we will do some things. if the woman refuses, it doesn’t matter, it won’t affect her love, because compared with the physical pleasure, these attach more importance to the spiritual fit, of course, there are needs in this area will not refuse..   Support the following contents of the constellation: Pisces, Aquarius, Gemini original music articles, reprint must indicate the source

Aquarius is from what month to what month

Aquarius is the date of birth from January 20 to February 18. Aquarius is also known as Aquarius, Air signs, and is ruled by Saturn and Uranus.. Aquarius has an independent personality and likes to explore and observe.. Curiosity is strong and freedom is advocated. Because their ideas are often Alone thinking of a different way and subvert tradition, they will give people an odd impression, which makes them difficult to integrate into the crowd and give people the impression of being independent and inaccessible..   The basic characteristics of Aquarius are as follows: The sun is located in Aquarius. People pursue freedom, have unique personality and advanced ideas, are extremely innovative and are pioneers of new ideas.. He is intelligent and free from vulgarity. He does not like to go with the flow. He has never dealt according to his cards. He is calm, amiable to others, modest and polite..   Aquarius has the following specific characteristics: Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, and Uranus dominates. Aquarius is ahead of time and full of pioneering spirit.. Personality friendly fraternity, creativity and foresight, good at observation and analysis. The sun falls on Aquarius. People don’t follow customs and don’t like The Conformist. They speak and do things with interest, have their own ideas, pursue a unique way of life, and emphasize spiritual and material enrichment.. Curiosity, good at rational analysis, often combine strong desire with independent spirit.. I like to make decisions with free thoughts and follow my inclinations..   Aquarius has the following physical characteristics: Aquarius is a natural clothes hanger, with uniform muscles in both hands and legs, and longer arms than the average person.. He has a well-proportioned figure and graceful lines.. What handsome men and beautiful women, the skin is generally good, looks very healthy, shapely, with a charm of amorous feelings.   Aquarius has the following style: Aquarius is very talented, likes creativity, is independent, does not like to dominate or be dominated, likes to use its own unique method to deal with problems.. The maverick style is easy to give people strange feeling, good at analyzing and planning, and willing to cooperate with others in work..   Aquarius personality blind spot the following content: Aquarius needs to pay attention to, sometimes too insist on your own opinion, will appear stubborn, easy to self-centered. Likes innovation, but pursues excessively is unusual, also easy to cause the contradiction. Too rational, easy to give the impression of indifference.   Aquarius summarizes the following contents: Aquarius is a constellation with strong individualism and intelligence. Its greatest characteristic is innovation. It pursues a unique lifestyle and advocates freedom.. Aquarius is the “star of friendship” in the constellation twelve. they are friendly to people and pay attention to privacy. they like to make friends with all kinds of friends, but it is really difficult to make friends with them. it takes a long time to really make friends with them.. They will appear aloof and distant from their families and will not be able to express their feelings towards them..

The constellations that don’t play cards according to routine most

I’ve been on the road for a long time, either you or someone else. If you want to be excluded from the routine, you must not play according to the routine.. Look at these constellations that don’t play cards according to routine at ordinary times ~ Gemini’s routine is the longest way to walk, but Gemini won’t fall into someone else’s trap.. Gemini’s brain, inside, has all sorts of strange ideas to come up with. He doesn’t know how to play cards.. Whether it’s love or friends, Gemini often likes to play tricks on others, make some practical jokes, make oneself happy, let a person in distress situation. This naughty Gemini, did you want to hit his Sagittarius? Sagittarius likes not to walk the usual way. What’s the point of taking the way that everyone else has walked and playing the routine that everyone else has played?? Sagittarius does not like to be the same as others, so what do you think the shooter will do, the shooter will not do much, and sometimes he will even oppose others. as long as the shooter is happy, there is nothing impossible.. Sagittarius’s ideas are always unconstrained and unconstrained, and it is not Sagittarius’s nature to play according to the rules.!   Aquarius Funny Fellows Aquarius gourd inside sell what medicine, who also can’t guess. Aquarius always likes to nest in his small world of inside, working on things he is interested in and having few common topics with others.. Aquarius does not like to follow the crowd, nor does it follow others. No matter what you do, you will have your own ideas.. This is the kind of person who does not play according to the rules. You never know what he will do next time.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

