Hives will help you find hives contagious

Urticaria hives contagious it is a relatively common but tricky disease, it is a great harm to the human body, and can also cause many other complications, but many people may not know much about urticaria bar。 Following small for everyone to talk about hives will not be transmitted to help you understand hives!Urticaria contagious 1, the incidence was mainly due to allergic urticaria caused the problem of their physical。 So, in general, urticaria and not contagious, although some fungi and viruses can also cause hives, but this is very rare cases, generally not considered infectious urticaria。 2, although the hives are not contagious, but it is worth noting that the genetic risk of allergies is relatively high, especially if the parents have a method of allergic diseases, and the boy will have a 3/4 chance of genetic allergies。
Some hives can cause laryngeal edema, it can be life-threatening。
Therefore, the hives to active treatment, it is best to fundamentally improve allergies, while avoiding contact with allergens, can take some antihistamine with severe symptoms of drugs to control symptoms。
3, pay attention to the history of medicine before the onset of the situation by diet, infections, mental factors and inhalation (pollen, feathers, paint, etc.), etc., which may be related to the pathogenesis of efforts should be avoided。 Hives can be contagious chronic urticaria is a common skin disease, mainly due to all causes of skin, blood vessels or inflammatory mucosa case of temporary congestion or edema。 If the sick for more than six weeks, then we can call it a chronic urticaria。
The reason for this disease is not very determined, so relatively speaking the difficulty of treatment will be relatively large。 Urticaria also have diet recipe, you know what these remedies do not you take a look below and small series diet recipe urticaria bar!Urticaria therapeutic method, sugar, sesame wine。