Kobe Bryant 19 points wins the match point Lakers victory over the Hornets lost by two pairs of Paul King Mountain

  After the opening, the Lakers Bynum and Pau Gasol strong play basket succeeded, but has since been shot, Ariza hit third, the Lakers to 4-7 behind。 The Lakers also started outside attack, Derek Fisher and Ron Artest have third succeeded in a minute, they exceed 10-9。 Ariza continued to make life difficult with former team, more than half of the first section, he first hit the third, then break layup, but the Hornets the lead。
Hornets end a wave of 13-4 in this section, in one fell swoop to 32-23 dominant。   Lakers start chasing points off the bench in the second quarter, Brown shortly after the beginning of this section third consecutive hit, they start this section with a wave of 10-0 to 33-32 go-ahead。
Ariza third thirds vote, this section there are 3 minutes and 50 seconds, with a fine cast he scored 3 points, wasps to exceed 44-40。
Bryant was enraged, sudden strong basket ball, just over the foul line on the take-off, one-handed dunks after gliding Okafor in the head, after which he was driving layup, the Lakers 6-0, lead again。
Lakers to 31-19 win in this section, to 54-51 in the first half got the upper hand。
  In the third quarter began shortly after Bryant staged a dunk again。
This section there are 8 minutes 22 seconds, his ball from the right break, quickly pulling away from two defenders, then to the left hand raging ring, the Lakers to 65-55 double-digit advantage。 Hornets began to fight back from the outside, in the middle of this section Belinelli third consecutive hit, Ariza at the end of this section will also vote twice in the third, the Hornets chasing the score 71-76。
After three sessions, the Lakers only to lead 79-72。
  The Hornets shot a sharp decline in the fourth quarter played five minutes they just hit a ball, the Lakers 10-2 start this section, in order to obtain 15-point advantage 89-74。 In this section there are 6 minutes and 59 seconds, just by the Hornets Belinelli hit the second ball, but Blake immediately also to third, the Lakers continue to maintain our edge。   After the Hornets unable to narrow the gap to single digits, the Lakers finally cross the border。
After Since mid-1969, seven-game series, 2-2, the Lakers have successfully promoted after winning the fifth。   Lakers starting lineup: – Kobe Bryant, Derek – Derek Fisher, Andrew – Andrew Bynum, Paul – Gasol and Ron – Ron Artest。   Hornets starting lineup: – Chris Paul, Marco – Marco Belinelli, Emeka – Okafor, Trevor – Trevor Ariza and Carl – Landry。
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