Bad breath halitosis reveal a cancer signal good drink tea

What reveal a cancer signal?Bad breath is not just mouth will smell, there may be a cancer signal, then what bad breath reveal a cancer signal is it?Here to talk about with you bad breath reveal a cancer signal, as well as bad breath drink tea is good。 Reveal a breath of each person's bad breath is not the same signal cancer, bad breath exhaled the smell is not the same。 Some people are just plain bad breath, so not too much harm, as long as you can pay more attention to diet and lifestyle in the above, but some people may be due to problems caused by bad breath, this is the case, we must promptly to the hospital to check their is there any disease problem。
According to British media reported on March 6th, scientists from China and Israel recently successful research a new diagnostic method, only the patient can be diagnosed breath test。 In 130 cases of cancer diagnosis has been made, the accuracy of this method is up to 90%。 "British Journal of Cancer," believes that this method will completely change the way existing cancer diagnosis, effectively improve the efficiency of diagnosis of cancer。 It is reported that the British are about 7000 new cases of gastric cancer patients each year, the majority of patients diagnosed already at an advanced stage, 40% of patients survive after diagnosis of at least one year, but only 20 percent survive five years after treatment the above。
At present, the method doctors in the diagnosis of gastric cancer is taken to check the patient's esophagus and stomach through the probe and micro-camera, while the new method is through the patient exhaled gas analysis concluded。 Halitosis reveal a signal gastric cancer patient exhaled gas will contain volatile organic compounds, and by the proper medical equipment can detect this compound。
Previously, researchers have been trying to diagnose this way, Professor Hossam Hacker Israel Institute of Technology believes that this method is very suitable for the diagnosis of gastric cancer in 130 patients involved in the study, 37 cases gastric cancer patients, 32 cases of patients, the remaining 61 cases are common in patients with stomach。 In addition to being able to diagnose patients with gastric cancer with 90 percent accuracy rate, this method can even located on the stage of the cancer (early or late) determination。 The research team is currently ongoing larger study scale, more patients for diagnostic tests。

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