What to eat the best seafood with a reasonable mix of high nutrition

What to eat seafood with better believe we all know, with them each food will have different effects, some will be more nutritious food with rich, what to eat seafood with the best night together and network to see what to eat seafood with most a good introduction to it!What is best to eat a seafood distribution, seafood, dairy products, seafood and vegetables with a "high-purine" and was highly acidic foods, excessive intake can cause metabolic disorders, increased blood uric acid concentration, initiator。
If you eat seafood, eat more vegetables, drink, these alkaline foods can neutralize uric acid concentration, in favor of uric acid excretion, greatly reduce the risk of gout。
Purine can neutralize alkaline foods are: ,, ,, lettuce celery, lettuce, radish, etc.。
Low purine food for milk and dairy products, a variety of staple foods, vegetables, fruits, etc.。Second, with seaweed tofu nutritious, saponin-containing component, can inhibit the fat absorption, promote lipolysis, prevent arteriosclerosis generating peroxisome。
However, saponins can cause a lack of iodine in the body, and kelp rich in essential iodine (iodine per 100 Ridge with 24 g)。
Since the multi-iodine kelp, may induce goiter, both with the food, so that more saponin tofu little excretion, the body can be in equilibrium iodine。What to eat seafood with the best but be noted that, kelp cold, stomach Deficiency were cut。
Patients with hyperthyroidism do not eat kelp。, Nursing mothers should not eat more kelp, because of Iodine can be with the blood circulation into the tire (infants) children body, causing fetal (baby) child thyroid dysfunction。Third, corn with peas。