Dandong: no swing to confrontation, "the house is not used for live fry"

Dandong City to maintain the healthy development of the real estate market conference stressed: unswervingly adhere to the "house is to live, not for speculation."。  June 11, Dandong City, held to maintain the healthy development of the real estate market conference, designed to implement the national and provincial government decision-making related to deployment, correctly handle the relationship to the stock and housing prices stable, tightly grasp the regulation goal is not to relax, to maintain the healthy development of the city's real estate market。Mayor hao attended the meeting。  The meeting pointed out, to improve the political stations, real estate regulation work effectively strengthen their sense of responsibility and sense of urgency。From the high politics, firmly establish the "four consciousness", unswervingly adhere to the "house is to live, not to fry" positioning, unswervingly adhere to the real estate market regulation goal, and unswervingly maintain the continuity and stability control policies, really good job in the real estate market regulation and stability control prices, to ensure stable and healthy development of real estate market。  The meeting stressed the need to plan ahead, do a good job of real estate regulation of emergency preparedness。District governments, especially the cooperation Zone, to effectively assume the region's real estate market regulation, stability control prices first responsibility is the main responsibility。After the city's meeting should be organized immediately convened within the jurisdiction of developing enterprise stability control prices conference, informed the central, provincial and municipal regulatory requirements for real estate development companies to work。To collective interviews even interviewed one by one in the area of enterprise development, to quickly organize all area businesses to develop jointly issued a "do not wind the price initiatives"。Participants of real estate development enterprises should play a "leading pack" role and social responsibility, consistent with the spirit of the central, consistent with the deployment of the provincial government and municipal government requirements, respond positively to the initiative and participate in the city's real estate development enterprises in set an example, jointly safeguard the city's real estate market。To work out a new policy reserves。  The meeting urged all localities, departments and units must fulfill their duties, the rapid formation of the real estate market stability control force。Housing construction departments should give full play to the role of coordinating organization, classification statistics on the real estate commodity housing prices, strict examination, focused their attention on market dynamics, update contingency plans; county (city) District Government and co Zone, to be highly concerned about this the real estate market dynamic region, will live with all the urban construction department to conduct a comprehensive and careful examinations in the sale of property, violation of the provisions disturb the market order must be severely punished; commodity price departments should strengthen the housing price record management; statistics departments should focus on homogeneity real estate prices rose by the survey, a true reflection of the city's housing prices rose the actual situation; publicity, public security departments should pay close attention to public opinion trends affect the price fluctuations of the city, do online media management, active voice, to create a good atmosphere for public opinion。To implement the classification regulation to ensure that real estate inventories remain at a reasonable level。  Meeting informed the city's real estate market operation and regulation of the work, the county (city) district, related to the development of enterprises to make a position statement。(Original title: "The house is for living, not for speculation!"This will further Dandong sound) (Editor: DF142)