Port next fiscal year will sell 28 new residential land in eight at Kai Tak

  News agency Xinhua (Samuel Chan boat) Hong Kong SAR government announced 23, 2017–18 annual land sales program, will sell a total of 32 land, where 28 residential land, you can build an estimated 18,910 residential units。
  Hong Kong SAR Government Secretary for Development Bureau Ma Shaoxiang said the 28 ground, eight of the previous year is rolled over land, 20 is the new land。 In addition, there will be five metro property development projects this year, it is estimated to provide 8030 units。
Account the supply of land from the Urban Renewal Authority projects and private reconstruction or development projects next fiscal year estimated potential supply of land for private housing construction of about 31,620 units。   Commercial aspects of business sites, a total of three, one of which Cheung Sha Wan site, two Kai Tak site, providing maximum floor area of ten thousand square meters。
Ma Shaoxiang said it would increase the supply of commercial floor space in various ways, for example, a suitable core business area of government land rezoning, as well as the relocation of government offices located in central business district。   Land sales program also includes a hotel site, can provide 550 hotel rooms。 Furthermore, the two portions of the floor area of commercial land at Kai Tak development such as hotels, rooms provide about 1370。   It is noteworthy that, of the 20 new residential land, there are eight at Kai Tak, while the previous year rollover of two Kai Tak land。 Ma Shaoxiang said Kai Tak to be the last large land downtown Kowloon, should make good use of land, again from transportation, infrastructure aspects to examine how to increase development density, so that more economic activity can take advantage of the land。 Director of the Government planning Liqi Rong said that this 8 Kai Tak to provide a total of 7500 residential units。
  2017–18 in the first quarter (April 2017 to June) the Government will tender to sell three residential sites, providing 1790 units, plus the West Rail Kam Sheung Road Station first phase of the project to provide 1650 units, the city renewal Authority project will provide 96 units, and private reconstruction / development projects over 4500 units, a total of more than 8000 units available。
  SAR Government Financial Secretary Paul Chan 22 announced 2017–18 annual "budget" is expected this year's surplus of 92.8 billion yuan (HK $, the same below), the vast majority of revenue from land sales and stamp duty revenue more than expected。
Land sales revenue 50.8 billion yuan higher than the original estimate that 76% stamp duty revenue more than 8 billion yuan than expected, namely 16%。   Paul Chan said: "Hong Kong real estate market experienced a bull market for nearly eight years, the current prices are still historically high, trading volume was relatively quiet。 Future private housing supply will gradually return average annual level of nearly 20,000 partners, future revenue from land sales can not continue to hit record highs, is unknown。 "Editor: Shao Yuxiang。

"Fire Cantabile" ice-breaking return to Vic hope that friends and Reba recurrence sugar

