Acacia Shijue non-deep sea

I shall smile, Utah State long dream Miharu。   East wind Delitaofen。   Green Grass thousands of miles, Crane Dance Cloud Nine。   Heaven on earth who read?Xiang Lu Chen Xin Hengshui。   Consonance with smooth drunk Jinzun。   Love never old heart, you and I for a century。   ——Inscription "Linjiangxian·Consonance "One, spring is still shallow, especially deep dim moonlight night, hazy night。Moonlight scattered Gambhir swaying a clear film alone。At the hazy fog, a fine, cut kissed cheeks, seemed vaguely heard the wind delivered to exhort far, is that gentle voice。   Although spring has to, first warm spring, but it also chilly。In the darkness, facing the distant sinking, the brightest stars, winking room, like an eternal lamp heart。And just like your eyes, showing a plume of tenderness。I know, from heart to heart blend in consonance hearts。Remember that Jun words: You still read, Acacia rain, never subtract half points。Gazing at the sweet smile at those, still fragrant。Those Dimei gentle smile at the time, provoke Jun frivolous。Meet is the edge, ears heard the phrase no longer seem familiar words gently asked: you are here it?This encounter, reproduce the real scenery, mind each other how fit is relatively smile, needless to say。This makes me believe, heart to heart love hearts in consonance intersection。   Pick up a pen, a roll of ink rhyme, all miss you poem。Dan put you describe the scent of ink, written in white long word for you a clear spectrum of music, I will be your income tender heart。Long course of years, shoulder to shoulder counterparts, make love, so warm fragrance filling!Like in the Tang and Song of the text, count the days grow long, an elegant look for, I abundance of poetic heart, as you point ink into incense。     Second, eyebrows worry, worry heart of life in the world, there will always be a crossroads, it is impossible to choose which ones to strip wandering way of life, maybe the move is a kind of choice。Life in the world, there will always be difficult to read and difficult to crack the problem, when a difficult problem before us, it is the courage to break or detour?   Those years go off, the heart was once confused, have dark thoughts, have long stream Lei Yu, also feeling frustrated, have mind blowing, who is my dream paradise?   Inquire, Nowhere bleak!Fruitless days, often in a daze。Daze, not loneliness but also a state of mind。Some things, some stories about, or life in many, when it lost in a daze, quietly glide brow, without leaving a trace……   Days, already deep。Black is the main theme of the night, night to pull down the curtain for my landing window of heart。   That time of the heart, no place to place。Due to unclear touched direction, and in this month's crevices gradually blurred in the distance.。   Under the moonlight, gorgeous Sparse。Listen, windowsill wind chimes swaying, knocking。Early spring to mind, one thousand flowers, shadowy, seems to have eyebrows。   Are like they are a never break the cocoon of the caterpillar, the whole body is bound to feel the heart of crawling。   Bent forward to complete its magnificent transformation, and let himself quietly butterfly, rise from the ashes……   In your breath daze time, who read my desire and struggle?   Unwilling to squander their youth, lingering and lingering uncertainty about the times, just want to be stranded in the depths of broken memories, Linden's fate is Wu Baishi practice was immortal, wait Bodhi flowers!Find a millennium dream……     Third, the month faint, faint moonlight shadow Chao Chao, a touch of Qingchou quietly climbed up my mind。Often wonder, stories, scattered over the floor。Want leaned bend over pick up, but found no way to pick up trivial duties。Night, still cool water。Always I think that things in the world there is no perfect。Perhaps only those novels, movies will be the presence of these perfect story bar。The story of some tragedy, tore the hearts of beauty, giving desperate to be added。Also confused've been lost?It seems everyone is waiting for what reason?While you're waiting, let the heart checked into sentimental text, so filled with thoughts, fell in love with the characters dependency!On the hearts of the dream, to find that I love long chapter in breaking a tie Que's poetry, looking for shadows that cut a thousand years, to find that two tire doubted the sincerity。The heart freeze in silence for some time, the deep wounds ray flat Zeze。It was so cold and warm seasons guarding, guarding the sun and the moon change, wait here, waiting for you once again into my eyes heart。   Xin sigh and remember: better elimination, several rounds of wind and rain, hurry Spring Returns。Xichun longer afraid bloom early, not to mention innumerable Fallen flowers!Spring and live。   Spring has been to, where my dream in spring?   What is waiting?Perhaps, is a mood to wait, perhaps waiting is a silent voice。 Miss abundance in waiting。 Feelings of rebirth in waiting。Sweet and sour taste, let heart flowers bloom quietly, Huakaibubai。 Red sigh more than just passing, which was really for one person?   Qingchou down to the eyebrows, heart……     Fourth, I do not say, you also know there are ups and downs mountain, Fang Xianxiong odd precipitous; there are water waves, just to see the surging; love twists and turns, Jin Shi Zhicheng Meaningful。   Life story, came to the fate ah。