Bloodthirsty mystery clouds

First, the serial murder boarded buses back to school, back to People’s Hospital, looked An Liwei go away, frowned.  Her cousin in the middle of the night the day before the school was attacked, captured the hearts of the murderer after her, tied her wrists in a three-pin vein.This is?The third case occurred acupuncture treatment from big this month.  An Liwei furiously clenched his fists.  Just visit cousin when informed that the three cases occurred in?Large acupuncture treatment cases the victims were female students, the modus operandi is very similar to the killer, estimated to be the same person.Killer at night quiet place with ether captured the hearts of the single girls, but not looting of property, nor acts of violence and sexual assault, after a medical examination confirmed that they are not inject drugs, there is no infectious disease, who only wound wrist is sporadic eye of a needle.  Overall, this metamorphosis had been attacked the girls, the body does not suffer any major injuries, but mentally stimulated, in need of psychological treatment for some time.  Really frenzied scum!An Liwei cursed, and she took out a “criminal psychology” from the bag, it was her tomorrow to test subjects, it seems, as if this subject was given a special meaning.  She opened the familiar textbook, thrown my heart that somehow irritability.As a?A good big student Department of Psychology, An Liwei always confident of their own, but until she found today, even if courses Geek score, in the face of actual cases, it is only able to say a few vague cliches, and want to further explore the truth of the case, she still lack a lot of things.  Maybe I should borrow the teacher had recommended that the “Criminal Profiling” to look at?A thought flashed, her eyes lit up: Tonight Take the case may wish to practice the practical application of psychological analysis of crime, death endorsement that much more interesting than the vapid!  An Liwei jumped off the bus when it was already dark.5aigushi.COM from the station to the school there are two paths: one is brightly lit streets bustling, but around farther; one is behind the building waiting for demolition Street and Lane, dark cramped, but close.An Liwei usually approached the road, and today is no exception, she unthinkingly taking the steps toward the alley.  Perhaps because of the forthcoming holiday, coupled with the impact of the event acupuncture treatment, particularly small alleys of the people, not to 7:30 has been deserted.The only source of lighting street corner, a group of moths are at the moment under flickering tirelessly swat.An Liwei while walking, while TV drama thinking about the book until slipped and she was suddenly answered a God.  He did not quality, littering things!As she cried angrily, while stopped View.It was a straw sticking out of a plastic bag, as if installed some dark drink before being thrown away, so a cold winter night in a layer of thin ice knot, she almost slipped.  An Liwei looked and looked, those big wall read Chaizi dilapidated bungalow had evacuated, become increasingly lifeless in the cold night, a sense of foreboding in her heart spread out.  An Liwei quickly pick up the pace, trot past in the direction of the school, but his growing sense of unease but.Deep in the dark, as if a pair of eyes was watching her coldly.