Aubameyang: refuse France and Spain for his father was the captain of Gabon

  According to the "London late flag" report, Aubameyang said, because I wanted to follow his father's footsteps, he chose the representative of Gabon national team rather than France or Spain。
  It is reported that, Aubameyang was born in France of Laval, his mother is Spanish。
However, after he rejected the offer and the two teams of Italy U19。
In the case where he has represented France U21 played, and ultimately he chose to team effectiveness Gabon。   If he represents more than three national team, he will get regular international competition opportunities, but Gabon can not participate in the World Cup, he had also represent Gabon in the African Nations Cup group qualifying game over 1。 It is reported that the father of Pierre Aubameyang, Gabon national team after the captain, and played in 80 games for the national team。
  Aubameyang said: "I was very young when I decided, players often take a long time to do the selection, and then make the right decision, but for me, my choice is clear。
I want to follow my father's footsteps, he is a former captain of the national team of Gabon。 "(From the Stanford football off)。