Former US Ambassador to Japan, Japan Student Dialogue: Okinawa most important to the US-Japan security system

  [World Wide Web reports reporter Wang Huan], former US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy local time on March 19 in New York, and participate in activities of the Japanese Foreign Ministry dispatched visit Okinawa high school and college students a total of 20 talks。 She US military base in Okinawa to seek to understand that Okinawa for US-Japan security system is the most important place。   According to Japan's Kyodo News reported March 20, Caroline stressed that during the talks the US-Japan alliance is the world's most important ally。 She served as ambassador to Japan regarding the review called it one of the greatest honors of my life, and that in the future will also be committed to further strengthen bilateral relations。
  As a student at the beginning of the talks on behalf of Mr Chong Kadena well-known foreign language school freshman Jia Fei said: For our generation, to build a good Japan-US relations are very important。 We hope to establish a positive relationship forward。 It discloses only the beginning of the talks to the media section。   Prior to this, the students listened to the United Nations in New York, president of the Japanese staff will introduce small Shigeki Matsubara United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in charge of African affairs assistance related to the work of the United Nations。
Japanese Foreign Ministry plans to send next year a group of approximately Okinawa students to the United States。