  "Fire Cantabile" fans booster highest charting Vic Dilly Reba love, then according to well-known Chinese writer of romantic novels Ming Xiaoxi classic original adaptation, Vic, Dilly Reba, Zhang Binbin Liu Rui Lin starred in the costume drama "fire Cantabile" It is hit, as of now playing has exceeded 1.8 billion。
Since last week, lovestruck son silver snow suddenly dropped, the majority of users crying constantly, "the first silver snow go?Day, think he。 "After leaving the silver snow, the story took a new turn, forces the parties have been unable to control themselves, have mobilized, the situation is worrying Cantabile。 Too deep into the drama of opera fans affectionately call silver snow not only in the return of hard to wait "a couple biscuits" made of sugar again, but also through the official activities Idol hit list, the "fried couple" pet God, in the port of Shanghai World Petronas Twin Towers sweet off screen "fit"。   Fans help "biscuits couple" fit "snow-style" love, then pull up to open high altitude in the "fire Cantabile" launch early, launch a "pet you have pet heaven" as the idol was sent to the official online Meteors activity by users to participate in the hit list idol pet heaven。 After the event start trigger opera fans to take part, and "fried couple" Vic, Dilly Reba has been the highest "Wild pet list" in the forefront。
Last week, Vic, played by silver snow due to strong help Cantabile (Dilly Reba ornaments) of the two brothers from Yu Han (Liu Rui Lin ornaments) to lift the curse cold and deep crisis of life and death, the last of the snow disappeared temporarily offline, so opera fans distressed silver snow collective thoughts and seek "biscuits couple" can be sweet again as soon as possible with box。
  Thursday (March 15) evening to update the story, the silver snow off the assembly line last week to break the ice in the long-awaited return, although "biscuits couple" No Sweet Sue in the update screen appears in the story, but by friends earlier crazy highest charting power, the "fried couple" off screen "fit", and in the evening debut at the Shanghai World Petronas Twin towers in Hong Kong。 Meanwhile, the "spoil you, will spoil God," "Girl, do not forget me", "I promise you, I will try hard to love you," "my bride" "rest of his life, let me take care of you" and " snow-style "love, then repeated the confession at high altitude bombing, so users struggling to cope have also issued a confession:" snow is a 2018 silver most girls want to marry her husband, not one。
"Netizens speak broken heart brain distressed silver snow hole wide open: no time to fall in love netizens 'call', the affectionate silver snow finally return, off the assembly line in its day, can be described so that users who speak broken heart, some even brain hole wide open to ridicule silver snow not learn "Sansei III miles peach" in the deep ink on God: "do not silver snow hibernation, think deep ink, and quickly come back." "do you remember the" Sansei III miles peach " Kunlun virtual ink on it deep?He slept, like the disciples became his sister-in。 "After the ice-breaking snow silver on the line, the audience did not like the look as sweet and Cantabile same box, but for helping Cantabile, jade from Han, who make their appearance in resolving the crisis age, Cantabile meet again with scenes of extreme child heart make friends distressed: "I am so poor why snow?"" Moment becomes ice, while to the elderly, but also to save their rival, there would be no time to fall in love Well!"         。

Antler medicinal value and health benefits

Antler is our precious animals to nourishing essence and blood, kidney yang, gluten bone health and other effects, pushing for the first Yang of drugs。 Antler and ginseng (Panax ginseng food) par, said the Chinese ginseng, a long reputation in the world。 Velvet and warm but not dry, with exciting and improve the body function, general weakness, after a long illness patients, a better physical role。 Further evidence of modern science: velvet contains organic ingredients up to%。 Inorganic elements contained in the calcium (Ca), P (phosphorus), iron (Fe), mg (Mg), aluminum (Al), silver (Ag), copper (Cu) and Zn (zinc), barium (Ba) and the like two dozen。
Can regulate body metabolism and physiological functional activity。 Medicinal value and health benefits of velvet antler health treatment effect is very significant, is a good body strong drugs。
Antler contains richer than Ginseng ,, and trace elements。 Velvet and warm but not dry, with exciting and improve the body function, general weakness, after a long illness patients, better health care。 Velvet can be improved cellular and humoral immune function, to promote lymphocyte transformation, having immunostimulant effect。 It can increase the body's defenses against the outside world, regulation of the immune balance in the body and prevent and promote wound healing, the health body, and thus play a strong body, arrived in effect。 Separated by modern medical research from the antler of fat-soluble ingredients out of estradiol, cholesterol, oil vitamin A, estrone, the brain hormone, lecithin, brain phospholipids, glycolipids, sphingomyelin, etc., and are rich in 16 kinds of amino acids。 Some active ingredients antler can inhibit the MAO-B activity, therefore, anti-aging effects; velvet having a role in enhancing gastrointestinal motility, and promote the secretion; Furthermore, Pantocrinum can enhance immune function。 Large doses of velvet can reduce blood pressure, systolic smaller amplitude, heart rate, peripheral vasodilators。
Moderate doses can cause significantly enhanced cardiac contraction, contraction amplitude becomes large, heart rate, cardiac output increased thereby; velvet particular have been particularly significant cardiac effects of fatigue。 TCM: velvet having strong yang, essence and blood, strong bones, Tiaochong any, role sore Torr。
Commonly used in clinical treatment of impotence Hua Jing, dysfunction, infertility cold palace, emaciated, Shenpi, chills, dizziness, hearing loss, lumbar Leng Tong, soft bones and muscles atrophy, uterine bleeding vaginal discharge, vaginal gangrene not grabbing。 Recommended reading]。

40 broker performance report released: CITIC Securities net profit of ten billion | brokerage

