Spring season appropriate exercise your body good

What are the appropriate exercise in spring after entering the spring temperatures begin to warm gradually, and this time is very suitable for some sports activities, and appropriate exercise can not only make people better health, but also help release stress。So what are the movement in the spring it is suitable for the following night network come to you recommend some suitable movement of the spring, give your body a good season!Raiders Raiders a spring movement should be gradual, because persons who wish to prepare activities before exercise to prevent injury。After a winter sports such "low tide", human muscle relaxation, central nervous system, internal organs function than in summer and autumn poor, hard ligaments, prone to injury。Therefore, at this time to grasp the principle of gradual exercise to restore bodily functions as the main purpose, not for the sake of "Crash" and blindly increase the amount of exercise, or easily cause unnecessary damage to the body。In addition, should the person who should fitness, exercise intensity should be 170 minus the age values in the heart rate after exercise is appropriate。Raiders two attention to warm cold, fitness time selectable from 14:00 to 20:00。Studies have shown that 14: After 00, body functions start to rise, 17:00 to 19:00 best for exercise。
Morning can, but you must choose a good local air environment, early spring recovery of all things, the air has a lot of beneficial negative ions the human body, easily absorbed。But sooner or later, early spring is still cold and changeable climate, outdoor sports should therefore keep warm, avoid cold cold。Raiders three spring appropriate exercise for fitness and select your favorite items, long-term adherence。
Many fitness are "three minutes", but the fitness effect is not obvious。
Therefore, a reasonable choice of fitness programs, so that they can hold a very important long-term。
In addition to spacious, well-ventilated fitness facility, a treadmill, equipment, aerobics and other exercise, because the gym there is a kind of common fitness of a good atmosphere, can help you stick to it。
Raiders more than four water moisture holding body。The current temperature is still low, tend to ignore the importance of drinking water when people exercise。
In fact, relatively dry spring, the movement but also a lot of sweat, so in this case exercise should pay attention to replenish moisture。