Sweet melons

Another year grass green, fragrant fruit season is.    Burn crisp melon, melon sweet silver lion dock Apricot Akira eye.Home proverb (of course, I now compiled) revealed the fruits of sweet home.Lion dock is a village south of the valley of apricot, apricot hillsides sexy style, hidden among the leaves of apricots is to provoke our group of children and teenagers.So to steal to eat apricots.    Lion dock to steal apricots, you can not take the bottom of the road.Because of the high slope side of the road, long look at the slope of the people.Although it is old, but because occupy a favorable terrain, a small sitting Mazar, condescending, it is hard to escape their sight.Only circuitous combat, climb from the dock next to the lion quail Liu, first occupied the high ground, slowly from the top of the hill overlooking touch down, went straight to the good fruit has already reconnaissance biggest “Apricot” tree, quickly climb, hands neatly pick a pocket full of – sometimes in order to save time and maximize the loading booty, often directly trace the apricots into headlong into the vest’s pants.Wait until vest bulging, it is spilling over, or be seen Poe found the old man, shouted “little bastard!”This hurriedly slipped down the tree, fled in panic – do not forget still have to run to the top of the hill – although run faster, can expel the old man from the foot up, could not catch.Until the top of the mountain, he had stopped looking at the mountain slope to see who will be a prank chanting: “Yeah have the ability to come up!”Lion dock Liu apricot, pear quail Liu.July August pear walnut.Walnut hit before stealing pears.Very smooth walnut tree, walnut and often grow on trees, so it is difficult to pick.This feature is similar with pear, walnuts and pears can only steal so by playing.Playing walnut need to associate head.Side of the tree with a stone most convenient, but the effect is not good.Stones too small, could not beat the stone is too large, do not move throw.Someone to cut wood stick at home, good length, foot length, not thick not thin, aiming to throw up the trees, hit rate, hit big face, about to lay several to.To retrieve the walnuts in the river stones rub, rub off the skin, breaking open or eat walnuts, or play.But always on hand to leave a mark, that is, hands are blackened, walnut skin that is caused in the juice, take a long time to slowly remove.    Eating walnuts and pears, on the fall.Students to put fake autumn, led by the teacher to participate in productive labor force.The most hope is to pick up pomegranate, hawthorn is picking up.Not because labor of love, but can scenting a hawthorn.    The teacher Hawthorn beat down from the tree, pick up students under the tree.At this time, while the pick up, pull the hole in the ground on one side, the sly one teacher, while the teacher was not looking, cut out a square on the floor of the pit, hawthorn secretly buried in, with a small sheet cover, stone sprinkle a layer of soil, then a top mark – this is the hawthorn scenting up – naturally these activities do not let the teacher found.Wait until the weekend, taking advantage of the opportunity to block the pomegranate, then Hawthorn house cellar dug up.Of course there are confused when – not finding the exact location of the sub-cellar, Hawthorn has long been someone else is taken away.    Now that I think, somewhat bad idea meant to do so.But sneaky stimulation is very attractive, as people always bored.    In addition to group activities, my favorite is to see watermelon.Watermelon in the mountain slope.Watermelon like adobe, to Xinken the best out of the mountain.Father pulls out new soil on the slopes, weir wall on the base, a long ramp on the sub-Guang watermelon in there.Guayang climb the slope toward the room, weir head planted with beans and tomatoes.Oblique edge of the triangular pyramid erected melon house.Cypress dry sized thick as purlins, yellow straw watts, which is arranged in two large thin stone bed.A lantern to pick out in the roof of cypress branches.Guawujiugai become.    Guapeng sit down, look at bees and butterflies flying, listening to Insects singing, smell the fragrance of cypress.Such ease the sultry scenery, reading is particularly sweet.Fancy for a while, feeling sour eye.Looked up the opposite hillside, is slowly herd of goats eating grass.Big Jie Bleater called twice, I do not want to say which of the endless love words “beauty”, has attracted sheep old man “pop” a stone, exactly knock on a curved horns.This old man, really and sea!I thought to myself.Because the hand is holding a White Snake, I’m looking at four Chinese folklore.    More than a month of summer (when rural school holidays are not just summer vacation, there are autumn wheat false false) this is the best way to spend spend.Before leaving, asked the teacher to do the staff, back home a big bag book.I deliberately add the Red House and the Three.Because of this tome usually do not have time to see.So this summer for the first time to read through the Dream of Red Mansions.If counting from primary school, this is the fourth time to see the Red House.The first three together, but also saw one-third.    It seems, watermelon cool and refreshing, thirst-quenching not only sunstroke, is an important food for thought ah.So until now, always memorable when the fruit fragrance!