  Through "tighter regulatory policies, financial leverage to accelerate, A-share market continued to shock adjustment" in 2017, 2017 annual performance ranking brokerage and friends are most concerned about (part of) a positive freshly baked!  Brokerage Chinese reporters combing data showed that more than 40 securities companies announced the 2017 annual results of operations Financial data (release contains "2017 annual results Letters," the 14 A-share listed brokerage, seven three new board listing broker)。
  In this 40 brokerage (hereinafter the same caliber), balanced revenue structure, the comprehensive strength of the industry leading brokerages in 2017 to grow steadily,,,, and the most profitable securities, net profit last year, the top five, and both to achieve positive growth year on year。   CITIC Securities revenue, net profit topped the list were, CITIC Securities in 2017 operating income billion yuan, an increase of% compared with 2016; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent billion yuan, an increase of% compared with 2016。 CITIC Securities is the only one broker over ten billion net profit。
Guotai Junan Securities billion net profit in second place。 Huatai Securities billion won net profit "third overall" of the place。   CITIC monarch's most profitable brokerage Huatai China correspondent statistics based on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, shares of the national currency transfer system and the Chinese network announced that as of February 18, a total of 40 brokerage firms published 2017 annual performance data (unaudited)。 This 40 brokerages accumulated annual net profit last year billion yuan, accounting for 79% of the total net profit of the industry, nearly 80%。   In these brokerage, it includes 14 A-share listed brokerage, seven three new board listed securities, 19 securities issued "2017 annual unaudited financial statements" in China Money。 Last year, the leading broker of financial data has been released in the domestic securities industry performance echelon mid-2017 features more obvious: Hengqiang, performance differentiation。   Net profit from the data, CITIC Securities, Guotai Junan Securities and Huatai Securities will be the most profitable, it has a firm three industries。 CITIC Securities billions leader in the industry, topped the list。   Net profit ranked second Guotai Junan Securities, in mid-2017 net profit reached billion, up% from 2016。 Guotai Junan Securities said that after discounting the effect of the transfer of equity securities occasion of the sea caused by non-recurring gains and losses on the 2016 performance, the company's operating income and attributable to an increase of% and% respectively in net profit to shareholders of listed companies。
  The top three of Huatai Securities, year after year 2017 attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit yuan, an increase compared with 2016%。
Huatai Securities, said the 2017 total profit, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies, compared with basic earnings per share for 2016, an increase of more than 30%, mainly due to Huatai Securities changed the accounting method of accounting for equity investments, resulting in non-operating gains from changes in the larger, is expected to increase in 2017 net profit of about one hundred million yuan every year。   Haitong Securities and GF Securities, respectively, billion, million yuan net profit in fourth, fifth。
GF Securities, said the face of strict regulatory environment and complex market environment, GF Securities adhere to the principle of financial services the real economy, comply with industry trends, strengthen compliance risk control management, and promote business transformation。 In a market share-based turnover, the situation brokerage commission rate has dropped and the number of homes and a substantial increase IPO IPO financing amount of effort to optimize the allocation of resources, improving the revenue structure。
  In 2017 net profit of more than 1 billion yuan in ,,, brokerage Ping An Securities, Haitong Securities, GF Securities and other brokerage firms net profit growth front, an increase interval ranging from 7-54%。
And the entire securities industry net profit of one hundred million yuan last year, down percent。   Many securities analysts said the brokerage company executives Chinese reporters, industry leading brokerage cost control is better, except to seize the self-investment, IPO speed, stock pledge business opportunities and other factors, because the Chinese version IFRS9 (ie, "International Financial Reporting guideline No. 9: financial instruments ") implemented in 2018, 10 A + H listing broker cash return on investment at the end of 2017, the release of profit。   In the three new board listed seven brokerage announced 2017 financial data (unaudited data, some of which consolidated basis), the highest increase in net profit for the Donghai Securities。 2017, Donghai Securities operating income billion yuan, an increase of%; 2017, net profit billion yuan, an increase of%。   Securities Association data show that in mid-2017 securities brokerage, investment banking two main business revenue fell significantly, substantial growth in business income Principal Investment。
