4 ambush venture capital bank holding over 10% regulatory storm clinging to the door of rude people

Click to view the regulatory documentation requirements, the same controller by holding a bank financial products shall not exceed 5%, the implementation of transmissive supervision of major shareholders。Future, venture capital want to be "savage" attack bank recently increased the difficulty of the door, issued a "Notice of the General Office of China Banking Regulatory Commission to do commercial bank equity management Interim Measures for the implementation of related work" and "the General Office under the China Banking Regulatory Commission on Regulating the regulators notification report matters of commercial bank shareholders' two supporting documents (hereinafter referred to as "complementary" notice "")。Documentation requirements, a single investor, the issuer or manager and the actual controller, affiliates, control persons acting in the same bank financial products hold more than 5% of the shares, set aside a year for rectification。  Comprehensive sent the last annual report and three quarterly data, the "Investor News" reporter Statistics found that in the current A shares of 26 listed banks, the stake Merchants Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Minsheng Bank and Industrial Bank this four banks over 5% of the shareholders, the emergence of the people's insurance Group, Ampang insurance and life insurance's financial DS-rich product figure。  In this connection, the "Investor News" reporter to the parties concerned were asked to verify and, most agencies did not give a response, there are a number of banks to the Annual Report 2017 has not yet announced refused to disclose the current changes in equity。  Equity Bank to put on the "magic" January 5 this year, commercial banks in order to strengthen equity management, standardize the behavior of commercial banks shareholders, regulators make up the short board, issued a "commercial bank equity Interim Measures" (hereinafter referred to as the CBRC "approach" ), which is a clear range of shareholders, major shareholders to address the problem of abuse of shareholders' rights, the establishment of intervention operations and initiatives red line caused by market concern。  "Rules" display, the same investors and related parties, persons acting as major shareholder of the number of shares shall not be more than two commercial banks, or controlling the number of commercial banks not more than one。The main shareholder here defined as "possession or control of commercial banks more than 5% of the shares or voting rights, or the total amount of capital or total shares held less than 5%, but have a significant impact on the Management of Commercial Bank shareholders。"Subsequently, the stock of shareholders to focus on resolving regulatory issues and implement improvement, issued by the regulators complete" notification "shows that financial products can hold shares of listed commercial banks, but a single investor, the issuer or manager and the actual controller, related parties, persons acting in control of financial products total shares held by the same commercial bank shall not exceed 5% of the total shares of the commercial bank。Commercial banks not to issue major shareholders, management or other financial products through the same means of control held by commercial banks shares。  For rectification period, regulators also give a clear, supporting the "notice" requirement, in principle, should be on the date of the "measures" the implementation of the completion (ie, until January 5, 2019) within one year of corrective。  In addition, commercial banks shareholders and related parties, or persons acting alone or together hold a total stake of the total capital of commercial banks more than 1%, 5% or less, it should be through commercial banks to 10 working days after receiving the respective equity CBRC or its representative offices report。  Regulators repeatedly said in public: "In the commercial bank equity management, must implement the principle of penetration, improve the transparency of ownership, implicit norms and shareholders holding shares on behalf of the phenomenon."。CBRC in supporting the "Notice" answered reporters' questions in the next focus of consolidation, which refers to "the small and medium commercial banks and shareholders equity as key elements of corporate governance, included 2018 site inspection plan。"4 banks face rectification So, what will be the equity of commercial banks face a rectification of it?As of March 15, only Ping An Bank released the 2017 Annual Report, the latest disclosure of the ownership structure, other listed banks in 2017 three quarterly statistics point of view, China Merchants Bank, Minsheng Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and Industrial Bank are present in the same the company's products to its financial stake of more than 5% of the phenomenon, and have reached more than 10%。  Specifically, Ampang Insurance's "traditional products" held by China Merchants Bank 10.72% of the shares; Ampang Insurance's "Healthy investment portfolio", "traditional products", "traditional" were holding Minsheng Bank 6.49%, 4.4 and 56%.49% of the shares, the total stake to 15.54%; DS rich life Life's "traditional products", "capital", "universal H" respectively held by Shanghai Pudong Development Bank 9.47% 6.01% and 4.33% of the shares, a total of 19 holdings.81%, the highest proportion of bank holdings of financial products; In addition, PICC's "ordinary insurance products" and PICC Life's "a risk bonus", "universal insurance" were held by the Industrial Bank 4.56%, 3.86%, 2.28% of the shares, the total holdings of related parties 10.7%。These products are found in the top ten shareholders in the bank。  Guard against financial risks with conducting business difficult to see the proportion of equity held by banks overrun financial products all insurance funds。Why risk capital so banks prefer?South China, who asked not to be named, told the "Investor News" reporter, currently half of bank shares listed dispersed to the venture capital opportunities, many of them are party funds coveted banking license; secondly, bank stocks overall valuation is not high, getting good earnings expectations, the banking sector in 2017 rose more than 14%, has become the subject of venture capital chasing investment; moreover, bank stocks are mostly large-cap stocks, funds can be achieved placards and not that much, regarded as one of venture capital。  In fact, rumors of consolidation of venture capital holdings of banks have long。Earlier media reports said, as early as mid-2017 in the first half, Pong Group have left ICBC, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China listed the top ten shareholders。In November the same year, market rumors the regulatory requirements in Ampang Group transfers the Minsheng Bank and China Merchants Bank shares, the stake to up to 5%。To reduce the impact on the market, the regulatory authorities recommend Pong Group by way of withdrawal or non-public holdings。Currently, regulators are helping to find the right Ampang stake then set side。  In this regard, CSC analyst Yang Rong in the study reported that regulators intent on the one hand is to reduce the likelihood of financial risk of infection with the industry, on the other hand is an investment in long-term value of the bank's funding guide。  While rectification, regulators, commercial banks are also shareholders of the non-compliance of the credit limit has been restricted。Circumstances require commercial banks before the completion of the rectification, not a sequel or a new credit business, aimed at implementing the association between listed banks and shareholders to prevent transactions, transfer of benefits。  Although all parties involved are on the rectification to remain silent, but the industry still believe that this is conducive to the development bank。"Regulators will set the 5% of the placards line of financial products investment ceiling, both to prevent a similar re-staged 'Po Wan dispute' highly leveraged takeovers, but also reduces the risk of related party transactions between the bank and the shareholders of。"The analysts said。  Related reports

