China Waldi!Crack from B to AFC Jeonbuk he gone for 10 years

  Beijing on March 14, the AFC Champions group match to continue, the right to health revenge Jeonbuk 4-2 home, back to back in the contest with the South Korean league Banba, the humble backs Zhang Cheng in a row to score for him say, this is a can not be copied inspirational story。   Zhang Cheng is a native of Tianjin, grew up in the east of the stadium to practice, 10 years ago, Zhang Cheng came to the locomotive workout, but it was not in as "China Ajax," the locomotive to leave, then he was removed to TEDA workout, still locked out, in this case, Zhang Cheng once wanted to give up, "let me do anything, did not want to play football。
"But Zhang Cheng's father insisted, he took Zhang Cheng came to the newly established Songjiang workout, the final buzzer left the team, so, Zhang Cheng started working in 2008 in Songjiang, even he did not think, this adherence can exchange for today's success。
  10 years, the team from B to AFC, Songjiang change from right to health, but only one person Zhang Cheng stuck with it, he was from the "right to health weakest link" to today's main iron, whether it is Cana Navarro was Sosa, they are all hard, trying to play Zhang Cheng extra sure。
  Pato, Witsel and other talented stars are in the minority, more or like Zhang Cheng this extraordinary perseverance and the pursuit of dreams, no matter who you are, as long as you love life, as the goal of struggle, after all, have a way out day。
  (One punch man)。

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