[How to eat eggs raw]_Egg_How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat eggs raw]_Egg_How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat eggs raw]_Egg_How to eat_How to eat

In fact, everyone has heard of eating eggs raw in life. In fact, from a health point of view, it is not suitable to eat eggs raw, because eggs will contain some traces of bacteria. Without being cooked, noIt can be killed, and it can easily cause food poisoning or infection with other diseases.

1. Raw eggs are not suitable for direct consumption, which will cause adverse effects on the body.

2. The egg is composed of three parts: egg yolk, egg white and egg shell. It is rich in protein and a lot of water.

For freshly-born eggs, the protein and the protein film attached to the protein are tightly adhered together, and the preservation time increases. The protein film begins to separate from the egg shell at the big end of the egg, thereby forming an air chamber (commonly known as an empty head) and passing through the eggAs the water inside evaporates, the air chamber will gradually increase.

The size of this air chamber can be regarded as the freshness of the egg.

The egg shell part of the egg has many pores, and the big end of the egg is open.

There is a film outside the shell of the newborn egg. When this layer of film is incomplete, microorganisms outside the shell can enter the egg through the pores. The microorganisms outside the shell are usually Salmonella, mainly from eggs when they are from the poultry canalContamination can also come from the egg during storage and transportation. Therefore, the eggs are usually infected with bacteria, and the bacteria that invade the eggs will multiply, causing the egg contents to corrode and deteriorate.

The extent of this deterioration is generally not easily detectable from outside the shell.

Therefore, when some people think that raw eggs, duck eggs, etc. can absorb protein nutrition well, if these corroded or stale eggs are really eaten, they can easily be infected with Salmonella and cause food poisoning.

3. During cooking, scrambled eggs, and duck eggs, if the eggs are not cooked well and cooked, the bacteria in the eggs are not completely killed, which may cause food poisoning.

To prevent the disease from eating eggs, thoroughly clean the shell of the eggs, and thoroughly cook or fry them before eating.