Asian investment bank was formally established next year the first batch of medium-term loans or settled

   4. Alina Cho after a whole year of ups and downs, anticipation and waiting, (referred to as "Asian investment bank" under) by the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was finally established。
This is just a new beginning, in 2016, the first loan, the first projects, the department is looking forward to the follow-up recruitment so。
  According to the Chinese Ministry of Finance, as of December 25, including 17 founding members of intent China, South Korea, Australia, the United Kingdom and Singapore have been approved "AIIB Agreement" and submit the ratification, the shares of the total share%, reaching entry into force of the provisions of the "Asian investment bank agreement" that no less than 10 "AIIB agreement" approved by the signatories, and the initial signatories of the total share capital subscribed by not less than 50% of the total subscribed share capital。
So far, the Asian investment bank as a legal person status of the multilateral development banks to formalize。 Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei at December 25 answered reporters' questions revealed that Asian investment bank opening ceremony of the inaugural meeting of the Council and the Board of Directors will be held in Beijing 2016 Nian January 16 to 18。
  Currently, the Asian investment bank before five shareholders were: China, India, Russia, Germany, South Korea, Australia (of which South Korea and Australia tied for fifth)。
China% of total voting rights voting rights, have veto power (vetopower), with the constant addition of new members, the proportion of shares and voting rights of Chinese and other founding members will be gradually diluted。   Opening ceremony early next year will start at the opening ceremony held in early 2016, the Council and the Board has established a General Assembly will elect AIIB President and constituencies directors to consider the adoption of important policy documents aspects of banking, finance, personnel, etc., as AIIB officially put into operation the foundation。   "The past six months, we are with the intention of founding members to push for Asian investment bank multilateral interim secretariat for the opening of Asian investment bank made careful preparations: First, establish and improve the Asian investment bank organizational structure, recruitment start, good organization operational readiness; two is to develop and improve various operational policies to prepare for the early conduct loan business; Third, with the intention of founding member states to do the project selection and reserves, and with (the "Bank"), the Asian development Bank ( "the ADB ") and other multilateral development banks to explore co-financing opportunities。 "Said Lou Jiwei。
  Recalling the "two years" Asian investment bank, since October 2013 put forward the initiative to build AIIB President Xi Jinping, received a positive response in many countries and continues to make significant progress。
October 2014, the first batch of intent within 22 founding members signed the "Memorandum build AIIB" in Beijing。
Subsequently, the Asian investment bank to build into the multilateral phase, the focus is to proceed with the intention of founding members and recruiting new negotiations "AIIB Agreement" two jobs。
  March 12 this year, the British Application Jia Ruya investment banks, became the first European country to apply Jia Ruya investment banking, after European countries have responded。 Currently, the Group of Seven (G7), only the United States and Japan have not yet done。
As of March 31, the total number of founding members of intent Asian investment bank reached 57, covering Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, Latin America and other continents; May 22, after a meeting of four chief negotiator fruitful consultations 57 the intention of founding members mutually agreed high-quality text, "AIIB Agreement" in Singapore; June 29, the signing ceremony of "Asian investment bank agreement" was successfully held in Beijing; in August 2015, the parties to the election by consensus nominations China, Asia investment bank multilateral interim Secretary-General of the Secretariat for the Asian investment bank Jin Liqun President designate。
  Positioning mid-next year or the implementation of the first batch of loans to Asian investment bank is "bank", while Jin Liqun said Asian investment bank is to be profitable, so the next stage, lending and implementation of the project is a priority。   Jin Liqun said that the primary objective of the Asian investment bank set up the first project is to start in the second quarter of next year, of which we own independent assessment and project financing, there are projects with the World Bank and other multilateral development banks and other joint financing。
The loan amount is expected next year could reach 1.5 billion?$ 2 billion。
"Under normal circumstances, with registered capital of $ 100 billion, I would expect the first 5?6 years, it may lend 10 billion per year?$ 15 billion。 "In this regard, some analysts believe that the Asian investment bank's first year of operations, audit and lending limit for the project will have a tentative tightening, with the mature operation mechanism, the lending limit will increase year by year。 According to the world's major development banks subscribed capital and the proportion of annual lending, ANZ chief economist for Greater Liu Ligang previously estimated, beginning AIIB average annual lending ceiling of around $ 30 billion。
  And Asian investment banking model is most similar to the ADB, Asia had opened behavioral support infrastructure development in the region, planned since 2017, the year the amount of financing will be expanded to the current times, to $ 20 billion。 According to ADB estimates, 2010?By 2020, the region needs infrastructure investment of up to $ 750 billion per year, Asian domestic infrastructure totaling about $ 8 trillion。
Visible, ADB and Asian investment banks by no means competition, but to fill the gap partner Asian Infrastructure。   On operating currency, the dollar is still the preferred Asian investment bank。
However, to further promote the international use of the yuan by China-led Asian investment banks no doubt highly anticipated。 Jin Liqun said that with the renminbi successfully entered the SDR (Special Drawing Rights), the status of the renminbi in international payments will be significantly improved, future financing needs will also consider the yuan。   As for financing the initial focus areas of Asian investment bank, Jin Liqun said it will include energy and power, transportation and telecommunications, agriculture and rural infrastructure, water supply and sewage treatment, environmental protection, urban development and logistics and other industries。 "Asian investment bank will hold a board meeting to discuss the establishment of banks' lending policies, including project finance standards。 Relevant policy documents will be announced after the approval of the Board of Directors。
"" Asian investment bank to support the project must be sustainable in the financial, environmental and social。 "Jin Liqun said that the Secretariat has been actively working to make the project reserves, and with the World Bank, ADB, EBRD, the European Investment Bank and other multilateral development agencies on project co-financing to maintain close communication。   As an intense recruitment has 57 founding members, the future will continue to attract new members in the multilateral institutions, recruitment can be described as a top priority。 And July this year, officially opened the New Development Bank (NDB) is similar to the official website of Asian investment bank also () announced specific jobs。
  According to "First Financial Daily" correspondent finishing, such as Vice President, Investment Operations Officer, policy strategy officer, head of human resources, risk managers and other departments of the executive positions are already on December 21, 2015 ending the recruitment, this part primarily by Member States and international headhunters recommend digging; and positions as senior financial analyst, senior environmental Specialist, senior Social development Specialist, senior purchasing officer, High Commissioner for budget management, financial officer, the High Commissioner and other IT recruitment is still open, as time for the January 8, 2016。   As for recruitment requirements, "according to AIIB lean, efficient principles set the internal organization, according to an open, transparent and merit-based principles of recruiting bank employees。 "Jin Liqun said the proposed three basic conditions – have a good work ethic, good character, honest and upright; there must be a high level of professional competence and good performance; there must be professionalism, passion for the development of the cause, loyal to AIIB。
  "AIIB no country restrictions, any nationality may apply for the competition for Asian investment banking professional positions; AIIB no iron rice bowl, the contract system for all positions (including one year trial period), those standards can be renewed。
"Jin Liqun said that all job applications must be made through a unified platform for Asian investment bank's personnel department。 For professional jobs, Asian investment bank to develop a rigorous hiring principles and procedures, applicants to pass a test。