Study: 1/3 American youth had experience with dangerous driving by carpooling

  [World Wide Web roundup bad drivers refers to the use of alcohol, marijuana or illegal drugs, driving sober awareness of motorists, many public services concern bad driving (DWI) harm。 And recently, according to the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported March 19, studies began to focus on adolescents and dangerous drivers together ride。
  According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and motor vehicle accidents are the main cause of death among young people and injured。 Prior research has also shown that the risk drivers are more likely to be male, had a bad driving, dangerous driving behavior and more complex family situation。 In addition, such a car driver is also very dangerous and could have had the experience carpool driver。
  According to reports, the Colorado School of Public Health and Colorado State University researchers get the data the US 81 schools over more than 2,000 young people, study their first and second year of driving-related behavior after high school, especially involving case to the use of alcohol, marijuana and illegal drugs or dangerous driving the carpool。 The number of survey questions and issues involving dangerous carpool driver, the specific circumstances and so on。   The report shows that one third of young people in the past year at least once to take the risk of the driver's car。 Among them, 23% of bad driving because the driver was smoking marijuana, because alcohol 20%, 6% due to illegal drugs。
  It is worth noting that these drivers include the elderly。 The impact of young people vulnerable older people, and older people with the consciousness of a driver with experience may influence the choice after they reach adulthood。 Researchers at a news conference said that parents should be role models of safe driving, a true friend of a friend should also prevent dangerous driving behavior。
  The report shows that in the second year after graduating from high school, with the possibility of dangerous driving drunk driving friends who carpool increase was highest (4 times higher than in the first year after graduating from high school), followed by cannabis and older who carpool possibility of (about the first year of times), the possibility of older people with drunk driving in the carpool (close to 3 times), and the possibility carpool companions of cannabis (slightly more than 2 times)。   In the first year after graduating from high school, young women are more likely to carpool with dangerous drivers than men。 Study, the percent of young women said they had to take the risk of the driver's car, and the young men only%。 But the second year, with the difference decreases, the percent of young women choose not dangerous driving and those who carpool, and the young men have%。   Researchers hope the study and understanding of young people's bad driving carpool harm, not only to reject their own bad driving, bad driving friends should stop, do not carpool with them, driving safety concerns。
(Internship compilation: Man Mu Jie Reviewer: Tian Ruizhe)。

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