Horse who has a dark secret which

What are the secrets of people unknown?Every character has some hidden in the face, then you know what dark secret horse who have it?Following small to talk about what dark secret with you people really do have a horse。 Horse who has a dark secret which is a horse who is not confident the police Si and strong, often giving the impression of a superior, and he is always full of confidence, wherever leaders like to do。
In fact, it can be said to be a horse person a kind of arrogance or self-confidence, because he was not confident, but eager to be the most powerful, so always ask others to obey their own。
Therefore, the horse people and the secret is the fact that he was not confident, just as there is such a word, we can appease people very well, but to his own lost their footing, horse who is so, perhaps he can others say good, but met their own time but do not know how to do, as though on the surface, but the heart does have a bit of confidence?In fact, it is very confident。
Horses have innate extravagance, and they attract the opposite sex who have a special charm, while they themselves are also good to communicate with the opposite sex, so they are generally more exuberant peach blossom。
In their careers, their lack of play, easy to choose retreat in the face of difficulties, their mental capacity is weak, can not stand too big blow, a major setback can not afford enough for them to pick up。 In love, they advocate freedom and do not want them to give themselves too many requirements, which often make each other feel that they lack a sense of responsibility, unreliable and choose to leave。 Horse who has a dark secret who is a horse of unknown quirks: manufacturing must do their own little thing was comfortable, obviously sometimes buy things very cheap and very practical, but the horse who still and then modified it will feel comfortable, is the need to enjoy the pleasure of those who made the job。
Full of energy naughty Chinese traditional culture inside of a person's life have such a description, when people just born, the most exuberant vitality, and when the latter, the gradual loss of vitality, to a ripe old age, there will be no more energy, we see the old people always look feeble, so probably that is the reason?However, we still many children from an early age to sleep so long, I feel the children's energy is not so abundant it!However, this situation, for the horse who is not Jiang Zi, they were trained to show extraordinary Manner, in childhood, all kinds of naughty, do not want to go to bed early variety, all kinds of disturbance in the middle of the night their sleep is really enough!。