Eight sports can make your mind develop again

Eight sports can make your mind develop again


Eight sports can make your mind develop again

When infancy is the development of a person’s life, we develop a body that can be used for decades in just one year.

But after the baby, it does not mean that our development stops.

Although the speed of renewal of various parts of the body will slow down, it will continue to develop as always.

So, if you want to make yourself more arguably more intelligent, you may want to use your methods to stimulate your mind to develop again in the days to come!

銆€銆€Traditional sayings are constantly being broken by new research results, and some previously widely recognized adults no longer grow new brain cells.

Recent studies have shown that although most of the brain development process is carried out in childhood, not all brain cells are declared to have stopped production as soon as they reach adulthood.

銆€銆€There are about 100 billion neurons in our brain, and neurons will continue to produce and change in adulthood.

Although some of them will experience age decline and decline (don’t worry!

As long as the health is healthy, the recession process will be very slow).

But if we insist on exercise, we can promote the regeneration of brain cells!

銆€銆€Exercise is beneficial to the brain to upgrade the most significant sign of the movement of brain cells – fully mobilize the aerobic exercise of the limbs!

銆€銆€The brain needs a lot of oxygen when it performs the function of receiving and transmitting information.

Adequate aerobic exercise can make the brain receive more nutrients and improve the brain’s memory and thinking ability.


Walk to buy a pair of walking sticks and formally join the trending Walkingrow column!

銆€銆€Walking as an effective cardio-pulmonary exercise, the average walking rate is increased by at least 13%, and the brain gains at least 5%.

Because we have a pair of assistant walking sticks, we can also make full use of our hands when walking upright, so that we can coordinate with our limbs and promote brain cell renewal.

銆€銆€Ordinary walking is also possible!

3 walks a week, 30 minutes or more.

The brain’s ability to learn, attention, and abstract reasoning can also increase by 15%.


Dance Our athletic ability is sometimes weaker than men, because they are better at using the left brain and are more likely to balance.

銆€銆€Lack of stable balance ability, not only the inflexibility of body movements, but also seriously affect the correct development of left and right brain function differentiation, especially the organization of the left brain, reasoning and understanding.

銆€銆€Unlike animals, many of the animal’s skills are natural, sometimes the ability of cats to climb trees, the ability of frogs to swim.

But we can master all the skills through the learning of the day after tomorrow.

In turn, we exercise our brains by learning these skills.


Fighting and fighting, both hands and brains, and constantly beating body activities.

銆€銆€Every action you take is done after the brain is meticulous and quickly considered.

銆€銆€Your cerebral cortical nerve is in the most appropriate state of excitement.

銆€銆€You observe sharpness, clear memory, active thinking, and the potential to create.

銆€銆€Your self-fulfilling needs are stronger, and the will to overcome difficulties and the belief to win are more determined.

銆€銆€Full blood oxygen supply to the brain, memory and thinking ability is greatly enhanced.


The world of skiing is developing towards the equal freedom we desire.

Anyone can challenge Bill or Charles, and the challenge begins with a long-lasting sport-skiing that the nobles love.

銆€銆€The close cooperation of the eyes, hands, legs and feet during the gliding can maximize the speed of our reaction.

In particular, alpine skiing creates a strong sense of success and enhances self-confidence in meeting various challenges.銆€銆€Added value: coordination, softness, and getting exercise at the same time.


Cycling and carefully recalling, is the memory of bicycles very beautiful and pleasant?

銆€銆€Studies have shown that this beautiful mood really happened at the time, because proper exercise can secrete a hormone that makes us happy and happy – riding a bicycle can produce this hormone.

銆€銆€Cycling can compress blood vessels, use blood circulation to accelerate, and the brain corrects more oxygen, so you will feel clear and clear thinking after cycling.

銆€銆€It is very likely that the BMW will be taken out for sale. Cycling is likely to be the CEO!

This is the new weather on Wall Street!


Table tennis, your boss playing table tennis?

If he plays table tennis, you have to practice hard, otherwise your brain may not be able to keep up with his thinking!

銆€銆€Scientific research shows that table tennis requires the brain to think quickly and nervously, promote blood circulation in the brain, supply sufficient energy to the brain, and have a good brain function.

銆€銆€Added value: “Optimum anti-myopia exercise” When playing table tennis, the eyes aim at table tennis, keep going far and near, up and down, left and right adjustment and movement, constantly making the ciliary muscle and the extraocular muscles alternately contract and relax, promotingThe blood supply and metabolism of the eye tissue can effectively improve the function of the ciliary muscle.


Yoga “She seems to be getting more and more brains.

“We often find that some women around us have changed after practicing yoga.

This is not an illusion, or even a fact – American researchers have confirmed that yoga can improve intelligence.

This is related to the ability of yoga to bring people to relax and improve their body control.

銆€銆€By comparing all the postures of yoga, the researchers found that the backward posture is most helpful in improving the intelligence level.


Recommended Sports: Orienteering Orienteering means that the participants go beyond the topographic map and the compass, independently search for several ground checkpoints plotted on the map in the prescribed order, and complete the whole race in the shortest possible time.

銆€銆€Orienteering requires participants to have good judgment and learning ability.

It can be said that after going out of the school, the mathematics, astronomy, geography, biology, physics and other knowledge are re-learned and practiced.

銆€銆€The more healthy the body, the more flexible the brain is!