Vaginal discharge is why it is important female winter health

What is the reason vaginal discharge?Women's vaginal discharge will reflect a lot of problems, you know what is the reason it is vaginal discharge?Following small to talk about how women with vaginal discharge and more is what you do。 Leucorrhea more what the reasons are 1, vaginal discharge and more cases of fungal vaginitis lady appears, may be related to fungal vaginitis, fungal vaginitis caused if, in addition to the performance of the symptoms of vaginal discharge outside, there will be residue samples or curd-like vaginal discharge, and associated symptoms and odor。 2, trichomonas vaginitis trichomonas vaginitis is caused by Trichomonas vaginalis infection, increased vaginal discharge if it is caused by Trichomonas vaginitis, there will be foam-like odor vaginal discharge, and accompanied by genital itching。
This requires both men and women Tongzhi vaginitis, so as not to lead to cross-infection。 3, senile vaginitis vaginitis is mainly because the vagina reduce resistance to the outside world due to。 Leucorrhea more what the reasons are well known, after menopause, the ovaries of female friends will also decline, estrogen levels will be reduced, this time will be reduced vaginal discharge, vaginal acidic environment will be destroyed so easily lead to inflammation of the vagina。 4, chronic cervicitis chronic cervicitis will be more vaginal discharge occurs, and vaginal discharge yellowish color rendering, even with bloodshot eyes。
If the vaginal discharge is caused by chronic cervicitis and more, there will be a more obvious symptom is contact bleeding, generally occurs after sex, women want to be able to pay attention to a friend。