Middle East is planning to do along the way: Kuwait to build 130 billion Silk City | Middle East | along the way

  [Global Network News "Global Times" Global Network reporter Xue Yue reports] March 31 morning, Chong Institute of Finance, Renmin University of China invited the former Middle East envoy, senior diplomats, Congress Chong Senior Fellow Wu Sike on '' along the way ": the view from the Middle East" in a keynote speech。
He said some countries in the Middle East, there have been "Silk Road" of the complex, after that "along the way" strategic concept in China, they are very positive responses, put forward some concrete plans。
  Ambassador Wu said that March 14 to 21, I Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, four for a visit, I deliberately understand their views on "along the way", I feel they "along the way" are very grateful interest。
Kuwait plans to build a "Silk City", it is now the eldest son of the Emir of Kuwait Mohammed Sabah 纳什尔穆罕 design ideas。
This is a grand strategic plan, he was ready with $ 130 billion to build a new town in the northern coastal areas of Kuwait, named as "Silk City", planned to be completed in 2035, will become the new Silk Road linking China with Europe's important strategic hub。
  Ambassador Wu said that the Secretary-General and Omani Minister in charge of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs when I visited in Oman have discussed the problem of how to cooperate in the "area all the way," framework, introduced me to concentrate on the other two planning。 Du Kumu is a special economic zone。
This is part of central Oman, DC Province Du Kumu state, is the center point of the northeast coast of Oman, opposite the Indian Ocean, it is in the heart of the hub of East Asia, South Asia, Africa, Europe voyage lines, after shipping from here will Bihuoermu Sri Lanka Straits risk is smaller, the advantage is very unique, permanent population here is now less than 5,000 people。
Oman planning the SAR, including eight blocks port, industrial, logistics, fisheries, commercial, leisure, tourism, education, and this is a very majestic planning, Alfonso very much hope that China's participation。
Another plan is, in the port of Salalah build Zheng Memorial Park。 When Zheng He's voyages have been here three times。
Oman government planning where to build a memorial park Zheng, including Zheng monuments, culture and leisure area, restaurants, both to commemorate Zheng He, also attract tourists from China and around the world。   Ambassador Wu said that, I talked about "all the way along the" problem in Qatar, they will introduce Qatar to build a "new Doha Port."。 Doha Port is not enough now to be expanded, which is a large campus construction projects。 Qatar aspect also introduced the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council "planned rail links"。 Doha Newport construction planning, in addition to the expansion of the port, railway connectivity is also an important consideration。 Qatar also hope that Chinese enterprises to actively participate in。   Ambassador Wu believes, from Kuwait's "Silk City" to Oman, "Du Kumu economic zone", and then to Qatar's "New Doha Port" have shown ambition to take advantage of a number of countries in the Middle East "along the way" strategic plan for economic development。 Along the way China does not solo, ensemble but China and Arab countries and the world。 China should take advantage of this opportunity and strengthen their cooperation, including cooperation with Egypt and other Arab and Mediterranean countries, to achieve "interoperability, cooperation and win-win" and Middle Eastern countries, and produce a wide range of radiation effects, narrowing the development gap between regions, reaching cool promote regional hotspot issues, accelerate the regional integration process。