The Five Constellation Men Who Die Most in Love

In love, your boyfriend besides IQ offline said drink more hot water, what is the act of death, love will be the most deadly five constellations male, see if your constellation male on the list?   Libra men in the hearts of Libra men, for each predecessor has left a small position, in the pursuit of his girlfriend routine said that he had sent his predecessor’s all kinds of packaging, soon found with his predecessor’s chat record and lovers ring, under the excuse that it is impossible to deal with every corner together for a long time, really die..   Pisces male Pisces male although romantic, romantic to romantic, mouth is still tide wait for no man, said his girlfriend is a small fat sister, round face, after suffering eye contact kill said his favorite girlfriend’s face round and little fat figure, once or twice it still works, in the long run just want to let his girlfriend shouted go to hell!   Idol, whom the Aries male girlfriend regards as a the god, has been devalued by the Aries male. Don’t you like it or not? I wonder if the Queen’s taste really wants her to replace you, Big Aries.?!   The lion man laughed at his girlfriend regardless of the occasion. from the driving technique to the driving route, his friends were present. the lion man talked more and more excitedly. he just couldn’t see his girlfriend’s black face and red face switching from side to side. he also felt that he was in an active atmosphere. oh, my god! wake up, lion man.   The Aquarius man and girlfriend put on makeup, thinking that The flaming lips was Trouble Every Day. Her face was powdered, her clothes were scantily clad, her skirt was knee-high and her face was plain school uniform. She said she couldn’t take it out. She looked gaunt and dark circles under her eyes fell to the ground. What kind of trouble was she going to make?? See if there is anything wrong with it, or if the water bottle is fine looking for abuse.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

The three most exquisite constellations in my life

Everyone has their own pursuit. Many people are busy with their career and neglect their life. In fact, living a life is also a science.. The three most exquisite constellations in my life are really enviable.!   Capricorn is very enterprising, but Capricorn also attaches great importance to family life.. When you come home from work, Capricorn likes to cook a delicious dinner for your family, make a delicious drink and enjoy life with your family.. At ordinary times work is very busy, so we need to relax appropriately.. If life is completely filled with work, Capricorn will feel very boring and have no fun in life, so Capricorn will lead a fine life..   Pisces Pisces is the most romantic and enjoyable sign in life! Pisces like festivals very much. They have to celebrate all kinds of festivals, big and small. Whether it’s a traditional Chinese festival or a western festival, Pisces will dress up the family well, prepare some small gifts for family and friends, or invite relatives and friends to come to the home to have fun.. Pisces’ romantic little thoughts can always lead a wonderful life.!   Libra Libra is a constellation that pays great attention to quality of life. They have a good eye and pay great attention to quality in life.. Libra has a lot of research on clothes and make-up and must match them well every day when going out. hairstyle, makeup and clothes must be matched harmoniously, so almost every Libra will make people feel very delicate.. If it’s a date or a festival, Libra will dress herself up more elaborately. The smaller the day, the more delicate it will be.! Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

The Three Constellations with Strong Appearance and Super Weak Heart

How many people are used to pretending to be strong and to pretend that they are doing well, but they are not happy at all.? We can no longer lose our temper at will, and we can no longer escape from it.. Let’s see who are the three constellations that are strong in appearance and weak in heart.?   Aries: In fact, Aries, who is always impetuous, is easily injured. She always likes to be in front when doing things, giving people a particularly brave feeling.. But is Aries really so fearless? In fact, Aries is always the first person to eat crabs, and the damage is not small. If Aries has negative emotions, she will drink with friends, or sing to vent, or even cry a lot.. However, tomorrow is another energetic Aries. It can only be said that Aries still needs a lot of protection and love in her heart..   Scorpio’s following content: High cold only protects its shell. Many people say Scorpio looks very high cold and is not easy to approach.. In fact, it is very cold, but Scorpio protects its shell.. Scorpio knows that one cannot pour one’s heart out to others, place one’s hopes on others, and only oneself is disappointed in the end.. Therefore, Scorpio does not have many friends all the time, some of them are special friends..   Capricorn’s following contents: What is Capricorn’s heart like when a child eager to be loved always shows a stable and mature image? If you know Capricorn, you will find that his inner world is not as mature as his outer appearance.. Thanks to flour, who is also childlike, he longs to be loved and someone can shield him from the rain for thanks.. A person is very tired after being strong for a long time.. Capricorn especially hopes that individuals can rely on each other and know how to thank the kindness and weakness in their hearts.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

What is the sexiest thing for a girl to wear in the eyes of a man in the twelve constellations??