Buddha said, let those who lost love lost it, forgive them but also let it be。Willing to be willing, there are homes side something to。Deep love to the lonely。Life often is the case, let us understand the principle of dedication to what you will lose, who you care about, but was it the deepest wounds。Because love, you have to be the reason for the damage。When we concentrate on reading other people's stories, was moved and disturbed the peace of mind their original。Originally I thought he was a Red this passing, but has no intention into the story being, starred in a love song Red。Intention to go for a ride, do not worry about life can be described as affectionate, for fear of duckweed poly。Thankful, grateful to arrange the fate of God but also said to be destined to encounter。   Relative smile, we meet here!   Put together a nice poetic uninteresting life。Always believed in reincarnation is the other people that were looking for each other, that one of the most deep-seated。Through the reality, through athletic, cure my drink, look at Sansei stone This is our first few World reincarnation?Love life, to love。Perhaps, the next life is not necessarily to each other and then be able to find a……   Just want to quietly waiting for you。   Accompany the king: looking toward the water flows east, the West fall evening watching day。I do not say, you also know。     Fifth, a lotus, quietly blossoming this Red too much temptation, who can accompany who together Forever?Too sober would lose romantic; too intoxicated to lose self。When stay awake half the remaining half drunk, my dream, my king to catch。Fly together to accompany the monarch, Splendor End of the World!   Some people even do not mind in the body, leaving the stay, it is a tragedy。Some people, who do not mind walking away, will always come back, this is the leading edge of the doomed……   Xuyi Shi friends forever, you live in my heart。A people lead their lives, how romantic story。   The extraordinary day too fast, and will be delivered to a lonely heart that people know of, secure a wandering soul。I do not know past lives, whether I was a Ching Lin Buddha, leave of Zen, willing into the world, you also hold the ring dressed mist of warm, real pain。   If walking in this world, that before you who did not come looking for safety, people are lonely。There were only his own shadow and never betray……     Six, Red robbery, is met edges meet edge。A margin of data, including the number of variables and accidental?   Encounter is a beautiful peaceful。The vast sea, adrift everyone as a fine dust, so casual encounter, perhaps a gust of wind, disappeared in the depths of the misty each other, please cherish the brief encounter。   Encounter is a happy state of mind。Without an appointment, and thus met each other's hearts left a nostalgic, leaving a miss, in this Journey of life also left a good aftertaste。Met, please cherish。   Encounter is a calm feelings。Beautiful rub shoulders also five hundred years of practice, that the heart of the lake ripples let us know, feeling a warm thoughts, thoughts of others is a blessing。Comfortable with this rare knowing each other, the edge is God, is man-made parts。   Enron is a warm encounter。A warm feeling makes us peace of mind, heart gentle, open-minded mood。Listen to the voice of each other heart to heart communication, heart to heart consonance perspective。   Meet the most beautiful, thank everyone in this life encounter!Thank you encountered in the deepest Red。     Seven, sipping tea, drunk life "Seven·Tea "West Wing cut candle, then lingering, remember that Jin was leaving ink papers。   Light for tea chasing dreams, not Bing reclassification of the year。   Allure rain the day before yesterday, I am also a sunny morning skies。Multi-day air and swept away the hearts of lingering haze, I'm still a clearance。Blue sky transparent and clarity, the golden touch every inch of shade and sun。Always feel, people's emotions are infected with the weather, people's emotions will infect her people, whether they were also infected or being touched, that person must be your care。Would like to make the mundane world of a woman, to see the reality for some and enjoy the blossom season, a bright sigh of dazzling fireworks……Fell in love with the landscape, moved by the moment of encounter, bearing in mind that a lifetime。Seeds implanted in the heart of a Buddha, until the time when the spring, quietly sprouting, blooming gorgeously with me。Do not say leave, only complaints of Love。Chang Yen white hair together into years from Fairview。But oh, the quiet beauty of mountains and rivers, Saatchi Chang'an。   You say, I owe the most beautiful feel bad, you will repay a lifetime。Love is Qiannian, is a subconscious respect and complementary friend。Together have gone through the place to renew old mentality accompanied consolation。“Acacia Shijue non-deep sea”It is very much empathy。Think about it, in fact, the sea is not deep, I miss a person even deeper than the sea……   Moonlight, fixed in a look, suddenly shining moment, his eyes hazy mist, along with a tear slowly trickles……   "See peach Concubine" mosaic from the distraction from prisoners, the number of calendar a few Spring。   Liu Lang was spring by degrees, and finally see the peach capacity and with shame。 Note: Liu Lang several meanings, one for the lover, and the second is the story of Liu Lang and peach。