"1.400 million Chinese man can not be a "do not clearly Changshan Pharmaceutical executives have cash in 80 million

Changshan Pharmaceutical operate this wave of God!  In the May 15 announcement that the Chinese men with erectile dysfunction (ED) patients about 1.400 million people a hot topic, after the stock soared the daily limit for two consecutive days (May 16, May 17 rose 9.6%), the company today (May 17) announced that the high SOAR High will Xia, Ding Jianwen, Huang Guosheng, etc. Today, four executives a total reduction of 1008 million shares, reducing the amount of over 87.64 million yuan。  According to 2017 Annual Report, tree Huawei Changshan Pharmaceutical Company's controlling shareholder, actual controller, and served as chairman and general manager, holds 36.41% of the shares of the company。As director Ding Jianwen, deputy general manager, Huang Guosheng, deputy general manager for the company, the high will Xia is one of the founders of the company。  Every time there was Xiao Bian noted that after the announcement caused heated discussion on social media, it Changshan Pharmaceutical stocks, many investors questioned said that a story is to Changshan Pharmaceutical executives pulled holdings。  It is worth noting that last October 28, Changshan Pharmaceutical's announcement that the controlling shareholder of the high Shuhua, director Chen Xi, director Ding Jianwen, senior management Huang Guosheng, senior management Zhiying proposed within ten on October 28, 2017 within six months fell by nearly 30 million shares after five days。Today is the last day of the six-month period。  Meanwhile, Changshan Pharmaceutical 17th night announcement that: the company's stock for two consecutive days (May 16, 2018, 17) closing price deviation from the cumulative value of more than 20%, according to the relevant provisions of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, is case of abnormal fluctuations in stock。  Changshan Pharmaceutical said that although the company has now achieved a relevant approval documents required for the production of sildenafil citrate, but the product production, sales require a certain time and not immediately realize sales in the short term on the company results will not cause a significant impact。New products market size, market share and promote progress and may be lower than expected, future product sales have greater uncertainty。Current market sildenafil citrate manufacturers including Pfizer, Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain and Jiangsu Yabang, which Pfizer still holds the major market share。In addition, there are a number of domestic manufacturers ready to produce sildenafil citrate, the product of post-market competition intensified at risk。  In recent years has been to expand the "Viagra" business May 15 evening, Changshan Pharmaceutical (300 255.SZ) announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary of a treatment for ED tablet product obtained GMP certificate, the products can be marketed。The company said in a statement, 1.400 million Chinese people suffer from ED, broad market。    Public information, also known as sildenafil citrate, Viagra, Chinese referred to as "Viagra"。"Viagra" is the English transliteration of Viagra, a drug originally by the US Pfizer (Pfizer Company) pharmaceutical companies to develop and produce a treatment for angina。  In clinical trials, it was found that the effect of its general treatment of angina pectoris, but then treat impotence with special effects。This unexpected discovery prompted manufacturers to drug therapy altogether declaration of impotence。March 27, 1997, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) formally approved the drug as a dedicated drug treatment for impotence。  Since May 2014 Pfizer's Viagra patent expires in China, more than 20 domestic manufacturers have to fight domestic "Viagra" approval of generic drugs, hoping to win a share of the market。  Daily News reporter noted that in recent years, Hebei Changshan Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (listed company that is Changshan Pharmaceutical) has been continuously expanding such products business。  