How to use household appliances (Chinese)

How to use household appliances (Chinese)

How to use household appliances (Chinese)

How to use liquefied petroleum gas safely Liquefied petroleum gas in households is mainly decomposed, butane, propylene, butene fraction and other flammable gases.

For ease of use, people compress these gases to liquefy them before filling the tank.

According to the characteristics of liquefied petroleum gas, the following safety precautions should be paid attention to during use: 1. To prevent gas leaks in gas tanks and stoves, pay attention to the angle valve on the gas cylinders intact, whether the rubber hoses are aging, cracking and burning., Whether the switch on the stove is leaking, whether the hand wheel on the angle valve is damaged, and whether the gas bottle is leaking.

In the event of run-out or air leakage, immediately open doors and windows for ventilation and cut off all sources of ignition and power at the same time to prevent the gas from burning or exploding when exposed to open flames.

  2. When using liquefied gas, first ignite and then open the valve.

People can’t stay away, and the flame should be adjusted at any time to prevent the soup overflowing from the pot from extinguishing the flame, which will cause a large amount of liquefied gas to leak out.

If an open flame is encountered, the leaked gas can cause a fire or explosion.

  3. When the liquefied gas is not in use, all the switches should be turned off to prevent running gas.

  4. The liquefied gas tank should be used upright and not upside down; at the same time, it should be kept away from the fire source.

  5. Do not dispose of the residual liquid in the cylinder or dump it in the sewer.

  6. When a fire occurs, the valve on the gas cylinder should be closed, then the gas cylinder should be transferred to a safe place, and fire extinguishing measures should be taken at the same time.

  How to 1. It is best to use products with temperature control indicators and protection devices when buying; 2. In order to prevent technical accidents, you must understand the requirements in detail before use; 3. It is best to use electric heating compresses on wooden boards.Spread a layer of blanket or cotton wool each to prevent the heating wire from twisting and twisting, kneading and kneading, causing a short circuit or an open circuit.

Generally, it is not suitable to use on steel beds and spring beds; 4. Shorten the overlap when using it to prevent the overlap from repeating after power on, damage to electrothermal deposition or cause fire.

  5. Do not turn on the electricity for a long time before going to bed. If you find high temperature or non-heating, you should use it after repairing. 6. Use the electric blanket and electric blanket that have been used for a long time, and carefully check for leakage.For ordinary electric compresses, cut off the power before going to bed to prevent electric shorts caused by short-bed caused by bedwetting and other reasons; 8. When cleaning electric rugs, remove the outer cover for electric compresses. Do not use electric cores together.Cleaning.

  How to ① Connect the grounding wire to a hair dryer with a grounding lead; ② When using hot air from a hair dryer, pay attention to the hair near and far, and blow while moving. Never blow directly to avoid burns; ③Protect the hair dryer from moisture and ensure its insulation; ④ After use, wipe it clean, store it in a ventilated and dry place.