131 companies total operating income billion yuan, down percent。
  In the 40 brokerages above the published 2017 annual financial data, there are eight brokerage business income of over 10 billion yuan。
  Among them, CITIC Securities to operating income billion industry leader。 Haitong Securities, Guotai Junan Securities, Huatai Securities and GF Securities revenues last year were more than 20 billion yuan。
This five brokerage Huatai Securities% revenue growth, year on year increase% CITIC Securities, Guotai Junan Securities% decrease YoY。   2017 annual revenues of over ten billion there Securities and Orient Securities。 And Societe Generale Securities to 2017 full-year operating income billion, one hundred million yuan, respectively, located on 9, 10。   China and Thailand, GF 2017. ROE over 10% last year to look at Which brokerage strong profitability, take a look at the weighted average return on equity (ROE) index。
  From the A-share listing broker 14 can check the data point of view, Huatai Securities 2017 Weighted average ROE%, in the first place, increased percentage points; followed by GF Securities, the weighted average annual 2017 ROE%, an increase of one percentage point。   Basic earnings per share from the index point of view, Huatai Securities 2017 basic earnings per share higher than the other 13 A-share listed brokerage, still in the first place, an increase of%; 2017 basic earnings per share yuan bit GF Securities second row, an increase of%; Orient Securities 2017 basic earnings per share yuan, an increase of%。
  From the total assets of indicators by the end of 2017, total assets of CITIC Securities billion yuan, more than 600 billion yuan。 Hai Tong Securities total assets billion yuan, ranking second。 Guotai Junan Securities of millions of dollars in third。   Ping An Securities: Annual 2017 operating income of one hundred million yuan。 Among them, net income from securities trading agency business billion, net income securities underwriting business billion, entrusted client asset management business net income of 400 million yuan, one hundred million yuan investment income。   China and Thailand Securities: 2017 annual operating income billion, net profit of one hundred million yuan。
Net fee income brokerage million, net fee income from investment banking billion, one hundred million yuan investment income。
  Huarong Securities: 2017 annual revenues of one hundred million yuan。
Among them, the asset management business net income billion public fund management business net income (including a large collection) million; net income of one hundred million yuan investment banking – which, underwriting net income billion, net income of financial advisory services yuan; investment one hundred million yuan profit。
  Great Wall Securities: 2017 annual revenues of one hundred million yuan。 Among them, the brokerage business net income of million, investment banking net income billion asset management business net income billion, net interest income billion, one hundred million yuan investment income。   CDB Securities: 2017 annual revenues billion yuan, realized investment gains billion, one hundred million yuan Payroll。 Real wind data, as of the end of last year, a total of 2017 CDB securities underwriting a portfolio of 121.4 billion yuan, ranking 11th among the industry, enhance the two。   BOCI Securities: Employee benefits billion; funds tripartite depository cost 14.68 million yuan, 55.41 million yuan compensation expense securities broker, securities brokerage internal marketing staff payroll one hundred million yuan。
  2017 operating income of one hundred million yuan。 Among them, the securities brokerage business net income of million, investment banking net income of million, one hundred million yuan investment income。
  Jianghai Securities: 2017 annual investment income billion yuan, an increase of%。
Brokerage business net fee income billion, down% year on year; net fee income from asset management business billion yuan, an increase of%; operating expenses billion yuan, an increase of%。   Shanghai Securities: Annual 2017 operating income of one hundred million yuan。 Among them, 500 million yuan brokerage business net fee income, net interest income billion, one hundred million yuan investment income。   Caida Securities: Annual 2017 operating income of one hundred million yuan。 Among them, realized net income from securities trading agency business billion yuan, accounting for 45% of revenue; net interest income billion yuan, accounting for 30% of revenue; investment income billion yuan, accounting%。
  Minmetals Securities: 2017 annual revenue of one hundred million yuan。 Among them, realized investment gains billion annual investment income accounted for around seventy percent of operating revenue。
  Bohai Securities: 2017 annual revenues of billion, of which one hundred million yuan realized investment gains。
  UBS Securities: 2017 annual revenues of billion, net profit of ten thousand yuan。
Securities brokerage business net income of million, investment banking net income billion; 2017 operating income billion, one hundred million yuan Payroll。   Capital Securities: 2017 annual revenues of one hundred million yuan。
Among them, investment income billion, one hundred million yuan net income securities brokerage business。