May 2017, Changshan Pharmaceutical announced that for the good of sildenafil products preparatory work for listing, to better meet customer and market demand, decided to establish sildenafil sales division in the company's sales men, with overall responsibility for the West sildenafil product sales。  In October 2017, which said, Hebei Province received Food and Drug Administration issued a "drug GMP certificates", certifications range of pharmaceutical raw materials。Obtain the certificate, indicating Changshan Pharmaceutical sildenafil citrate raw material drug production quality management system in line with the "Good Manufacturing Practice", it can be formally put into production and on sale。  ▲ Changshan Pharmaceutical official website screenshot According to the latest announcement, the wholly owned subsidiary of Changshan medicine was "Drug GMP Certificate" certified workshop is a solid preparation workshop, the production of varieties of sildenafil citrate tablets。This means that, Changshan medicine can officially put into operation and sale of "Viagra" products, from raw material medicine "evolution" into a tablet。  (Note: the drug, by chemical synthesis, or a plant extract prepared biotechnologies powder used as the pharmaceutically acceptable, crystalline, extract and the like, the patient can not be taken directly, a substance needed for further processing; the formulation, such as tablets, capsules and the like, are under Pharmacopoeia standards pharmaceutical formulation prescribed norms, or extracts made after processing has a certain size, it can be used directly in the prophylactic treatment of a class of drugs。) Reporter Administration Food and Drug Administration official website to retrieve in the country "sildenafil citrate" found that the current total of 16 "Zhunzi" approval number of the product record, involving a total of 10 companies, pharmaceutical raw materials and dosage form is divided into different specifications of the tablet。  ▲ Source: National Food Drug Administration official website of the company relations point of view, Changshan Biochemical Pharmaceutical (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Changshan medicine; Changzhou Yabang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Yabang Epson Pharmaceutical Ltd. belong to Jiangsu Yabang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. subsidiary。  1.400 million people suffer from ED, fly it?  Changshan Pharmaceutical said in a statement, according to statistics, the number of patients about domestic ED 1.400 million people, which assume 30% of the treatment, the number will reach 42 million, ED patients receiving treatment can assume multiple use drugs each year, the future of China's potential market size is expected to reach ten billion yuan level, the market is vast。  According to the National Bureau of Statistics published data show that the year 2016, the total number of male population of about 7.0800000000。If this is the case of the base, according to the statement Changshan medicine, almost every five men there is one person suffering from ED– this is not excluded in juvenile males。  Some users questioned the data in Shares。  In this regard, Daily Economic News reporters Jin Ri and Zhi Diangai Securities Department, the official said, the data from the State Securities two years ago。It said the company also saw a number of other data sources, generally are similar。For example, once disclosed Baiyun Mountain 1.2.7 billion people suffer from ED data, so the company believes 1.There are still 400 million data reliability。  Reporters combed found that in September 2017, a Dongxing Securities research reported, China 20-70 year old male in ED prevalence rate of about 26%, the number of patients 1.About 300 million。  ▲ Source: Dongxing Securities in February 2017, a Soochow Securities research reported on Baiyun Mountain, the number of ED patients in China about 1.2.7 billion。  ▲ Source: 2015 Soochow Securities, Ping An Securities in a research report claimed that the number of Chinese patients with ED 8000 million。  ▲ Source: Ping An Securities But others hold more conservative views。November 14, 2016, Guangsheng appear (300436.SZ) issued a bulletin to get sildenafil citrate clinical documents relating to point out, ED patients a conservative estimate, about 100 million people worldwide, of which the number of patients in China is about 20 million。

