Bloody handprints

Jason is a driver for a construction company owner Mark drive.Jason’s wife Jane is a kind of beautiful woman, but she was very unfortunate that people think.Because Jason is a narrow-minded, sensitive, suspicious man, especially in recent years, he always suspected his wife was having an affair and owner Mark, often drunk wife beating.  One day, Jason came home from work and told Jane that he keep boss Mark to travel west a month, so she did not have contact with his.Jenny asked, why go out for so long?  Jason sneer up: Who knows, maybe Mark will be a lover, perhaps is a commercial secret, I can not ask.How, who worried about you?  Jenny knew his temper, did not contradict him, quietly walked into the kitchen to prepare dinner.Suddenly, Jenny heard Jason said to himself: This always feel something is wrong, like a walk to come back, I went to buy their own insurance policy tomorrow.Jenny heard, back again in an inexplicable chill.  Jason had gone, Jenny felt life a lot easier.She can do their own favorite dishes are free, free to go out for a walk with his girlfriend, to learn cooking, flower arrangement, no longer endure her husband’s verbal abuse and beatings.Her husband is not the day, she seemed back to the carefree adolescent.  Instant weeks later.One morning, the postman delivered a newspaper.Jenny sat on the sofa, sipping tea, while flipping through the newspaper.Suddenly, a news greet the eye: early this morning, the West took place car explosion case, difficult to identify the dead, according to ID the deceased named Mark, forty years old, is a construction company owner.Preliminary investigation, is a vicious one case because of commercial disputes arising.  Jenny poured out of the hands of tea, she recognized the picture bike seriously damaged car is Jason opened the car.But the news said, only one dead, boss Mark, Jason do so?He is dead or alive, why does he not in the car?Is this related cases and Jason?Jenny felt a chill, although Jason himself poor, but after all, is her husband, but now live but not dead but not dead.  Jenny was unable to do anything, she suddenly received a phone call from the police station in western.Call the police officer told Jane, her husband Jason and now security.According to Jason memories, what has happened is this: After coming west, owner Mark Jason ordered to stay in a small hotel, just not allowed to go out, while he drives his own car to move around, but also not allowed to say in their own Jason whereabouts.The day before yesterday, Mark car accident while small hotel bombings also occurred, apparently good plan might be to cure Mark’s enemies to kill him, not sparing even the driver Jason.Fortunately, Jason was outside, so just suffered facial abrasions, throat being hit by explosion debris, do a little surgery, can go home soon.  Jenny relieved at the same time, but also some sense of loss in my heart.Jason is about to come back, she will return to life in the dark.Jenny thought of Mark, was slightly shocked, and a little sad.She had seen several times Mark, Mark and her husband the same age, it is also tall, but he is a gentleman, polite, and see Jenny when the eyes has to do with some kind of affair.This is also the reason Jason jealous, he finds that owner Mark seduce his wife, so it several times to his wife violence.Jane lit a white candle for Mark went to heaven to pray.  Soon, Jason is back.His face more than a few scars, looks a little twisted terrible, throat still wrapped in gauze, his voice was hoarse.His voice thick with Janet said: Honey, I’m home.After listening to Jenny, actually oozing eyes with tears, how many years did not have Jason said to himself these three words of the beloved.  Probably experienced a narrow escape, Jason towards his wife became a gentle.It makes Jenny very pleasant surprise.Jason said, Mark’s company owes a lot of debt, but he died, these accounts become bad debts, deal with the aftermath of company these days, few days going bankrupt.And Jason few days but also for the company’s services, unemployment will be looking for another job.Jenny soothe husband said, as long as good people, you can find other work.  Night, Jason said: Come dear, lying in my arms.Jenny first reaction is fear, fear of Jason as before, he grabbed his head hit the bed toward the bar.But Jason was reaching over to hug his wife, his hand gently stroking her hair.Jenny felt the warmth and security of a long absence, she unwittingly relaxed mood, enjoying the gentle husband.  Jason said softly: Jenny, I asked you a question, please?  Jenny nodded.  Jason said: Mark is dead, what do you feel?  Jenny whole body taut nerves were suddenly, she lifted her body from the arms of Jason, he watched in horror.Jason’s face was very relaxed, with a trace of a smile, he raised his wife’s chin, eyes shining with light: how jealousy I will do with a dead man, tell me that you love him?He died a very sad you are not?Ok?  Jenny looked at her husband’s face scars, it does not seem to know him like.Suddenly, like a flash of light, Jenny heart out of a terrible idea, chill Qinru bone marrow, her trembling Q: You’re not Jason, it is not?who are you?  Jason smiled slightly and stared at Jenny’s eyes and said: What are you talking?I am not Jason, you want to who I am?  After a few seconds, the neighbors heard the shrill screams of fear Jenny, is particularly harsh in the quiet of the night.But they know that Jason regularly beaten his wife, and only shook his head, sighed.  The next day, Jenny crazy.Jason Jenny put away the.He looked sadly told the president, his wife’s lover died, she could not stand to stimulate insane.He left a sum of money and said he would not normally look at Jenny, enough money spent her treatment.Dean felt sorry for what happened to him, hugging his shoulders, he said he understood the pain.  Construction company liquidation also coming to an end, Jason services for the company as long as another day, he would restore the freedom of the body.  Night, Jason returned to the room, lying comfortably on the couch, poured himself a glass of cocktail.A long while, he went into the bathroom, enjoying his face in the mirror.He touched it with a finger with a few scars face, he said to himself: You’re amazing, Mark!When he finished, he sent a hysterical laughter.What a thrilling perfect plan!  Jason, no, the fact is that Mark, proudly recall the course of events.The man standing in front of a mirror, look at Jason, Mark is wrapped body and soul, to be precise, he is cosmetic to Jason Mark.  It turned out that a year ago, mark the start of construction companies owe a huge debt, Mark began to imagine how to climb down.One day, he found the driver Jason and his own appearance and stature are similar, had a wonderful plan.His first huge property secretly transferred to foreign banks, but losses within the company.He let himself go with Jason sparsely populated western trip a month, avoid the eyes and ears of everyone.After arrived, he ordered Jason to stay in a small hotel stand by, while they had to contact a good private surgeons and threw their whole became Jason.After a successful plastic surgery, he called Jason, let him go to a place to work.The car had good cloth identification of explosives and Mark.Explosion Houjie Sen completely different, completely unable to identify who is, according to police evidence in the car, Mark is found dead.In order to deceive the public, in a small inn Mark also planted explosives, it exploded, disguised himself slightly injured Jason.Since throat surgery done, so the sound has changed, so have no doubt Jenny.