Men's life is inseparable from the eight most health food

A man's life is inseparable from the eight most healthy foods, the following small series details for you。
With the accelerated pace of life, tough guy who suffer, especially the 30-50 year-old male from a wide range of loads career and family, got the idea susceptible to diseases such as cerebrovascular。
Experts advise that men should be stocking effort in the fall by a reasonable scientific diet, rest, exercise and stay healthy。 Sleep: disease prevention early hours can be just entering the job market graduates Xiao Wu took advantage of the holidays passed a harsh game addiction, continuous stay up all night fighting。
Several days later, the face of acne, accompanied by bad breath, and made particular aversion girlfriend。 Men's life is inseparable from the eight most health food Chinese medicine believes that autumn yang nature tend to converge by the catharsis, closed Tibet, living routines should be adjusted accordingly。 As early as lying to comply with the sex fluid collection, in order to keep close air; get up early, Shu long to adapt to the yang of the lung to stretch, to prevent the fall of great benefit to respiratory diseases。
Early appropriate, also reduce the chance of thrombosis。 Get up before the proper lazy bed a few minutes, stretch activities about the body, to prevent thrombosis is also important。 Note that autumn is the season of all things began to slump, people's emotions are often easy to sad, then ran into some if something goes wrong, easily induced depression of mood。
In addition, the fall is depression and schizophrenia and other diseases easily high season。
Therefore, in everyday life, people should pay attention to psychological adjustment, self-learn the correct enlighten, to feel comfortable。

[Shenzhen, Guangdong Mission Hills Ozaki golf golf weather] Guangdong Shenzhen Mission Hills Ozaki golf golf weather forecast today, today, the weekend, the weather today, seven days, golf weather, golf courses one week weather forecast, weather forecast query Golf Course

About Ozaki Stadium Stadium aspect in between the mountains, the huge Avon, breathtaking waterfalls, crystal clear rivers and a unique identity of the cliff, constitute an incomparable landscape。
Many fairways create difficult ball through natural terrain, do now gods, so players often in the dead end, a way out of this joy。
9th and 18th hole green as a single entity, unprecedented; from 12 to 13 holes green tee, to pass through a tunnel 85 m, like into paradise, most players relish。
Stadium five-star hotel, serviced apartments, billiard room, fitness room, spa, indoor and outdoor badminton court, tennis court, swimming pool, golf academy and driving range, archery range, indoor and outdoor children's playground, foot reflexology, business meetings rooms, banquet space。