Crush, in this Allure

Buddha said: There is no Bodhi tree, nor stand mirror。I had no one, where dye dust。    Buddhist high and lofty spiritual realm is: There seems to be a non, like real non-real, it seems like to think non。    Life hastily decades, how many clutch misery。There are always some things, some people always linger in our hearts, the slightest ripple Dangqi。Once upon a time, that the southern town of dim misty rain, and that's tragic Saibei desert sky, and that the vast grassland plains of Northern Fortress……I have to tie him down heart。Person's life there are a lot of passing, also owned peek into the beautiful mistake。It is to play it away, or buried in my heart?Some people, no modification beyond recognition, without rhetoric dress。Unconsciously, has entered my mind, under the stars, rain, love, sweet and bitter。However, at the crossroads of life, we do not wander, do not hesitate。Choose to forget or into eternity。At that moment, we do not know who。    I traveled south to play in the season that face, etc., such as Lotus litter。    Spring is not blowing, March Spring Quarters without covering your heart, such as small casement tight cover。    I Dada Horseshoe is a beautiful mistake。    I am not owned by people, is a traveler。    That Encounter is a beautiful mistake, wrong time to meet the person, it was said: Secret Love is a beautiful and exotic kiwi, not pro is easy to try it。I would like to be packaged memory, long buried it。    Gently you go, as you gently to。

You do not know the secret to make sex more wonderful bed

6.Men will see red sexual arousal, a woman will see purple fantasy Spain Medical experts say that men will see red sexual arousal, while women because of menstruation, but there will see a red physiological fear。 In the intimate atmosphere of a purple bedroom, the woman's sexual excitement will be higher than usual half a percent。 Because purple color similar to human mucous membranes, can make a woman produce a rich fantasy。 7.Morning and fall, men are most anxious man sex is not on call。 Finnish medical experts say, is directly proportional to the degree of a man's sexual desire and male hormone the body。 Early morning male hormone secretion is one and a half day at noon, more than 16 percent higher at night; and each fall is the male hormone in men a year the most productive time。
8.After falling asleep sooner affectionate man body better stop after her boyfriend affectionate asleep quickly lost!France Sexual Medicine, the researchers said, and the man's cerebral cortex in neuromuscular at high tide height, transient excited state, to be followed with excitement quickly dissipated loss of neurons into the suppression of the urgent need to sleep。
Inhibition of neuronal the sooner, the man's body, the stronger the ability to repair。 Therefore, affectionate man after falling asleep sooner, but the more excellent physical condition。 9.Sex life can be an important reason for the treatment of insomnia American physiologist survey found that sex is not perfect insomnia。
Because sex life can help you relieve brain pressure, reduce the activity of neurons in the night, there is an excellent hypnotic effect。 You do not know the secret of the bed 10.After a cold drink irritate the stomach often affectionate intimacy after then you do not feel thirsty to drink cold drinks!You can drink warm water。
South Korean medical experts say, when your affectionate gastrointestinal blood vessels has been expanded state, gastrointestinal mucosa congestion, then a cold drink will stimulate the stomach, causing stomach cramps or stomach cramps。
For more information, please visit Health 6681 health network!。

Middle-aged men how a healthy diet regimen?

