Qing Emperor Kangxi, the government of Hangzhou has a man named Zhu Xi of the mountain, he grew up poor family, and later because the city looks handsome handsome fancy business Sun rich man, do door-law Chia.Sun home only a rich man called Sun Xiu Ling’s daughter, looks not very outstanding, but because his family was wealthy, home of many Qiuqin.Sun only child outside the rich man did not want to marry, this find Zhu Xi Shan people do this all alone door-law.After marriage, SUN Xiu Ling Zhu Xi Shan and courteous, life is nothing exciting, but two had been no children.SUN Xiu Ling Zhu Xi Shan that the wife is infertile, but he dared not divorce his wife, did not dare to put forward concubines, because it is a door-law, everything is his wife, he only endured, from dawn to dusk every day to follow old man on people learn to do business, I hope one day they can separate portal wings hard time marry concubines.Entertainment business will inevitably eat and drink, often Zhu Xi Shan to contact customers and others to brothel drinking, long time, he met a man named Zi Yan brothel singer.SUN Xiu Ling Ziyan not as high above her obedience of Zhu Xi Shan, Zhu Xi Shan increasingly inseparable from her, always looking for an excuse not to go home and Ziyan overnight.One day, Zhu Xi Shan Zi Yan again to find the brothel, and intended to continue her night stand, but told him she was pregnant Ziyan.Zhu Xi Shan was surprised to hear, he was afraid of his wife knew the family was swept out to make their own ability has not been a separate portal, but their children can not do, Zhu Xi Shan frowning start thinking countermeasures.Mind panic Zhu Xi Shan long time thought out idea, Ziyan look impatient, she patted the shoulders of Zhu Xi Shan said with a smile: you see that kind of counseling, even the ass for a long time did not collapse out, or I you want to give an idea of it!Zhu Xi Shan seemed to see in the dark a little glory, he stared at Ziyan ask: how, you have an idea?Fast, say to listen.Ziyan a turn sitting on a mountain of Zhu Xi thigh, with a proud smile on her face and said: You go to the tailor shop where clothes do that Sun Xiu Ling, and so do the clothes, you have to spend money to hire a man to dress SUN Xiu Ling sent to the front, he said, afraid of inappropriate clothes, let her try it on right away, and so she was ready to try undressed when she let the men rushed over to hug, then broke again to go unto you, even if she contends, but she rags of a man and cuddle with you always have a place to live, that time you open your mouth concubinage, she certainly would not object.Zhu Xi Shan listened then said: But, but my family always around about the lady accompanied by her maid, how could easily close to the strange man?Zi Yan stood up and continued: This simple, you find an excuse to advance her personal maidservants out of work is not on the line, taking advantage of the maid is not the time to go to send her clothes, absolutely not unexpected.Zhu Xi Shan hear nodded: Well, it is a way to let me look POW!A few days later, Sun Xiu Zhu Xi Shan to tailor shops in accordance with the spirit of the size given a dress, and then he went outside the city to spend money to hire a cow called two brawny, this person will be kung fu, Zhu Xi Shan told him to wait and went in unto the time for him to flee in disarray, do not get caught, things are after would give him some money.Everything is ready, Zhu Xi Shan very happy, thinking soon be able to have children of their own sense of the word, he could not help prepare a feast and celebrate in advance Ziyan.Early evening, Zhu Xi Shan dragged himself back home drunk, SUN Xiu Ling sent him to wash after the two had together on the bed.Sleep at night, drunken Zhu Xi Shan actually talking about the drunk words.Haha, we are ready, well..SUN Xiu Ling Zhu Xi Shan Xunde of alcohol can not sleep, just to hear Zhu Xi Shan said drunk, she would think it was funny just take the words: everything well prepared to die?Zhu Xi Shan replied: send clothes guys ready, when I personally unto them, I will certainly be ashamed that lady, I can concubinage, Oh