Do you want to attract the attention of the man you like?? In fact, every man cares very much about his sister’s clothes. Some clothes can make her feel especially sexual. So let’s look at what is the sexiest thing for a girl in the eyes of twelve constellations men.!   The following contents of Aries: Most of the time, the Aries men who think with their lower bodies in Décolletage can’t control most is that girls wear low-cut clothes, and a pair of proud white double peaks are half covered and half covered to ensure that the eyes of the Aries men can see straight nosebleeds..   Taurus: Taurus men like to watch girls show their white, tender and long thighs, which makes them extremely sexy. As the hip-wrapped skirt goes down, the appearance of underpants looms and makes people want to hold them from behind..   Gemini: Gemini men like to admire girls’ flat lower abdomen and beautiful navel, so showing slim waist and flat and beautiful lower abdomen is very attractive to Gemini men and looks very sexy..   Cancer’s following content: apron-type home cancer men like the feeling of being at home very much. They think that girls wearing skirts and aprons look very feminine. They especially want to marry and go home. If they can support naked aprons, cancer men will probably be killed to the death..   Leo’s following content: his white shirt lion man is very strong, very fond of his Girlfriend just after taking a bath, wearing underwear and then wearing his big white shirt, looks particularly petite and sexy, the large white skin exposed from the messy neckline almost want to severely grow strawberries.   Virgo’s following content: Virgo men with shoulder-revealing clothes are more reserved, revealing their chests and thighs is too tacky, revealing their shoulders is not only elegant but also colorful, and girls show their beautiful collarbones, which makes people think about the following parts infinitely..   The following contents of Libra: Libra men in Slip dress are fascinated by the simple style of Slip dress that girls wear. If it is white, it is better and looks very slim and pure. The natural feeling that people cannot bear to profane is actually sexy..   Scorpio’s following contents: Sexy Sleeping Skirt in Perspective Scorpio men like stimulation very much. Wearing sexy sleeping skirt in perspective is the best option to seduce Scorpio men. Light and thin cloth can reveal wonderful ketone body with a slight pull, ensuring Scorpio men can sleep hot and dry all night..   Sagittarius: Bikini Sagittarius Men Like Girls’ Healthy Body Shape and Skin Color, Various Bikini Can Show Women’s Tight and Beautiful Body to the Maximum, Bikini Is the First Choice to Show Sagittarius Men Sexiness.   Capricorn’s following content: uniform temptation is always a face of rigid Capricorn men at work. Actually, Capricorn men are special in Man show. Uniform temptation can make their blood boil most. Normally, a formal uniform will make Capricorn men more sexually excited when used in sexual situations..   Aquarius: Designing Sexy Role-playing Clothes Aquarius Men don’t like ordinary clothes. Designing sexy role-playing clothes is special and unique. The sexy and unique flavor is something that everyday clothes can’t show. brain hole’s neat Aquarius men like this kind of clothes..   The following contents of Pisces: Vintage Themed Wedding Skirt Pisces men also have a dream of chivalry in their hearts, hoping to marry their own princess. Therefore, the most romantic Pisces man’s clothes are Vintage Themed Wedding Skirt. Girls wear pure and noble clothes, even better with childlike baby faces.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

What constellation is Danson Tang

What constellation is Danson Tang? Danson Tang is an introverted big boy, no matter when talking about bitter past or achievements, his face is always a calm expression, he is kind like the big brother of his neighbor. Let’s take a look at his constellations today.!   Virgo’s Danson Tang (Danson Tang) was born on September 2, 1984 in Keelung, Taiwan Province. He is a male singer, movie actor and program host of Taiwan pop music in China.. In 2003, Danson Tang signed a contract with eight major TV stations and starred in his first TV series “Pool Boy” the following year.. On July 9, 2007, Danson Tang signed AI Hui Records and released his first music album “Love Me” on August 17 of the same year. With this album, he also won the third KKBOX Music Awards New Player of the Year award.. In 2009, Danson Tang released his second music album “D” New Attraction “and won the kiDulty Prize in” 2009 Modern Shanghai Brilliant Award in Woe ” . In 2010, he starred in his first movie “Armor hero Emperor.”. In 2011, Danson Tang released three solo albums “Travel to Tomorrow” and won the Taiwan Outstanding Young Singer Award for the 8th Golden Melody Awards with the single of the same name[4] . In 2013, she starred in the love drama “Love in Time”. In 2016, he starred in the urban suspense TV series “The Adventure for Love” and sang the episode of the same name..   Virgo’s luck is good in 2016.! The career vision has been improved, the environment has been changed at will, the performance has been improved, the growth of financial reports has gradually become normal, and the work efficiency and Quality Control have gradually been affirmed.. There is a wave of short career and academic climax.. Sudden increase in unexpected wealth. Love is a matter of care. Come on, Danson Tang! Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

What kind of experience is it to fall in love with these scumbag constellations??