From the diet, with particular attention to control total calories to avoid obesity。To strictly control the fat intake, reducing intake of saturated fatty acids, no more than 50 grams per day。
The amount of added protein, general intake of 70 grams a day?100 g, wherein at least 1/3 of high-quality protein, such as meat, fish, eggs, milk and other。Not too much sugar, too much sugar is not only likely to be obese, but also increase the burden on the pancreas。To eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, to ensure adequate vitamins and fiber supplements。To more into calcium-rich milk, shrimp, seaweed, etc., to prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis embolism。
To salt and no more than 8 grams per day, so as not to cause high blood pressure and cerebrovascular disease。
In addition, middle-aged diet should be moderate, regular meals, so as not to cause digestive disorders and damage to health, to quit smoking, which is induced by the culprit of many diseases。If you drink, in moderation。Middle-aged diet, in addition to scientific arrangements for three meals a day, and pay attention to a balanced diet, we must also appropriate complementary foods with anti-aging effects。
Japanese scientists found that, although the Department of worker bees and Queen Bee born with the mother, but the worker bees only live for six months, while the Queen bee can live five years, the reason is: the former and the latter eat food honey royal jelly。
Royal jelly can stimulate the pituitary and adrenal glands, and promote tissue of oxygen and blood circulation, thus revitalizing life。
It is said that Napoleon extraordinary energetic, but also because it is the royal jelly Jiufu。
Information has been confirmed, sesame seeds are rich in anti-aging ingredients vitamin E, can promote cell division, delay the aging of cells, eat inhibit the accumulation of material aging free radicals within the cell, thereby delaying the onset of aging。
Fish contain more unsaturated fatty acids, have the effect of anti-arteriosclerosis; black fungus coagulation substance containing a hindrance, prevent the occurrence of cerebrovascular disease eat。Radish can enhance macrophage in vivo cancer cells have the ability swallowed。
Mushrooms and other foods containing plant sterols substances, has anti-cancer effects。Natural foods are more ideal health food products against premature aging, middle-aged people should eat regular election。

What to eat to lose weight they help you burn calories

What to eat to lose weight lose weight has always been a topic of endless discussion, about the way to lose weight is also very much, then what to eat to lose weight can do the following small series to talk about what to eat to lose weight, they help you burn calories!10 kinds of food to help you burn calories 1.Grapefruit Grapefruit can speed up metabolism and help burn more calories。
This fruit may be extended digestion time, increase satiety。
Grapefruit is rich in fiber, help stabilize blood sugar levels。
An American study found that eating grapefruit has its unique effect of weight loss。
2.Calorie celery Celery contains a small amount of calories, when we enjoyed a delicious celery, the body in burning calories, and calories burned is much greater than celery provided。 In addition, celery can stimulate peristalsis。
Celery is rich in water and fiber, it is an excellent choice for a balanced diet。
However, if the body is not getting enough nutrients or minerals, choose celery will need to consider carefully, preferably with food and other food。
3.Studies have shown that whole grain cereals, whole grain cereals healthier than finishing grain, it can reduce the risk of chronic disease。
Digest whole grains require more time and therefore prolong satiety。 Whole grains low in fat, but rich in minerals and carbohydrates, healthy。 4.Green tea can well enhance metabolism, remove grease greasy。
This is very common hot, but healthy。 Green tea is rich in antioxidants, can speed up metabolism and help lose weight, is a good choice for ladies。
So, regardless of work or spare time, can be a cup of green tea, quietly enjoy its fragrance。 What to eat to lose weight 5.-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids scientifically proven, -3 is a metabolic regulator regulator。
Such -3 fatty acids, affect hormone leptin, leptin controls the burning rate of fat。
Because the body can not produce -3, so only through food intake, edible fish (tuna, herring, salmon) or -3 supplements。

