Flipkart Softbank intends to transfer part of the shares of Wal-Mart shares accounted for 51%

Beijing March 14 evening news, "Times of India" today quoted informed sources as saying, SOFTBANK Group will prepare the transfer of part of the shares held by the largest electricity supplier website Flipkart in India to Wal-Mart, which will invest $ Flipkart 8000000000-100 One hundred million U.S. dollars。
The source said, after the investment, Wal-Mart is expected to hold Flipkart51% of the shares, becoming its largest shareholder。
Currently, Softbank holds about 24% stake in Flipkart。
Last year, Softbank has just Flipkart investment of approximately US $ 2.5 billion。 "India Times" has reported that in February this year, Wal-Mart plans to Holdings Flipkart, which will increase the valuation doubled to about $ 20 billion。 This also means that last year's investment by Softbank has received about $ 2 billion in return。 Informed sources said that Wal-Mart will get Flipkart51% stake in the new issue of shares by way of obtaining and acquisition of existing shares of current shareholders。
Current, Flipkart many shareholders and employees are ready to transfer shares to Wal-Mart, to facilitate the investment。
Another source said that at Flipkart stock Wal-Mart is about to get in, there will be a maximum of 30% from current shareholders or employees。
In addition to Softbank, Tiger Global holds more than Flipkart20% stake in the South African media giant Naspers holds about 13%, Flipkart founders together hold about 10%。
Other major shareholders include eBay, Tencent, Microsoft and acceleration Ventures。

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