Men do not secretly troubled, seven small coup to make you more "durable"!

  Man is very focused on health care, resulting in decreased physical fitness, even the "bed movement" can not make their own satisfaction, how to do it?7 small coup teach you today, so that men are more "durable"。
  1, the control excitability reaction process divided into four stages: excitement phase, duration, peak period, involuting。 For a more lasting strong, the key is to recognize the emotional upheaval of the whole process of sex, his own state into an exciting period of 1-10 grades, do not let yourself get too excited, excitement can be maintained at around 7。
  2, regulation of breathing, to reduce the level of pressure he could tell before the climax came, try to do deep breathing slow and big amplitude, psychologically closed emotion, to reduce the level of some of the pressure。 If short-term repeat this procedure in the process of sexual intercourse, two on the habit?3 minutes of intercourse will extend 2?3 times longer。   3, a less sensitive penis more practical approach is to use the higher quality but the texture thicker condoms。
Thicker condoms help to reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis。 Another method of reducing the sensitivity of the head of the penis using a dedicated ointment。
The effect of this ointment is the head of the penis numb, so that the penis strong, longer sex time。
Such ointment can be purchased at regular sex shop。
  4, strong "resistance" movement to strengthen the control ejaculation muscles, interrupting the outflow of urine or allows you to perceive where these muscles when to hold back, then take the "Kegel exercises" to exercise these parts, namely the buttocks and pelvic floor contraction muscles for 10 seconds and then relax, repeated several times。
  5, cooling with cold water before making love to the scrotum, scrotum to help him with cold water (ice water better) wet look, so that the shrinkage reaction occurs, be careful not to wet the penis during sex you will feel whether his hardness or duration has improved significantly。 In addition, sexual intercourse during the pause, and out of the penis slightly relieve inflammation 1?2 seconds, whether man or woman will generate more sense of anticipation。   6, pressing the urethra when you find your own body's responses during sexual intercourse too quickly, a "hot" state, try pressing the bottom of the penis, to some pressure on the urethra, this small pipes at the back on the penis。
Doing so can reduce blood in the penis, allowing rapid ejaculation is suppressed desire。   7, specific self-training method: to let you stick to 15 minutes masturbation。 The purpose of this masturbation is not simply to get yourself pleasure, but to the other side while the fantasy of how to have an orgasm in my mind。