TCM analysis of causes of nocturnal emission wet dream of what prescription

Analysis of the cause of Chinese medicine, nocturnal emission is most guys have experienced things that a lot of people just the beginning very shy embarrassed to say, the cause of Chinese medicine analysis of semen which together with the small series to see traditional Chinese medicine cause of semen analysis the introduction of it!Etiology emission TCM 1, where Auntie too emotional disorders, too much trouble, the heart yang alone Kang, Yin heart is burning, Firelight can not pay under the kidney, renal water can not be on the economy in mind, heart and kidney do not pay , water loss Huo, fine disturbance emission chamber。
In addition there thinking too much, injury Heart, leading to temper subsidence, refined gas is not taken, resulting in emission。
2, fail desire young and fit, in the situation moving, heart or crushes, desired fail, or long Masao Kuang, smoothies lust, Jieling heart Shenyao, Huo Jun phase, and emission chamber disturbed fine。
3, wine Atsumi improper diet, spleen injury, endogenous heat, Yun and heat, heat refined chamber disturbance or depression in the liver and gallbladder, force can be caused by emission fine tumble。 4, hither and indulgence TCM emission analysis of causes of youth early marriage, excessive sexual intercourse, or juvenile ignorance, frequent masturbation, drunk into the room or rooms, excessive indulgence, day off on kidney essence, or with fine room fire disturbances, kidney or not is the Gujing into a nocturnal emission。 Pathological nature pathogenesis of emission are not the actual situation, and more false is mixed。 Due to the phase Huo Jun, damp, disturbed fine room, fine off Without a solid and left were mostly true; kidney loss, sealing possession of dereliction of duty, fine off Without a solid and vent are mostly false。 Because in the beginning and more Huo, hot and humid, evidence-based, chronic illness with the fire, heat burns yin, kidney yin deficiency caused, even sinister and yang from yin and yang, kidney failure and other exhausted deficiency。
Wang and often appear in the pathological process of evolution, Yin heat and other evidence of the actual situation inclusions。

15 shares of social security funds coming out of 4 New Shares (list) | Social Security Fund

    Annual disclosure period, institutional latest trends in exposure positions!Social Security Fund Awkwardness change what happened?  15 shares of social security funds coming out of 4 New Shares are currently more than 100 companies released the 2017 Annual Report, the top ten shareholders of circulation data reveals the whereabouts of institutions。
Statistics show that Social Security Fund has appeared in 15 stocks, trends in terms of transfer positions, at the end of last year the Social Security Fund New, overweight, underweight stocks have four, while three stocks remained unchanged Social Security Fund float。
  From stake accounts for the outstanding shares of view, is the social security fund stake highest stocks, late last year a total of four social security funds coming out list of the top ten shareholders of circulation, the total shareholding 5296 million shares, representing outstanding shares%; Secondly, the social security fund to% stake; the remaining stocks held by the proportion of social security funds are below 5%。   New Social Security Fund of four stocks are ,,,, stake late last year were at more than 10 million shares。 National Social Security Fund portfolio at the end of last year four hundred twelve Nanshan Aluminum ranked seventh largest shareholder, the number of holdings to 3438 shares, the number of New Shares Up。
National Social Security Fund 102 Portfolio, the National Social Security Fund, one hundred and ten combinations of the collective large steel top ten tradable shareholders list for new parties, the total amount of 1360 million shares。   Social security funds get together hold stock data treasure statistics show that the current social security funds stocks appeared in a total of more than 5 stocks have two social security funds collectively held, Mount Emei A, Selen Science & Technology has four social security funds appear in the first ten circulation list of shareholders, not the total float past the end of the chain is a by one by; Fangda Special steel ,, there are two social security funds hold at the same time。
  4 Social Security Fund Awkwardness double the performance of the social security fund has always been known for sound investment, from the performance perspective, the current social security fund holds 15 stocks in 2017 to achieve full profitability, the growth rate, in addition to a slight decline in net profit, the rest net profit growth in both stocks appear ,, Fangda Special steel, Selen Science & Technology, Jiangnan high fiber and other four stocks net profit rose by more than 100% ;, Shen Tianma A, Changchun High-tech and other net profit also increased by more than 30%。   Market performance, the social security fund holds stocks rose an average of 15% during the year, outperforming the market each core index rose。
But the stock performance is more differentiation, Fangda Special Steel continued strong this year, the cumulative gain of more than 50% increase; Linefan medical cumulative increase over three percent ,, Nanjing Iron & Steel, and other rose more than one percent。 Poor Shen Tianma A, Changchun High-tech ,, Selen Science & Technology, such as performance, this year, the cumulative drop of more than one percent。   (Data Po)。