4-2 double eagle on the Fab Five small assassin cut 25 + 10 green army out

] While the Hawks led by as 28 points, but still tenacious counterattack was Celtic, although clearance to double-digit advantage, but they are not easy to play。
Starting double tigers, Paul – Millsap Hawks 17 points, 8 rebounds and four blocks, Al – Horford and Kent – Basedow Moore each had 15 points, Kyle – Korver 14 points and nine rebounds, Jeff – Teague 11 points and five assists。 Dennis came off the bench – 12 points Shilao De。   Isiah – Thomas 25 points and 10 assists for the Celtics highest, Jai – Claude 15 points and six rebounds, Yunus – Jieleibuke 13 points。 Marcus off the bench – 13 points and seven rebounds SMART。   Eagle is the first regular-season record last year in eastern teams, but mediocre this season, with only the Celtics with 48 wins and 34 losses。
With grips advantage, the Eagles have only came in fourth, fifth Celtic。
  Hawks crucial home advantage, they win the first two home, two away but then all lose。
After the home win again, the Eagles captured the "King of the mountain" to 3-2 lead。 Today, away from home, the Eagles do not get to win the seventh game of life and death battle。   Although the strength of an eagle with minor advantage, but in support of the fans, but it is the Celtics prevail。 After all, the Celtics are a traditionally strong teams, a long history。
Especially in today's home game, when before it began playing Celtic history on the screen, the fans all stood up, and finally the national anthem loudly singing along。   Legend – Bill Russell also attend the game, but fans are more concerned about is the ability to play an injured Thomas。
Fortunately, he issued the first war, and full of fighting spirit, after the opening to the hoop again and again, for the fans cheer loudly for him。   Celtic 9-5 start, this section played half, the Eagles only hit two goals。 But their defense play a role, such as the performance of Millsap star Dikembe Mutombo, like, eight minutes before the 3 blocked shots。 In his excellent defense, the Celtics scoreless in four minutes, the Hawks shot a wave of 8-0 to 13-9 exceeded。 After the Celtics have rebounded, Thomas thirds vote before the end of this section, they only 17-20 behind。
Jieleibuke for the Celtics scored eight points, the last time to the Shilao De a big hat, so the scene once again overwhelmed。 This section Celtics 7 of 24 shots, hitting only 29%。
  Celtics Section status is still not good, after playing half of this section, only 9 of their 37 vote, in which 14 from 3-pointers。
Hawks inside and outside the bloom, played after 14-4 to 34-21 winning margin。
After the Celtics have been enhanced status at the end of the first half, chasing the score 33-41。
Celtics hit rate decreased to% 17 from 3-pointers。 Thomas scored 9 points, but only 3 of 11 shots。
Hawks hit rate%。
  Horford and Kyle Korver hit third in succession in the third quarter, and strengthen the external line after the defense the Celtics, Hawks and attacking the basket, the wave of attacks hit 22-10, when more than half of this section, Horford alley-oop layup Hawks to 63-43 obtain 20 points of advantage。
Celtic were beaten senseless wave of attack, then failed to find a way to deal with the two sides gap continues to widen。
This section last seconds, the Hawks scored five points, first Scott-thirds vote, then, after the Celtics offensive foul, Horford hit a buzzer, ending their first three quarters to 80-59。   Eagles do not want dark and dreary, beginning of the fourth quarter, after they shot a wave of 9-2 to 89-61 lead a full 28 points。
Claude finally also to third, the Celtics also to the 10-2, chasing the score 71-91。   For the Celtics, this is life and death, can not give up more backward。
Competition also 3 minutes 16 seconds, after Thomas was fouled, readily throw a ball, even hit, even with a fine cast scored 3 points, the Celtics 83-95 behind only to see the comeback hopes。
  The gap between the two sides was only 11 points, but the Celtics best of its ability, after they had worked hard, failed to complete the reversal, this season's journey is over。

Trade war clouded the Dow plunged more than 400 points

(Tencent securities Qingfeng) Beijing March 22 evening, US stocks opened low on Thursday, a global trade war could erupt, and social giant Facebook data leak scandal led to market pressure。 In addition, investors are digesting the Fed's interest rate decision and policy statement。
As of press time, the Dow fell 350 points, after touching down over 400 points, the S & P 500 index fell%。 The Nasdaq Composite fell%。 According to Xinhua reports, recently it reported that the United States will soon announce the results of the survey and 301 in China may take restrictive measures against China。 US industry generally and concerns about the US unilateral action, there are 45 American Association clearly stated objections。
The news sparked concerns all walks of life for the "trade war"。
The Fed on Wednesday decided to raise the benchmark interest rate, but despite the bank made a more optimistic expectations for the US economy, still maintain in 2018 a total of three times to raise interest rates expected to remain unchanged。
In Wednesday's trading, the Dow, the S & P 500 index and the Nasdaq composite index ended down between% and%。
After the Fed's monetary policy statement, the three major indexes were mixed。
Market drivers: the overall trading this week, the US stock market is expected to fell, which is due to Facebook's entire technology sector leading the decline largely。 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) local time in the United States on Wednesday night to accept an interview with CNN, he apologized to CambridgeAnalytica data leak scandal period, and said it willing to testify before the US Congress。
This social media giant has suffered a "fire storm", its shares suffered heavy selling due to political data after reports that the company used 50 million in CambridgeAnalytica without permission of the user's personal Facebook data。 At the same time, investors are related to a global trade war may break out this week on concerns still lingering in the market。 UK Monetary Policy Committee meeting minutes shows that the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) to keep interest rates unchanged support 7-2, 9-0 to maintain the national debt is expected to buy the same size, in order to maintain the 9-0 corporate debt buy the same size, are In line with expectations。
Congressional leaders on Wednesday night reached an agreement on a spending bill, which will provide working capital for the federal government before October。
Now, lawmakers have two days for this bill up to 2232 were discussed and approved by them, in order to avoid the federal government in the United States Eastern Time Saturday 0:01 (12:01 pm GMT Saturday) was forced to close the door。
Strategist Comment: CityIndex analyst 肯奥德鲁加 (KenOdeluga) in a research report that adopt a "middle ground" in raising interest rates the Fed sent the information makes the market "at a loss"。 "After the Fed (this year) for the first time to raise interest rates, the market briefly relieved。
Under the leadership of the new Chairman Jerome Powell (JeromePowell), the (Federal Reserve made) little difference between the forecast and the market's best guess of speech。 "Odd Fallujah wrote in the report。 "But then the US stock market is mixed, fell slightly during Wednesday's close。
In the trading session in Asian markets, investors are also hesitant。
"Economic data: March 17 when US weekly initial jobless claims tens of thousands of people are expected million and the previous value Wan。
United States March 10 the week continued unemployment benefits tens of thousands of people are expected million and the previous value by a million compensated for the million。 US Markit manufacturing PMI in March, the highest since March 2015 high of expectations; 2 month-end value。
US March Markit services PMI initial value, expected 56; 2 month-end value。
US March Markit composite PMI initial value; 2 month-end value。 United States in January FHFA House Price Index MoM%,% expected, before the value of the revised%%。 US FHFA House Price Index in January year on year% before the value%。
US Conference Board leading indicators in February MoM%, expected percent, before correction of 1% to%。

Different parts of the makeup remover correct steps healthier

Step with the different parts of what make-up has gradually become female friends have to do something every day after cleansing has become a very important thing, I believe many people know that if you do not take makeup, then the residual cosmetics pair is has a lot of injuries。 So different parts of the face are how to do makeup remover following small steps bring you to different parts of the correct makeup healthier oh!Different parts of the eye makeup remover step program full face skin eye skin is the most vulnerable place, it must take care, otherwise it is prone to problems such as aging ,,。
If you are a regular eye makeup, must use special eye liquid emulsion remover products remove eye makeup, especially eyeliner and mascara, do not let cosmetic pigment penetrate into the eyelid, otherwise the eyes with a black circle。 Cleansing Key: Eyeliner, waterproof mascara and eyeshadow steps STEP1 to play with the middle small circle gesture, gently rub the eyelid Makeup Remover portion, or with two cotton dipped Remover dab on the eyelids 5 seconds, it has sufficient time to dissolve eyelashes, waterproof eyeliner on ingredients。
By wiping eyelid texture from inside to outside, should not force to pull the skin。 Cleansing step STEP2 different parts of the folded piece of cotton large type, travel down from five seconds after the cleaned root of lashes, not too hard to avoid eyelashes off。 The lower eyelashes and the liner dipped gently wiping with a cotton pad Eye Makeup Remover outwardly from the bases of the eyelashes, right clockwise, counterclockwise left。 STEP3 then discharged again some eye shadow, repeat the first step, the excess fluid with a clean cotton pad remover pat dry。

Japanese group show "John Rabe": forget history means betrayal

The picture shows the film "John Rabe" stills。
Information December 10, warm sun shining on the earth Tokyo, many Japanese are enjoying the pleasant weekend time。
However, more than 100 Japanese did not do so, they are more important purpose to gather in a large conference room in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, viewed by the United States such as France and Germany to shoot the film "John Rabe"。
Show half an hour away, in front of waiting in long lines, both white-haired elderly, there are young people in their prime。
After watching the film, they have said that the Nanjing Massacre evidence, can not be altered hope the Japanese government can learn from history, to avoid tragedy。
"Forget history means betrayal", "the Japanese army to do bad things too much, indeed too numerous to mention。
So sad!"Over eighty iron lady after watching this movie, filled with indignation to watch the movie again and again to tell their feelings with friends。
This iron was born in the Korean peninsula during World War II, though still a little girl, but then the crimes committed by the Japanese army left her lifelong indelible impression。 Iron this reporter said, "show" John Rabe "so meaningful。 Every Japanese should take a look。 Including the Nanjing massacre, including the massacre evidence, can not be tampered。
Not only China, Japan also should mourn the victims of the Nanjing Massacre, not forgetting the war, in order to maintain peace。
" 'Forget history means betrayal', in order to view" John Rabe ", who lives in Kanagawa Prefecture rice paddies sit a half hour car came to Tokyo。
Paddy said that he was a mediocre Japanese, very interested in history, to deny a part of the Japanese war of aggression acts furious。
Although the Nanjing Massacre occurred 80 years ago, but it should not be forgotten, but should always be borne in mind, only learn from history in order to create the future。
As a father of two rice fields very worried, told reporters that Japan is now the ruling party wants to amend the Constitution Article IX, which is terrible。 Hope that the Japanese government learned the painful lessons of history, do not let the kids go through a tragic war。
Remember history, not to perpetuate hatred but to common warning。 "Look a" John Rabe ", read in ten years", who lives in Tokyo Yoshino arrived early at the venue before the film screening。 Having over sixties Yoshino was only heard of the "Nanjing Massacre" is the word, but the Nanjing Massacre in the end how it is, is not clear at all, that the film "John Rabe" message, she signed up early name。
Yoshino said, "John Rabe" It's a good movie, I want to recommend it to friends and relatives around, so that they get to know the Nanjing Massacre, learn from this history, put an end to historical tragedies。
Although "John Rabe" for up to 134 minutes, but no one halfway through, everyone is glued to the screen, afraid to miss any detail。
"It was a good movie, I really hope that more Japanese public screening of a movie theater," "history of the Nanjing Massacre is so sad," "I hope more Japanese young people to understand this history." ……After completion of the film screenings, the audience eager fear to express their feelings after。
In the meeting show, each audience received information on a 16-page, introduces the history of the Nanjing Massacre in the form of illustrations。 "John Rabe" After the show finished, the Nanjing Massacre researchers implanted Songqing children also presented their research results。
Uematsu said that many Japanese right-wing denied the existence of the Nanjing Massacre, but the Nanjing Massacre true, evidence, and even Japan's own archives are also a large number of records。
Uematsu told this reporter, "I hope that the" John Rabe, "a show that allows more Japanese people to understand the history of Japan's war of aggression, including the Nanjing Massacre, etc.,。
" 'Past experience guide for the future' day show" John Rabe "by Japanese civic groups 'constitutional thinking of the movie will be' held。
The citizen's group from the beginning of 2013, the monthly show a film, as an opportunity to re-let the Japanese people know the importance of the Japanese constitution for Japan。 War is a mirror can make people a better understanding of the precious peace。
Civic groups "think the Constitution of the movie will be" responsible person spend Qi Zhe, told reporters, "In the survey in May of this year," John Rabe "is our most want to watch the movie。
In Japan ruling party attempts to amend the Constitution Article IX of the background of the 80th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre occasion, the film "John Rabe" meaning then how can not be overstated。
"" I hope you can contact us, in their own lives in the area show "John Rabe"。 Ms. Arakawa "Japanese civic groups 'Nanking guardian facts Film Festival Committee on the' staff of more than 100 spectators to the initiative of the scene。 Arakawa told this reporter, understand and bearing in mind the history of the Nanjing Massacre, the Japanese are very important, so we set up in mid-2009, "the historical facts of the Nanjing-guard Film Festival implementation committee", by screening "Nanjing!Nanjing!"" John Rabe "and other movies," so that more Japanese people have the opportunity to learn more about the Nanjing Massacre, past experience guide for the future。
"It is reported that," John Rabe "is the 'guardian of the facts Film Festival in Nanjing · Implementation Committee' staff to scrape together more than one million yen theatrical rights to buy。
For various reasons, "John Rabe" has not been publicly released in Japanese theaters, but as of now, citizens' groups in Japan country including Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nagoya, etc., organized a number of screenings in Japan, more than 10,000 people watched the movie。
Visible Prior to the incident, Ti Ti descendants。
"In order to let more Japanese people to watch" John Rabe, "we want to make unremitting efforts。
We feel the heavy responsibility, because whether or learn about the history of the Nanjing Massacre, the relationship between the Japanese can really learn from history, the relationship between Asia and the world peace。 "Arakawa told this reporter。
( "People's Daily Overseas Edition" (10th edition December 12, 2017) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。