Chinese medicine, nourishing the liver, nourishing yin, no body disease

Chinese medicine, nourishing the liver, nourishing yin, no body disease


Chinese medicine, nourishing the liver, nourishing yin, no body disease

The internal organs are important organs for maintaining our health.

The five internal organs of Chinese medicine refer to the heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, and six sputum refers to the gallbladder, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, bladder, and triple burner.

The five internal organs are mainly storage essence, and if the six cockroaches digest food, absorb the essence and eliminate the dross.

銆€銆€The “liver” in traditional Chinese medicine is obviously different from the liver of western medicine. It is just an anatomical concept and a concept of pathophysiology.

Chinese medicine believes that the liver is one of the five internal organs, living in the right flank, is the important and largest organ of the human body, and its yin and yang properties are the yin of the yin, also known as sputum.

The liver has the characteristics of rising hair, hi-bar, depression, body yin and yang.

Its function is mainly to relieve the venting, the main blood, the main ribs, the claws, open to the eyes, and the gallbladder.

In addition, there is the role of the main hiding soul, the division of reproduction.

This knowledge basically includes the liver physiology and various metabolic functions of Western medicine and some functions of the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, blood system, digestive system and so on.

銆€銆€First, the liver mainly stores blood: the liver has the function of storing blood and regulating blood volume.

“Su Wen 路 Five Internal Organs Generation” Day: “The old man is lying in the liver, the liver can be seen by the blood, and the foot can be grasped by the knowledge. The palm can receive the blood and can be taken by the blood.

“When people are resting and sleeping, the body’s needs are reduced.

A large amount of blood is stored in the liver; when the person is active, the blood volume of the body increases, and the liver discharges the stored blood for the purpose of the body’s activities.

If the liver is not enough, the liver does not hide blood, there will be fatigue and fatigue, not tired, tired eyes, dim eyes, and hematemesis, blood in the stool, nosebleeds and other symptoms.

Mainly in two aspects: 1 regulate blood volume: When the human body is in a relatively quiet state, part of the blood is returned to the liver and hidden. When the human body is in active state, the blood is transported to the whole body to support the functional activities of various tissues and organs.Therefore, there is a saying that “the liver stores blood, the heart does it, the human movements are blood in the classics, and the human blood is in the liver.”

If the blood function of the liver is dysfunctional, the blood will overflow and overflow, and there may be hemorrhagic diseases such as vomiting blood, blood stasis, menorrhagia, and uterine bleeding.

銆€銆€2 nourish the liver itself: the liver should play a normal physiological function, and it needs to have enough blood to nourish itself, that is, the so-called “liver needs blood”, if the liver blood is insufficient, it will appear dizzy, the eyesight is diminished, and the vision is unclear.

Because the liver vein is connected with the rushing pulse, it rushes into the blood sea, the main menstruation, so the liver blood is insufficient, the rushing is damaged, the woman has irregular menstruation, the amount is less pale, and even the menstruation is closed.

銆€銆€Second, the liver main venting: that is, the liver gas should be vented, liver qi refers to the function of the liver.

Discharge is the meaning of 鈥渃learing鈥?
, 鈥渟moothness鈥?and 鈥渟triping鈥? transforming, under normal physiological conditions, liver gas has the characteristics of dredging and stripping, this function is mainly reflected in the following aspects: (1) dredgeAir machine: “Air machine is the movement of gas into and out.

The organs, organs, organs and other activities of the body depend on the movement of the air.

The physiological characteristics of the liver are also active and active. Therefore, this is definitely an important factor for the dredging, smoothness and promotion of the air machine.

Therefore, whether the function of evacuation of the liver is normal or not plays a role in regulating the balance between the elevation and the influx of the gas.

The function of evacuation of the liver is normal, the air machine is smooth, the lifting is suitable, the blood and blood are adjusted, the meridian is profitable, and the organs of the organs are normal.

銆€銆€If the evacuation function of the liver is abnormal, there may be two pathological phenomena: First, the liver’s evacuation function is reduced, that is, the liver is lost, the air machine is not smooth, the liver qi is stagnation, the chest is threatened, the two breasts or the lower abdomen are etc.Some local pain and discomfort.

If the “wood is not soil” and the liver and stomach (spleen) and the embolism, there are symptoms such as loss of appetite, phlegm and spleen and other spleen and stomach dysfunction.

Because of qi and blood, qi stagnation is bloody, the elderly have symptoms, sputum, in women, there may be poor menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea and so on.

In addition, the stagnation of the air machine will lead to obstacles in the metabolism of the body fluid, resulting in water-wet retention or turbid internal resistance, and swelling or nucleus.

Second, the rise and fall is too much, the gas is not falling, the liver gas is reversed, the head is suffering from pain, the face is red, the irritability and irritability.

If the gas rises too much, the blood will be reversed by the gas, which may lead to symptoms of vomiting blood, hemoptysis and other blood from overflow.

Even the symptoms of suffocating stunned people can be seen.

If the liver gas crosses the “Muwangke soil”, the appetite of the spleen and stomach dysfunction will be weak, the abdomen is full, the pain, the phlegm swallow acid, and the stool is abnormal.

銆€銆€(2) The impact on emotions: liver is like wood, hi-bar is comfortable, depression is depressive, and mental stimulation is avoided. “Shen Wen路Pain Pain” is said to be “healthy.”
鈥?”It is the impact of emotional damage on the smoothness of the air machine.
鈥?Therefore, if the liver is relieved, the air is smooth, the blood and the tone are adjusted, and the spirit of the person is happy and comfortable. If the liver is lost, the liver is not comfortable, the air is not smooth, the spirit is depressed, and depression is unpleasant, and depression is difficult orIf the venting is too much, and the yang is rising, then there will be an upset and irritability. On the contrary, excessive mental stimulation is often an important cause of liver loss.

Therefore, there are lesions of “angry liver” and “hepatic hilarity and malignant depression”.

銆€銆€(3) Evacuation of bile: in the liver and gallbladder phase, there is a meridian relationship. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the formation of bile is 鈥渞emaining in the liver, overflowing into the gallbladder, accumulating.鈥?Therefore, the function of liver evacuation is also expressed in bile.In the secretion and excretion, if the liver is lost, the biliary tract is unfavorable, which affects the normal secretion and excretion of bile, hypochondriac pain, less food, mouth pain, vomiting yellow water or jaundice.

銆€銆€(4) Health spleen and stomach, promote digestion: such as liver loss and suffocation, can affect the digestion of the spleen and stomach, in addition to chest pain, irritability and other symptoms of liver and depression, but also digestive dysfunction, such as suffocation, abdominal distension and diarrhea and other symptoms, that is, “hepatic and stomach disharmony”, “liver and spleen do not” also.銆€銆€(5) Tongli Sanjiao: The liver main vents, adjusts the air machine, and Tongli Sanjiao, the effect of clearing the waterway.

If the liver is lost, the air machine is not smooth, the blood stasis is stagnation, the meridians are unfavorable, so that the blood is not working, leading to edema, ascites and other symptoms.

銆€銆€Third, the liver main gluten claw: fascia, refers to the joints, muscles, special sports organization.

The main ribs of the liver, the fascia depends on the nourishment of liver blood; “the claws are the ribs”, the rise and fall of liver blood, affecting the tendons and claws.

Such as liver and blood, the tendons are strong, the toughness of the claws is normal; if the liver is not enough, the blood does not raise the tendons, the weak and weak, the claws are soft and thin, dry and gray.

銆€銆€Fourth, the liver is open to the eye: “Lingshu 路 Pulse” article: “Hepatic ventilation in the eyes, the liver and the eye can distinguish the five color points.

“If the liver is not enough, there will be blurred vision, night blindness, etc.; if the liver fires on the inflammation, the eyes are red and sore.”

銆€銆€Fifth, the liver and the gallbladder phase: the liver’s evacuation function can directly affect the secretion and excretion of bile.

If the effusion is normal, the bile can follow the usual way; on the contrary, it can cause upside or overflow, and form consequences, such as bitterness and jaundice.

Health together, the second step in correct health!


Health together, the second step in correct health!

Why do many health articles have nothing to do after watching them?

Because that is “grouping health”!

The 鈥渋ndividualization鈥?difference of crowded health supervisors!

For example, take 10,000 steps of health advice every day!

How many people go to shorten the scrap, varicose veins because they don’t understand the characteristics of their bodies!

How many steps you take each day varies from person to person.

Some people may need to walk 15,000 steps a day to achieve exercise results. Some people may take 5,000 steps.

There are also popular in recent years, get up early and mix with cold water!

Use this “healthy drinking water method”, which can be called cleansing the stomach, replacing blood, detoxifying and nourishing the skin, preventing diseases and treating diseases.

Many people who insist on this “healthy drinking water law” for a long time, all have chest tightness, upset, shortness of breath, fatigue, love sweating, frequent urination, women and menstrual disturbances, etc., the body’s internal organs are affected to varying degrees.s damage.

How many people have harmed this kind of group-based health care method that ignores the “individualization” of people!

What does the “individualization” difference of that person include?

The last time I said the correct first step in health care: find out your own life rhythm “together with health, correct health step!

“This is the second step in introducing correct health care: What is your physical fitness?”

Physique, that is, the quality of the body, refers to the intrinsic characteristics of the human body that inherits the innate (referring to parents) inheritance and is influenced by various factors of the day after tomorrow.

The physique reflects the particularity of the form of yin and yang movement in the body. This particularity is determined by the fading of the viscera and is based on qi and blood.

“Classification and Judgment of TCM Constitution” is the first document to guide and standardize the research and application of TCM constitution. It aims to provide a basis for physical identification and prevention, health care and health management of TCM-related diseases.And standardization.

The standard divides the constitution into nine types: peace, qi, yang, yin, phlegm, dampness, dampness, blood stasis, qi stagnation, and sputum.

The standard is instructive, universal and referential. It is suitable for TCM clinicians, researchers and related management personnel in military TCM constitution research. As an clinical practice, it is an important reference for determining norms and quality assessment.

The principles and methods of health of each constitution are different.

Among them, the constitution is the best, and the other constitutions will be improved through conditioning, and the sub-health status of the body will improve.

Yang deficiency constitution is easy to turn into a special constitution, which causes rhinitis!

Women’s yang physique, 3 parts must not be cold!

Women’s yang physique, safe and summer, these 4 health tea women Yang physique, must eat it!

Humidity is harmful to health, want to change less drinking!

Medical case: how to regulate the modern lifestyle, phlegm and physique, deterioration of phlegm and physique, “yang deficiency constitution”: the first major performance in the world is —— rhinitis!

“Dry wet constitution”: The first big performance is —— obesity!

To properly maintain health, the first step is to locate your own life rhythm. The second step is to position your body.

Through these two steps, you can find your own unique individualized health principles.

Then the third step is to follow the changes in the 24 solar terms according to the principle of individualized health to specifically health.

Those who do not consider your life rhythm, TCM constitution, and 24 solar terms are untargeted, ineffective, and even wrong.

Health is to do the right thing at the right time!

Health should follow the principle of individualized health, according to your life rhythm and TCM constitutional characteristics of “Heaven and Man” based on the characteristics of solar terms to health!

Men’s 8 life rhythms 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, 68, 78, 88, women’s 7 life rhythms 17, 27, 37, 47, 57, 67, 77.

Chinese medicine 9 kinds of constitution: peace and quality, qi deficiency, yang deficiency, yin deficiency, phlegm and dampness, damp heat, blood sputum, qi stagnation, special enamel.

Click on the 鈥淩eading Finance鈥?self-test physique to get free health advice and health knowledge for your individual situation.

Sub-healthy, you can only find your own life rhythm and TCM physical fitness check-in, and follow 24 solar terms to maintain health.In order to properly maintain health.

Get healthy!

If you are healthy, the 3-month physique will change in the right direction. It is recommended that you retest your physique for 3 months.

The public name “Qi Tian Nian Life” has more life rhythms and TCM physiques to keep healthy with your friends.


In the winter, choose the sauerkraut fried pork under the meal.


In the winter, choose the sauerkraut fried pork under the meal.

What is the best meal to eat in winter?

Choose the next meal, or choose the sour appetizing sauerkraut, stir-fry a pork tenderloin with red pepper, it is definitely the best choice for dinner!

Recommend this sauerkraut fried meat for everyone today.

Sauerkraut fried meat ingredients: 100 grams of sauerkraut, 100 grams of pork tenderloin, 2 red peppers, ginger, edible oil, cooking wine, starch, pepper, white sugar. Method: 1. Sauerkraut is cleaned with water and squeezed dry.Cut into small pieces, add pork to the pork tenderloin, add the wine and crushed pepper and mix well. After the red pepper is cleaned, go to the Tichelle for spare, and the ginger is shredded for use. 2. Put in the cooking oil and let the oil go hot.After the ginger is scented, pour the pork into the pork and stir-fry quickly. Stir fry until the surface of the pork is discolored. Remove it. 3, another oil pan, re-inject a small amount of cooking oil, heat the oil and stir-fry the red pepper.Stir-fry the sauerkraut repeatedly, stir-fry the scent, pour in the pork and stir-fry evenly. Finally, add a small amount of white sugar to taste and then serve.

The sauerkraut itself contains a lot of salt, so don’t add salt during the frying process.

If the sauerkraut is salted and sauerkraut, it can be washed several times while washing, and then the salt is removed and then fried.

Different vegetables can be used to make sauerkraut. Different sauerkraut can be an appetizer in our diet. It can also be used as a seasoning. The common sauerkraut often refers to all vegetables or cabbage processed.A general term for a variety of sauerkraut.

Vegetables commonly used for making sauerkraut include Chinese cabbage, green vegetables, turnips, rapeseed, etc. Because the taste of the vegetables is different, the taste of the sauerkraut is different.

Usually, the sauerkraut made by Chinese cabbage is the most crisp and refreshing. Whether it is used to make soup or directly add red pepper to stir fry, it can maintain a refreshing color. The refreshing color of green and white is easy for people to move their fingers, plus crispyThe taste is also the most popular.

The sauerkraut made by green vegetables is not as beautiful as the sauerkraut made by Chinese cabbage, but the green leaves are partially piled up. Therefore, the use of sauerkraut fish will taste, and it is not easy to feel tired when eating fish.

The radish dish is suitable for direct frying, and the soup is not very suitable. The sauerkraut made from the radish is directly delicious when the taste of the cold dish is more delicious and sweet than the cabbage and green vegetables.

Making sauerkraut yourself, salting enough time to prevent food poisoning Winter is the best season for making sauerkraut. Many families in the north will make sauerkraut. When there is no instrument to detect the chemical substances produced during the curing process, the experience is often the best to prevent food poisoning.Teacher.

In the process of pickling, the nitrite is from less to more, and then from more to less. In this process, after 3-7 days of pickling, the nitrite content is increased, soDuring this time, be sure to avoid trying to eat sauerkraut, preferably after half a month to 20 days of pickling.

In addition, a little vitamin C can be added during the curing process, which helps to reduce nitrite, reduce nitrite content and reduce the risk of food poisoning.

If food poisoning occurs after eating sauerkraut, the patient will be sent to the hospital as soon as possible while vomiting first aid.

Have you heard the eating habit of less is more?

Have you heard the eating habit of “less is more”?

What is the diet of “less is more”?
It’s not very accustomed to listening, but the explanation is that if you eat less here and eat more, then this kind of diet will be very reasonable.
But what should be eaten less, what should be eaten more?
銆€銆€A study shows that a little subtle change in your daily eating habits can have a big impact on your health.
銆€銆€Experts show that if the British only make some simple changes in their diet, such as taking no more than 1 gram of salt a day, eating a little more fruit every day, and eating less food containing saturated fat every day, then about every year.The lives of 20,000 British people can be saved.
銆€銆€Dietitians warned the British that they should change their eating habits, because about 25% of Britons are now on the blacklist of obesity, not to mention that obesity can also jeopardize their own health.
銆€銆€As this trend continues, by 2050, obese people in the UK may account for more than half of the country’s population.
銆€銆€Excessive intake of salt can raise blood pressure, and in some foods, such as pies, biscuits, and fast food, we find that saturated fat and anti-fat called “hardened fat” can also cause damage to blood vessels.Will increase blood viscosity, which will directly lead to heart disease or stroke.

During the National Day Golden Week, I went to Chongqing to gradually step on the tip of China.


During the National Day Golden Week, I went to Chongqing to gradually step on the tip of China.

Chongqing, is a fog is a mountain city is an 8D magic city, but also a hot food capital.

As the soul of urban culture, food directly reflects the face of a city and becomes the gentle and slow rhythm of Chengdu, thus the light health of the Jiangnan area.

The people of Chongqing directly express their passion for life and strong personality color on food, and the hot ones directly belong to the taste of Chongqing.

“China on the tip of the tongue” is a very authoritative gourmet film in China. It introduces the specialties from all over the world in terms of culture and ingredients. It is almost a wide-scale gourmet feast.

The city of Chongqing, in an extremely strong personality, accounts for a large proportion of China on the tip of the tongue.

Today, the National Day Golden Week is just around the corner, and countless tourists are ready to head to Chongqing for an 8D magic city tour.

As a good mouth in Chongqing, today Xiaobian will take you to explore Chongqing in the “China on the tip of the tongue”. The National Day holiday allows us to follow the footsteps of “Tip Tips” to experience the deliciousness of Chongqing.

One: Hot pot to Chongqing does not eat hot pot, it is equivalent to white.

Spicy and delicious is the taste of Chongqing people’s tongue. Countless foreigners are in the name of Chongqing hot pot capital. It is an activity that must be punched in Chongqing to eat hot pot.

Chongqing hot pot is a delicious food that can’t be resisted by people who are not spicy.

As the old hot pot that opened in Chongqing for 20 years, the scene of Zhang Wei, the boss of Xiaowei Xiaoyu, who manually stir-fry the hot pot bottom in the alley was meticulously recorded by “China 2 on the tip of the tongue”.

The fragrance of the hot pot bottom mixed with pepper, pepper and butter is like the fragrance that seems to drift across the screen to the audience, evoking the majority of the audience’s yearning for Chongqing hot pot.

“Tip Tip 2” when introducing Chongqing hot pot, mainly from the perspective of ingredients.

Use butter to highlight the taste of pepper and pepper. This is the secret weapon of Chongqing Hot Pot.

Yan Wei Xiaoyu has adopted top-grade ingredients in both the frying of hot pot ingredients and the selection of dishes, so it has become a representative hot pot in Chongqing.

Recommended dishes: rice field hairy belly, fried fried meat, gourmet goose intestine, kungfu beef liver Address: No. 86, Lushan Zhengjie (next to Minjian Building) Traffic Guide: Take Metro Line 1 to Qixinggang Station, from No. 2Walking out of the station 560m 2: Chongqing Xiaomian facet is the only commonly accepted pasta for Chongqing residents who are southerners.

Chongqing people love Chongqing Xiaobian as much as hot pot, and the intimacy is even worse.

Sprinkle a layer of secret scorpion on the crystal clear, full-bodied noodles, and then pour a spoonful of bright red, spicy and not too dry chili oil. A bowl of standard Chongqing noodles is served.

鈥淭he uniqueness of Chongqing Xiaobian lies in the variety of spices.

“In the tip of the tongue 2”, Qin Yun, the boss of the old woman’s stall, said this.

The seasoning is the soul of Chongqing Xiaobian. For Qin Yun, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the ingredients to make a bowl of good noodles.

The old Taipo spreads the noodles with chili, red oil, pepper oil, soy sauce and other 12-flavored materials. The fragrant chili noodles and unique frying means, their faces represent the highest level of Chongqing facets.There is no exaggerated appearance, but in addition to the real feelings of the boss, it is the taste of the small noodles that are exclusively for Chongqing people.

Recommended dishes: small noodles, beef noodles, noodles, peas noodles Address: Xiejiawan Zhengjie Huarun 24th City Vientiane City Vientiane Food Street (opposite China Resources Primary School) Traffic Guide: Take Metro Line 2 to XiejiawanStation, from the B station outbound walk 810m In general, whether it is the Xiaowei Xiaoyu hot pot or the old woman’s stall, they have not forgotten the essence of the ingredients, they all carry the taste of Chongqing under the help of the top ingredients, soThis part is also the National Day holiday, the best choice for the delicious mouth to go to Chongqing.

sanitary napkin!


This is only hygienic!

sanitary napkin!
This is only hygienic!

During MM menstruation, the resistance of the reproductive organs decreases, which is more fragile than usual. If substandard sanitary napkins are used, infection is particularly prone to occur.

銆€銆€The hygiene of MM menstrual supplies is especially important.

Because the pelvic cavity, uterus, uterus, cervix, vagina, and in vitro environment are all connected, such a structure makes the female reproductive system particularly vulnerable to external pathogenic agents, especially during menstruation, the resistance of the reproductive organs declines,It is more fragile than usual, and it is particularly prone to infection if substandard sanitary napkins are used.
Expert advice: Try to choose the products of the manufacturers with good reputation in the big shopping malls, and carefully check the health license number on the outer packaging, the anti-counterfeiting mark, the shelf life – just the most basic.
銆€銆€Constitution: Replacement, should also be more diligent experts say: “The menstrual blood is rich in nutrients, easy to become the ‘medium’ of the breeding of bacteria, so the sanitary napkins must be replaced diligently.

“There are two wrong ways: 1.

It is not necessary to use the same sanitary napkin continuously if a sanitary napkin with strong absorption and good protection function is used;

Forget to replace when the amount of menstrual blood is small.

銆€銆€There is a survey: Japanese women change their average of 6 times a day during menstruation, compared with 3 times for Chinese women.

The same as the Asian race, there should be no major differences in physical fitness, and the proportion of Chinese women using the court birth control ring is high, and the overall menstrual flow should be only marginal.

銆€銆€Remember to use when using sanitary napkins: 1.

Change every two hours; 2.

Use a sanitary napkin with caution to prevent allergies;

Wash your hands temporarily before disassembling the sanitary napkin;

What is an oral ulcer?

What is an oral ulcer?


What is an oral ulcer?

銆€銆€Oral ulcers are superficial ulcers that occur on the oral mucosa. They can range in size from wheat grains to soybeans. They are round or oval in shape, and the ulcer surface is concave. The surrounding is congested and can cause pain due to irritating food. Generally one to two.You can heal yourself in a week.

Oral ulcers occur repeatedly in the long-term, medically known as “recurrent oral ulcers.”

It can occur once a year or a year, or it can occur once a month, and even new and old replacements appear alternately.


Why is there an old ulcer in your mouth?

銆€銆€Is it often associated with a disease in other parts of the body?

銆€銆€If a person’s mouth is always repetitively rounded to the size of a soybean, a round or oval ulcer, and each ulcer is 1-2 weeks old, we say that he has “repeated oral ulcers”.
The disease may be related to the following factors: mental factors such as tension, digestive diseases such as dry stools, endocrine factors such as menstrual cramps, immune dysfunction, and genetic factors.

It is very painful to get a “recurrent oral ulcer”, but the ulcer is benign and does not turn into cancer.

銆€銆€In addition to the frequent ulceration of the oral mucosa, some patients also have damage to the external genitalia and the eye. This disease is called “Beth’s syndrome.”

The shape of the external genital ulcer is similar to that of the oral ulcer. It can be better after l-2 weeks.

The eye may have a conjunctival ulcer.

In addition, the skin often has a morphological change of the pustule, such as scorpion, the needle eye after the injection is pustule; the joint is sore and inflamed; in severe cases, it can affect the nervous system.


What kind of oral ulcers will become cancerous?

銆€銆€Some oral mucosal ulcers can become cancerous, and it often occurs in elderly patients.

The diameter of this ulcer is usually more than 1 cm, like a “crater”, the edge is raised, not uniform, the central depression, the surface of the depression has granular small defects, and the hard block can be felt around the ulcer and the base.

Early pain in the affected area is not obvious, but the development is very rapid, and should be diagnosed immediately after the discovery.


How to treat oral ulcers?

銆€銆€Because the cause of oral ulcers is more complicated and cannot be unified, clinical treatment should be based on different incentives and targeted treatments in order to obtain good curative effect.

Such as: relieve stress, calm, sleep, quit smoking, alcohol, etc.; have gastrointestinal disorders to treat the corresponding diseases, increase the body’s resistance, for local ulcers, local application of rubbing pain, anti-inflammatory, promote healingdrug.

Such as: cod liver oil paste, strong pine paste, nourishing Yin Shengshen powder, ulcer cream, etc., or local rubbing local anesthetic before eating to relieve pain.

Health alert: Weight loss surgery is too dangerous


Health alert: Weight loss surgery is too dangerous

All those who have lost their fat have a lingering nightmare — it’s hard to control their weight, but it didn’t take long before it swayed and rose, and some people were mad.

Therefore, liposuction, stomach reduction, and cut off the bow have become a new target for many people to lose weight.

銆€銆€However, according to a report by the Associated Press on October 18, a new study found that in the year after surgery, the risk of death from those who suffered from surgery was higher than expected.

銆€銆€A quick-acting bariatric surgery can be dangerous.

銆€銆€The acceptance of bariatric surgery is high. I didn’t know much about liposuction surgery a few years ago. Now I am asking for liposuction details. The patients who have reduced stomachic surgery are constantly, and Xue Hongyu, a doctor of cosmetic surgery at Beiyi Sanyuan, told reporters that many people are now losing weight.Surgery has been seen as a simple overall plastic surgery. When you come to the clinic, you not only say that you are the leader, but also the determination to do surgery.

Among them, the three categories are the most common: liposuction surgery.

Under anesthesia, the site where the feces need to be removed is selected, and the feces in the body are aspirated by a vacuum suction method.

銆€銆€Gastrointestinal weight loss surgery.

At present, “micro-invasive gastroplasty” and “minimally invasive gastric bypass” are more popular.

European countries have replaced the former. By inserting the volume of the stomach and reducing the food intake, the weight loss rate can reach 40%-72%. In addition, in the United States, 1/6 of the stomach is used to contain food, and the rest of the stomach, the twelve fingersIntestines and about 1.

The jejunum of 5-2 meters is idle, the amount of food intake is greatly reduced, and the weight loss rate is about 20% higher than that of the stomach.

銆€銆€Colon hydrotherapy.

Injecting 2-8 liters of water into the human body can help defecation and digestion, while at the same time cleaning the stomach and stomach, it has slimming effect.

銆€銆€The number of people in the risk of the accident is bound to be risky, but the following figures are still jaw-dropping.

According to the Associated Press reported on October 18, scientists are in the right.

A total of 61.55 million patients with various bariatric surgery found that in the 35-44 age group, more than 5% of men and nearly 3% of women died within one year; among those aged 45-54, diedThe rate is slightly higher; about 13% of men and 6% of women between the ages of 65 and 74 die; and among those over the age of 75, half of men and 40% of women die.

銆€銆€Other cases of weight loss surgery failures have also appeared in newspapers.

According to the reporter, in liposuction surgery, the most common are local skin infections, skin flap necrosis, numbness and abnormal sensation in the operation area, uneven operation area, and severe asymmetry of liposuction.

銆€銆€In the stomach reduction surgery, a British woman successfully lost half of her body weight this year and died of a lot of protein loss.

At present, a boy in Guangzhou also died of surgical complications.

According to the “American Medical Journal” reported in January this year, overweight patients are likely to cause a sudden drop in the vein after undergoing a stomach-reduction operation.

銆€銆€In the large intestine spa, there was a colon that was filled with water, and the stool entered the abdominal cavity, causing pelvic cavity, causing inflammation, and had to rely on artificial anus to live.

銆€銆€David, a surgeon at the University of Washington, USA?

Flump said: “For those who are considering some kind of surgery, this is a string of black numbers.

“Surgical weight loss is expected to save lives,” said Xue Dafu, the best way to lose weight is to exercise reasonably and moderately.

When the BMI (Body Mass Index), that is, the body weight (weight) divided by the height (m) squared, is greater than 21, and the body parts are slightly accumulating, and there is no surgical insufficiency, then liposuction can be considered.

銆€銆€People with a BMI of more than 30 may consider taking drugs to lose weight after failures such as diet conditioning and exercise.

銆€銆€When the BMI reaches 40 years old and is accompanied by people with high blood pressure, diabetes or sleep apnea, and can not lose weight by routine methods, it is definitely not for beauty or even for life.

Chinese medicine tells you 15 tips for longevity


Chinese medicine tells you 15 tips for longevity

Life is getting better and better, and people are becoming more and more aware of their health.

Then do you want to live longer?

Let Chinese medicine tell you 15 tips for longevity!

銆€銆€1, when you fall to the ground when your mother is still very young, the University of Chicago study found that when the mother was born less than 25 years old, their chances of living to 100 years old are a pair of mothers over the age of 25 when they were born.

Because older women’s eggs are more prone to defects, leading to chromosomal chromosome malformations.

銆€銆€2, you love to drink tea A study of more than 40,000 people show that people who drink at least 5 cups of tea a day have the lowest chance of dying from heart disease and stroke.

The natural component of tea, catechol, also prevents the accumulation of harmful proteins, protects brain cells, and maintains brain cognitive ability.

Unlike caffeine in coffee, the caffeine in tea contains the natural protein theanine.

The natural protein theanine prevents the substitution of caffeine, such as elevated blood pressure, headache and fatigue.

銆€銆€3, walk for half an hour every day A new study shows that people who walk for about 30 minutes a day, no matter how high the amount of feces in their body, their longevity is four times that of those who walk 30 minutes a day.

After lunch, do not hinder walking and take a walk, or take a subway or bus less after work, get off and walk home in advance.

銆€銆€4, quit carbonated drinks American scientists found that drinking a bottle of Coke every day may make you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases double the risk.

If you really want to drink a few drinks, you may wish to squeeze the juice yourself.

A recent study in the UK also showed that some carbonated beverages can cause serious damage to human cells.

Experts believe that a common preservative in carbonated beverages can destroy some important areas of human DNA and pose a serious threat to human health.

This kind of human injury caused by drinking carbonated drinks is generally associated with aging and alcohol abuse, which eventually leads to diseases such as cirrhosis and Parkinson’s disease.

銆€銆€5, the more colorful, more fresh, more natural food, the more antioxidant, help the body fight free radicals, delay aging.

A new study shows that purple grapes, blueberries and red wines can be polyphenols, which can reduce cardiovascular risk and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

US researchers say that red sandalwood granules made from blueberries and grapes can not only be used to treat diabetes infections, but also lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, and prevent type 2 diabetes. 6. Adolescents and young researchers study 137 people.A follow-up survey of their birth from 28 to 28 found that overweight at age 14 increased the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in adulthood.

銆€銆€7. A study by Harvard Medical School at the University found that people who had been educated for more than 12 years had a longer life span than those who were relatively educated for 18 months.

And beyond education, the possibility of smoking is smaller.

According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control, about 10% of adults with higher education smoke, and about 35% of those with secondary or secondary education smoke.

銆€銆€8, eat less red meat American Cancer Institute title, if the weekly correction of more than 500 grams of red meat, will increase the risk of colorectal cancer.

Taking 100 grams of processed meat (such as bacon and ham) daily will increase the risk of colorectal cancer by 42%.

Carcinogenic nitrites are produced by the processing of meat on barbecue, smoked, marinated or preservatives such as nitrates.

銆€銆€9, good relationship, good interpersonal relationship is a syringe to deal with stress.

Long-term stress can weaken the immune system and accelerate cell aging, ultimately reducing lifespan by 4 to 8 years.

銆€銆€10, friends are healthy If the weight of friends increases, the same thing will happen to you will increase by 57%.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should interact with people who have the same life goals.

For example, attend a club for weight loss fitness, or develop a friend who can walk with you for a long time.

銆€銆€11, living to the old, learned a study at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, USA, found that the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in people who frequently perform brain activities (visiting museums, guessing puzzles, listening to music) is reduced by more than half.
銆€銆€12, adopting pets often caressing or approaching those cute little things helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate.

A study has shown that the annual survival rate of cardiovascular patients with pets is six times that of those without pets.

銆€銆€13, a reasonable study of life, research shows that those who think that life is overcoming, more self-disciplined people live longer, and their chances of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are 89% lower than those who do not have their hard work.

銆€銆€14, you are a diligent person using a vacuum cleaner, cleaning the stairs or cleaning the window for more than an hour, can make the average person burn about 285 calories, while reducing the risk of death by 30%.

銆€銆€15, a cheerful “Psychologist” study said that people with more active personality are healthier than those who are dull.

Drinking corn milk can enhance memory


Drinking corn milk can enhance memory

Corn milk made from fresh corn and milk not only enhances memory, but also makes people’s thinking more agile and more concentrated.

銆€銆€Autumn is the best time to eat corn.

The metabolism of linoleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids in corn embryos protects the blood vessels of the brain and lowers blood fat.

In particular, corn is rich in content and high in glutamate, which can help promote brain cell metabolism. It often eats corn, especially fresh corn, and has a brain-building effect.

銆€銆€And milk protein protein, calcium, and the essential amino acids in the brain.

Calcium in milk is most easily absorbed by humans and is an important substance that cannot be ingested by brain metabolism.

In addition, it also contains vitamin B1 and other ingredients that are very beneficial to nerve cells.

銆€銆€Two kinds of foods that are good for brain cells are paired together, brains and brains, and the effect of enhancing memory is more remarkable.

銆€銆€The corn used to make corn milk is preferably tender, yellow-yellow sweet corn, and the corn milk that comes out will be sweet and sweet.

Steam or cook the corn first, then peel off the corn kernels, put them into a blender, add normal temperature milk, and rotate at high speed for 10 seconds. A delicious and nutritious healthy drink will be ready.

銆€銆€Corn milk is best for breakfast and breakfast. Because the stomach is weak in the morning, it is recommended to heat the corn milk slightly, which will warm the stomach and promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the stomach.