Make a woman blush fellatio skills quick start libido

Women already slow in terms of, if not properly stimulated, it is difficult to ignite the passion of sexual desire。
Especially after a busy day, the wife may be drowsy, and her husband spirit of the times。
American MSNBC website gives men some suggestions and tips that can make female sexuality quick start。
Her sense of smell to stimulate the survey shows that 71% of people think that body odor is a particular sex stimulants; about one-third of women of all ages appreciate the strong man, will swoon。
Men want to take advantage of this, on the one hand, try not to use too much taste of the bath bath, on the other hand can put her into her arms, so she quietly revel in your mind, feel your taste。 Do not let her wear underwear close-fitting underwear can outline curve, sexy show, sparking a man's desire。
But for women, bras and panties too close, let her worry about body。
After bathing her wear a loose silk pajamas, smooth fabrics can irritate her skin, so that women prone to sexual impulses。
Change the conversation a little bit provocative use of language, will be able to play very good results。 For example, fast work, in the office flirt send her a text message: the last time we have sex in the bathroom or kitchen that you are not feeling very nice that we do not try to find a new place tonight Experts believe that with provocative SMS can simultaneously mobilize both men and women's sexual radar, for the next action full of hope。 Enjoy the sweet photo study found that when people see companion photo for 30 seconds, part of the brain responsible for mobilizing libido will be increased, and thus it is easy to generate impulse to want to have sex。 You can appreciate her sweet photo shoot together, so she getting better。 At least 20 seconds embracing the latest study found that embracing time of 20 seconds will increase the amount of secretion in humans after two oxytocin。 The two sides face to face physical contact will generate a depth feeling of attachment, for women, a simple hug can mobilize their sexuality。

Vitamin vitamin é é can freckle cosmetic effect

Vitamin é can freckle?Many women bother to spot his face, but many people can say that vitamin é freckle, is this really?The following night on the network to talk with you what can freckle vitamin é。
Vitamin Vitamin é é freckle cream can be a principle: the formation of melanin é side chain of vitamin directly involved in redox processes mercapto group, thereby inhibiting tyrosinase activity, reducing。Whitening freckle, freckles effect!Vitamin é freckle principle two: Vitamin é also with the expansion of peripheral blood vessels, improve vascular microcirculation, promotes the excretion of metabolic waste transport as well as the body of nutrients, which is also conducive to "spot" get rid of, and then fade freckles role!é freckle principle of the three vitamins: Vitamin é is a fat-soluble vitamin, hydrolysates tocopherol, is the most important antioxidant。
Vitamins?Anti-aging, reduce wrinkles, skin lightening, freckles, to maintain youthful looks。
Vitamin é freckle oral law: Vitamin?And with oral vitamin é!Eat a vitamin C ^ and vitamin E, can play a whitening cream every day, freckles effect。
Vitamins?Vitamins can freckle?Mask: the amount of milk, a spoonful of honey, vitamin two, together, made mask, invasion of wet paper mask, surface covered every night, every day, insist on not a half months, there is a significant skin lightening, freckles effect!Eat more foods rich in vitamin é every day, there are skin lightening, freckles effect!Such as: foods rich in vitamin é: kiwi, spinach, cabbage, vegetables stuffed flowers, kale, lettuce, sweet potatoes, yams; nuts, including almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts。