You do not know the secret to make sex more wonderful bed

6.Men will see red sexual arousal, a woman will see purple fantasy Spain Medical experts say that men will see red sexual arousal, while women because of menstruation, but there will see a red physiological fear。 In the intimate atmosphere of a purple bedroom, the woman's sexual excitement will be higher than usual half a percent。 Because purple color similar to human mucous membranes, can make a woman produce a rich fantasy。 7.Morning and fall, men are most anxious man sex is not on call。 Finnish medical experts say, is directly proportional to the degree of a man's sexual desire and male hormone the body。 Early morning male hormone secretion is one and a half day at noon, more than 16 percent higher at night; and each fall is the male hormone in men a year the most productive time。
8.After falling asleep sooner affectionate man body better stop after her boyfriend affectionate asleep quickly lost!France Sexual Medicine, the researchers said, and the man's cerebral cortex in neuromuscular at high tide height, transient excited state, to be followed with excitement quickly dissipated loss of neurons into the suppression of the urgent need to sleep。
Inhibition of neuronal the sooner, the man's body, the stronger the ability to repair。 Therefore, affectionate man after falling asleep sooner, but the more excellent physical condition。 9.Sex life can be an important reason for the treatment of insomnia American physiologist survey found that sex is not perfect insomnia。
Because sex life can help you relieve brain pressure, reduce the activity of neurons in the night, there is an excellent hypnotic effect。 You do not know the secret of the bed 10.After a cold drink irritate the stomach often affectionate intimacy after then you do not feel thirsty to drink cold drinks!You can drink warm water。
South Korean medical experts say, when your affectionate gastrointestinal blood vessels has been expanded state, gastrointestinal mucosa congestion, then a cold drink will stimulate the stomach, causing stomach cramps or stomach cramps。
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