I want to know what it is like to fall in love with these scumbag constellations.? When it comes to scum, it cannot be separated from cheating, cheating and cheating.. Let’s take a look at what it is like to fall in love with Zodiac!   The Libra entertainment circle reported several cases of libra male stars cheating this year, while their wives almost all chose patience and tolerance.. To be honest, libra men do all look like a man of striking appearance and be talented in letters and unconventional in life, but men who pay so much attention to appearance are easily seduced by those coquettish bitches.. Can’t control your libra man, will you get Yagodka lyubvi??   Sagittarius Sagittarius men have always been called prodigals, giving the impression that they are less serious.. With Sagittarius, you will find that Sagittarius really loves to play and will ignore many things because of his strong playing heart.. Girls may think that the shooter male does not pay enough attention to the teaching assistants and is very upset to be outside Crazy Sex all day long..   Because of their romantic talents, Pisces boys are doomed not to be honest and kind.. He is especially good at pleasing girls, so women are also very good, always surrounded by many Yingying Yan Yan. Girls will mind boys who are so flirtatious, but many Pisces men have taken this life as normal, and can only say that things change and nature cannot change.. Everyone is still Do and Chrish! Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

How are the twelve constellations jealous?

How are the twelve constellations jealous? People who are more possessive are very jealous, and if they see their other half associate with other members of the opposite sex, they will be very unhappy.. Let’s look at the jealousy of the twelve constellations.?   Aries has the following content: direct anger Aries is very direct in mood. seeing what intimate contact her object has with other members of the opposite sex, she will get angry directly. it is possible to even hit people. Aries is really irritable in this respect..   Taurus: Taurus, who deliberately dates the opposite sex in Man show, will not show it directly even if he is upset when he is jealous. Instead, they will go on a date with the opposite sex to let you know and see how you perform..   Gemini: You are forbidden to associate with the opposite sex. Gemini is actually jealous of your other half. If Gemini sees you associate with the opposite sex, Gemini will directly ask you not to have another one or break up..   Cancer’s following: paranoid and sensitive cancer is psychologically prepared for this kind of thing, but it can’t help being paranoid. they can’t help doubting the other half. if there is evidence, they will start crying..   Leo: volcanic eruption Leo people are very possessive and jealous. they cannot accept their other half to associate with the opposite sex. if they see a volcanic eruption, they will have a big fight until they concede..   Virgo’s following content: Cold War Virgo is easy to think too much. Starting from a little thing, the brain fills up a lot of pictures. The more he thinks about it, the more horrible he is. He always feels that the other party has changed his mind, is unreliable, and his attitude has become cold. He even hides from meeting again..   Libra’s following content: Libra is not too concerned about being an experienced lover. Libra is always very open to emotional matters and will not be jealous for small things.. As long as you don’t encounter problems of principle, everything else is easy to say..   Scorpio has the following contents: Scorpio who has evidence and reason will not forget to leave evidence even when he is jealous. when the time comes, dump the evidence and see how you can explain it. if the explanation is reasonable, it can be discussed. if it cannot be explained, it can only be bye-bye..   Sagittarius has the following content: Hold on to an outburst. Although Sagittarius laughing heartily is jealous all day long, in fact, Sagittarius will not hold on to these things all day long. They will hold on to their anger and erupt together..   Capricorn’s Words Become Bitter and Sour If one day you find that his speech has become strange and he still doesn’t like Away from Her, then you must be jealous and angry. Capricorn won’t say it directly. At such times, you should apologize at once..   Aquarius: Aquarius in Tsundere will pretend as if nothing has happened when he is jealous, and even pretend to inquire about each other’s information. If he feels that he is not equal to himself, he will cut the Gordian knot if his opponent is strong..   The following is what Pisces says: Cry and make a fuss. Pisces’ feelings cannot tolerate any flaws. When jealous, they will cry and make a fuss, and even die and live. Making the other half feel distressed is the purpose of Pisces.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.